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An Oblivion Portal
An Oblivion Portal from a distance
Enemies spill forth from an Oblivion Portal in the wilds of Blackwood

Oblivion Portals are portals to the Deadlands public dungeon which appear at random around Blackwood. Upon entering a portal, you must fight your way between islands to reach the Havocrel's Tower in the centre of the map. There you must defeat the Havocrel Duke of Storms to be able to shut down the machinery and return to Tamriel.

Unlike other World Events, there is nothing on the map to indicate where or when an Oblivion Portal has opened; you must come across an open portal in the wilderness of Blackwood in order to take part. However, their vertical pillar of orange light can help identify them from a distance. When a portal spawns, Dremora will emerge but they do not need to be fought to enter the portal.

For more information on what you might encounter in the Deadlands, please see the main article.

Notable LootEdit

The final loot chest has a chance to contain the following items:


  • Unlike other World Events, the final boss will eventually respawn in the main room.

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