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Location Volenfell
Depths of Malatar
Aldmeri Dominion Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury,Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Castle,Ebonheart Pact Davon's Watch Mages Guildhall
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 52831
Reaction Friendly
Tharayya in the Frostvault

Tharayya is a Redguard scholar and treasure hunter. She is first encountered searching for the Guardian's Eye in Volenfell, seeking to beat her ex-husband Quintus Verres to it. She is later hired by Abnur Tharn to obtain the two halves of the Wrathstone tablet. In Frostvault, she is accompanied by an expedition team, and in the Depths of Malatar, she carries the imprisoned spirit of Quintus with her in a Pneumeria Chamber.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit


When you first see her in Volenfell, she will be hiding behind a tent, crouching behind Defender Fadanah and Defender Israhal. She'll shush you and call you over to talk:

Tharayya: "Shh … get over here!"
Tharayya's TrailEdit

For the final stage of the quest, you must speak to Tharayya:

"Keep it down!"
So this is Volenfell? I followed your journal entries.
"Great. A fan.
I need you to keep quiet!"

You then complete the quest, and Tharayya will give you the rewards. Her dialogue will lead into the Blood and Sand quest.

Blood and SandEdit

"Keep it down!"
Why? What's wrong?
"You see those rabid dogs up ahead? Raiders. They swept into my camp this morning, slaughtered us nearly to a man.
They'll kill you, too, if they see you. I can't stay here forever—there must be a way through them."
I could make one.
"Ha ha ha! An interesting proposal.
Let's see if your bite is as fierce as your bark."
Wait here.

Speak to her again before dealing with the raiders:

"Those raiders are still out there. You're getting cold feet? Typical."
Hold on. What are you doing out here?
"It's nothing scandalous, I assure you.
But those dungpiles up ahead? They're murderers! Get them out of our way and we'll talk."

After dealing with the raiders:

"That worked out much better than I thought it would.
I think formal introductions are in order. My name is Tharayya. Pleased to meet you."
I'm [PlayerName]. What happened here?
"Well, you just helped me avoid a vicious stabbing. We were a group of twenty this morning. No longer.
I'll bet my dog of a husband set up this ambush."
Your husband?
"That's ex-husband, actually. Bastard probably knew I was coming.
We were … developing competing studies on the Dwemer, and I found the location of this ruin, Volenfell, before he did."
So he tried to kill you?
"Poisoned me, stole my journals and notes. Left me for dead.
So I came after him with a small army. Who knew he'd have one, too?"
He poisoned you?
"Oh it's happened before—an unrelated incident—luckily I had a supply of water and salt nearby.
Lost a lot of fluid, but I lost the poison, too."
What will you do now?
"Only thing I can do is try to get my research back from him. This place houses the Guardian's Eye, an artifact I've hunted for months.
Will you help me? It'll be worth your while."
I'll get those notes back. (Advances Quest)
"My "husband," Quintis Verres, is around here somewhere. He's got every scrap of research I've done on these ruins and the Guardian's Eye. I need my materials back."
So, what is the Guardian's Eye?
"It's an ancient dwemer artifact of immense power."
Is that it?
"Is what it?"
Is that all you know?'
"I … look, someone out there will pay a small fortune for it. You have no idea how difficult it was to catch word of the Eye.
The Mages Guild, Tamriel's leading archeologists. They'll all kill to get it. Like my dear husband tried to do."

After Quintus Verres and his gargoyle are defeated. Tharayya and her guards will show up.

Tharayya: "Poor Quintus. Always a little clumsy … in his research, in murdering people. In … relationships."

You can then hand over her notes and ask her more questions.

"You'll have to excuse me if I don't shed a tear for my dearly departed husband."
I found your notes.
"Fantastic! A hall referenced as the "Guardian's Helm" should be your first stop, accessible through a side passage nearby.
My texts hint that you'll find a mechanism within, probably a lever, that will open the way for us to move deeper."
The Eye is inside?
"We have a ways to go, I'm afraid.
You'll face dwemer mechanics within. Traps, automatons. Mind your surroundings."
Let's go.' (Advances Quest)
"Go on ahead. We're going to see if we can muscle through this door here while you search for an easier way to get it open.
My notes say that you'll find a mechanism in the Guardian's Helm that will help."
Why don't you come along?
"I think our time would be better spent attempting to force the door open.
We'll work faster that way, you see?"
[Persuade] What? Are you afraid?
"Come now. That's not fair. We're working off my research, after all and you're … better at danger than I am.
We'll be waiting. I mean working. Here. To get the door open."
Why did you marry Quintus?
"I wanted to see his research, and we know he needed mine.
It felt like it took an eternity to get it. Too bad I knew more than he did. But enough about me. I'm sure you'll find the Guardian's Eye much more interesting."
Was your marriage difficult?
"Our relationship wasn't always like this. That first night was wonderfully raucous.
Of course, it only took a week for him to try to kill me. Let's see, that was … was last week."
So, what is the Guardian's Eye? (Repeat from above)

After you enter the Guardian's Helm, deal with Boilbite and activate the mechanism, you can meet Tharayya outside. Her guards will be using pickaxes on the surrounding metal.

"You did it! Our way is clear!"
What's next?
"Let me review my notes ….
Ah yes, my research says we need to bypass the "Guardian's Skull." It, too, should have an unlocking lever that will allow us to pass deeper into these ruins."
Is it dangerous?
"Almost definitely. The transition between "Guardian's Helm" to "Guardian's Skull" implies vulnerability, I think. We must be getting closer to the Eye."
I'll head to the Guardian's Skull./Very well. I'll head to the Guardian's Skull. (Advances Quest)
"My crew and I are collecting Dwemer samples to, uh … sell them. You should explore.
Now that I've seen this place, I'd guess the Dwemer were not kindly creatures. Only a sadistic culture would build the constructs and traps we've encountered."
What do you do for a living, exactly?
"I do a little bit of everything. I enjoy new experiences.
Last week's was marriage. This week is divorce and Dwemer ruins. Both will hopefully lead to considerable fortune."
Could you be more specific about what I'm facing?
"Let me see … there are several mentions of hot air? Steam.
It's a direct translation, so we could just be talking about steam exhaust, volcanic steam … bath steam. Just be careful!"

After you have used the lever in the Guardian's Skull, you can speak with Tharayya, who will be crouching behind a rock to hide from a duneripper blocking the door:

"Be quiet! That thing might hear! We can speak after it's gone."

Once Tremorscale is defeated, you can talk to her:

"I came here for the gold but I can't stand here and not bask a little in the history.
I've often wondered if the Dwemer ever expected they wouldn't be here today."
I pulled the lever in the Guardian's Skull. What's next?
"If my research is correct, then you've unlocked the door to the Eye itself!
According to my notes, the Eye is located in the chamber called the "Guardian's Orbit." Sounds … somewhat grisly. It's probably the structure up ahead."
What do the Dwemer have in store this time?
"Probably the most powerful constructs yet remain in this ruin. The Dwemer are so very fond of leaving their treasure with their traps and automatons.
Be ready for anything."
I'll find the Guardian's Eye.
"I can't believe the Guardian's Eye is nearly in my—I mean our—grasp!
I don't know what you're planning to do with your share, but I'm buying a gold-plated carriage."
Where is the Eye, again?
"In a chamber called the "Guardian's Orbit." My notes don't related an exact location, but there can't be that many unexplored structures remaining. My crew and I have our hands full, so you'll have to do some exploring on you're own."

Once the Guardian Council are defeated, Tharayya will come into the Guardian's Orbit.

Tharayya: "Stop!"
<The Guardian's Eye hums at a barely-perceptible pitch.>
Tharayya: "The Eye may be fragile. Please let me examine it."
Tharayya: "Now, let's see if I can dislodge this."
<The Eye starts sparking.>
Tharayya: "Something's … happening."
Tharayya: "This doesn't seem right …."
<A wave of energy throws everyone back.>
Tharayya: "That was unpleasant."
Tharayya: "Do you hear that? Like a scratching sound? Something's coming!"
<Skeletons start coming out of the sand.>
Tharayya: "Oh no!"
Tharayya: "We have to get out of here!"
Defender Israhal: "Get out of here! Follow Tharayya—I'll cover your escape!"

After following Tharraya outside through a side tunnel, she will be just outside.

"The Eye was within my grasp. Months of planning wiped out in seconds. How could this happen?"
Was the Eye destroyed?
"I had it in my hands … and it vanished in that blinding light! Blasted Dwemer magic.
Then those undead came, crawling from the ground. Perhaps the Eye woke them. Sep's tongue, something awful has befallen this place. We need to get clear."

Once you receive your reward, Tharayya will say she needs to warn people.

"I … can't believe the Eye is gone. And I have a bad feeling about those undead.
I'm going to get some help. Warn the region. Who knows how many of them are in there."
Are you sure the Eye is gone?
"After what I just saw, I'm not sure of anything.
Eye or no, unearthing the undead is always an ill omen. And as much as I want to walk away, I don't think this mess is going to clean itself up."

The Guiding LightEdit

At the entrance to Fort Mistwatch, you can overhear Tharayya talking with someone:

Tharayya: "Your notes said abandoned, as in no one left alive inside."
Quintus Verres: "Take it to the Imperial Census."
Tharayya: "Due diligence, Quintus. It's why I'm alive an [sic] you're—hold on, we have company."

If you have not met her before, she will be suspicious of you and will demand to know your identity:

"I thought for sure I'd covered my tracks well enough to avoid any run-ins with Quintus's friends, or enemies. Who are you? What did he tell you?"
I don't know what you're talking about.
"You really don't know, do you? Huh. I assumed Quintus neglected to tell me that he let his location slip during one of his fool binges, or soliciting a patron to fund his next expedition.
However you got here, I have an offer for you."
Let's hear it.
"I believe that beneath the ruins of the Imperial fort here is an Ayleid city containing an artifact of enormous historical significance. Help me recover it and whatever treasures we find in Garlas Malatar are yours to keep.
It's a generous offer."
I accept.

If you have met her before in Volenfell, she'll will recognize you:

"This is not where I imagined we'd cross paths again. It seems we've both come a long way from Volenfell, but are we after the same thing?"
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
"You really don't know, do you? I assumed Quintus neglected to tell me that he let his location slip during one of his fool binges, or soliciting a patron to fund his expedition.
However you got here, I have an offer for you."
Lets hear it.
"I believe that beneath the ruins of the Imperial fort here is an Ayleid city containing an artifact of enormous historical significance. Help me recover it and whatever treasures we find in Garlas Malatar are yours to keep.
It's a generous offer."
I accept.

If you previously helped her recover half of the Wrathstone from the Vault of Mhuvnak, she will be pleased that you took her up on her offer:

"Glad you took me up on my offer. It seems you're the only one of the Frostvault expedition willing to see this through. Ha. They were slowing us down anyway.
I assume you're ready to get underway?"
This place is connected to the Wrathstone?
"I believe so. There's an artifact mentioned in Ayleid records from the same time period bearing a lot of similarities to the tablet we discovered in the Vault of Mhuvnak. Lost with the fall of their empire and found by the Empire that conquered them."
The Empire has the other half of the tablet?
"Not according to the official record. The Imperials built a fort here around three hundred years ago, but it was lost to some unspoken calamity and abandoned. Unofficially, an item of similar description was unearthed here not long before then."
I'm ready to begin our search.

After agreeing to help her, Tharayya will further explain the situation happening in the old fort:

"To reach Garlas Malatar, we'll need to traverse the crumbling fort below. I was told it was long abandoned, but I was misinformed. It seems the Imperials never left, if you can consider the things I encountered down there Imperials."
What's wrong with the Imperials? / You said there was something wrong with the Imperials here. What did you mean?
"They seem possessed, for lack of a better word, ensorcelled by some unnatural energy. Like nothing I've ever seen.
Records said the fort befell some great catastrophe and was abandoned, but little else. It was a long time ago."
How long?
"Three hundred years or so. The Empire suspiciously began surveying the site not long after the death of Tjurhane Fyrre. They must have found something in the great sage's writings. Ugh. What I wouldn't give to have them now."
You think they were after the same artifact you're looking for?
"I find it hard to believe the Empire had no idea it was building on top of Ayleid ruins when the fort was established. They likely wished to conceal and protect their efforts to unearth Garlas Malatar. Seems they failed to manage the latter."
I'd like to know who I'll be working with. (Appears if the first time meeting Tharayya)
"Fair. I'm Tharayya, a historian of sorts. Very little of the great ancient civilization escapes my interest. Ayleids are no exception. You'll need my expertise if you intend to brave Garlas Malatar without sharing those Imperials' fate."
Who were you talking to when I arrived?

If you have met her before, she will say:

"I'm surprised you don't recognize him. He only tried to murder you—and me—back in Volenfell. Royally botched that, didn't you, Quintus!
After his inevitable demise, I … inherited his research on other objects of interest, which led me here."

If you haven't, she will say:

"That was Quintus, my ex-husband. Ex-ex-husband I should say. He's dead now. It's a long story, but suffice to say he met his end while trying to orchestrate mine, so I wouldn't feel too bad for him now."
If he is dead, how are you talking to him?
"It took some doing, and a considerable number of favors, but the short answer is he's repaying his debt to me from inside this heavily modified Pneumeria Chamber.
Much as I despise his company, I couldn't have found this place with his notes alone."
Pneumeria Chamber?
"A Dwemer mechanism for pressurizing steam. Turns out it can bottle up just about anything with some tweaks to its tonal architecture.
Now, would you direct your curiosity toward the task at hand? The secrets of Garlas Malatar are waiting."

Once you enter through the Fort Mistwatch's doors, you and Tharayya will part ways momentarily while she investigates another passage:

Tharayya: "Head through the far chamber. I'll see where this door leads. Try not to wind up like those Imperials."

After defeating the Scavenging Maw:

Tharayya: "Daedra. A parting gift from the Ayleids?"
Quintus Verres: "You always did have a flair for stating the obvious."
Tharayya: "When I want to be wrong, I'll ask for your opinion."
"The Hunger was preying on these possessed Imperials. I think we can rule it out as a source of the catastrophe that struck this fort. More than likely it was just drawn to the energies radiating from here."
How'd the Daedra get here if it wasn't summoned?
"If this place has a strong connection to Oblivion, then it may have found its own way into our world. They Ayleids were a Daedra worshiping civilization with an advanced knowledge of magic. It' not beyond the realm of possibility."
Could that explain what happened to the Imperials?
"It's the best explanation we've got right now. Not reassuring, but at least we have some idea what we're dealing with.
Let's not delay any longer."

At the point where you reach the Wrathstone, Tharayya and Quintus will talk:

Tharayya: "A shrine? Why would the Imperials build this?"
Quintus Verres: "Who cares? What matters is they found the Wrathstone. It's right there for the taking."
Tharayya: "Imperials aren't known for their traps, but … looks clear."
Tharayya: "Trap free, for once." [She takes the piece of the Wrathstone]
King Narilmor: "That was never meant for impure hands! It will not leave my care!"

King Narilmor then causes a cave in, destroying the shrine and forcing everyone into the ruins below.

King Narilmor: "Submit to her will. It is the only way."
Tharayya: "Over here! I'm alive!"
Quintus Verres: "Unfortunately."

Speaking with Tharayya on the shore:

"Just once I'd like to claim an artifact without complication."
Are you alright?
"I'm fine. Just bruised and waterlogged.
The Imperials must have come in search of this artifact as well. One guess what happened when they found it."
That's what you came here for? What is it?
"The closest translation is Wrathstone. Quintus found numerous references in Ayleid texts. They searched tirelessly for it as their kingdoms faltered before the First Empire. It seems the Elves of Garlas Malatar found it, for all the good it did."

Or if you've done Frostvault before:

Is that the other half of the Wrathstone?
"Yes, it is. The Ayleids searched tirelessly for the Wrathstone as their kingdoms faltered before the First Empire. It seems the Elves of Garlas Malatar found it—this half anyway—for all the good it did."
You think the voice we heard was responsible for the fall of the fort?
"He brought that shrine down easily enough. When the Imperials found the Wrathstone, they angered this guardian. He trapped them here and turned them into whatever they are now. Slaves and servants."
There's no going back the way we came. Now what?
"Our only path is forward. We know the Imperials reached Garlas Malatar, so we should try to do the same. A city that size must have other paths to the surface... otherwise we're in for a lot of climbing and digging."

After killing The Weeping Woman:

Quintus Verres: "Your friends are skilled explorers, Tharayya. They've discovered a woman more frigid than you. I didn't think it was possible."
Tharayya: "Shut up, Quintus."
Quintus Verres: "Case in point."
Tharayya: "This architecture is definitely Ayleid. We're on the right path. Let's explore further."
"I don't suppose this was the woman that voice from before was going on about."
It sounded more like she was another servant. She claimed they hid the Wrathstone for her.
"They had the Wrathstone and hid it from the other Ayleid kingdoms? Ayleids were as fickle with their loyalty as the Daedric Princes they worshiped, but the one thing they agreed on was hating Man. So why keep it a secret as their empire fell?"
How could that artifact have helped them?
"That's another missing piece to the puzzle. This tablet isn't Ayleid, it isn't even whole, but I don't recognize any cultural hallmarks in the carvings. There's familiar writing, but I'll need time to decipher it.
We may find more answers ahead."

Or if you completed Frostvault before:

"Considering the Dwemer buried the other half in a glacier, I doubt it would have—though it's hard to say when the tablet was broken.
All we know is that the Dwemer and Ayleids both took great pains to keep it to themselves and clues may lie ahead."

During the fight with the Dark Orb:

Tharayya: "That dark orb must be the heart of this trap, try to break it!"
Quintus Verres: "Brilliant revelation."

Speaking to her before the Orb is destroyed:

"The orb is sustaining the Aurorans! You have to find a way to destroy it or they'll be unstoppable."

After destroying the Dark Orb:

Quintus Verres: "Look at it all. I should have let you have Volenfell."
Tharayya: "And rob me of the satisfaction of watching you get yourself killed?"
Tharayya: "You'd have wound up like the rest of this sorry lot. Maybe sorrier. Not even the light of Meridia could improve your complexion."
Tharayya: "What is her interest here?"
"So, Garlas Malatar has been safeguarded by Meridia all this time. That explains why this place has remained relatively untouched for ages, and how the denizens are still around to make our lives difficult."
You're suggesting they made some sort of Daedric Pact?
"The Ayleids, definitely. She probably granted them immortality so long as they protect the Wrathstone. Though I don't get the impression the Imperials chose this new life willingly."
So she's enslaved them?
"I don't see an entire Imperial legion abandoning the Eight Divines en masse, even with an offer of immortality on the table. She may have made them her willing servants, but she took something from them to get that loyalty."
What do you know about Meridia?
"Daedrology isn't my area of expertise, but she's the Daedric Prince of Life. She has a reputation for benevolence. The stories I've heard almost always concern her appearing before mortals to purge necromancy and undeath. Sounds almost Divine, yes?"
If the player has finished the main quest:
If the player has not finished the main quest:
We've crossed paths before. She's the enemy of our enemies, but not our friend.
"I know all too well about alliances of convenience. It seems like we aren't going to come to any accord with Meridia here, so we should keep searching for means of escape."
Too good to be true, it seems.
"It always is when Daedra are concerned. We should keep searching for a way out of here before her minions try offering us anymore immortality."
Tharayya attempts to re-capture Quintus

Upon entering King Narilmor's chamber, the follow exchange occurs:

Tharayya: "Feel that? A chill breeze. We must be nearing an exit!"
King Narilmor: "Unclean!" [He casts a spell towards Tharayya]
Tharayya: "Ah! The Pneumeria Chamber!"
Quintus Verres: "Finally! Free!"
Tharayya: "Damn it! Quintus, get back here!"
King Narilmor: "You defy our Lady of Light and desecrate her domain with the undead! I will bleach your souls free of all you ever were!"

Speaking with Tharayya before engaging King Narilmor in battle:

"Deal with Narilmor! I'll try to keep Quintus under control!"

While engaging in battle with King Narilmor, Tharayya herself will be battling with Quintus meanwhile:

"Back in your cell, Quintus!"
"You always were a pushover."
"Like I'd let you kill me."
"Predictable, Quintus."
"You won't weasel your way out of this."

If you fail to keep Tharayya healed, Quintus will overwhelm her strength:

"He's breaking free!"
"A little help!"
"He's winning!"
"Quintus is slipping away!"

After killing King Narilmor:

Quintus Verres: "Now you're in my trap, Tharayya!"
Tharayya: "I was planning to send you on your way once we got out of this, Quintus, but you just couldn't resist a chance to kill me."
Quintu Verres: "No! Damn you! Let me out of here!"
Tharayya: "Gah! You slippery bastard!"
Quintus Verres: "You should have left me dead, Tharayya. I'll haunt you to your grave."
Tharayya: "Damn it! Quintus, get back here!"

Speaking with Tharayya:

(If you allowed Quintus to win at least one fight, he gets away):
Tharayya "Gah! You slippery bastard!"
Quintus Verres "You should have left me dead, Tharayya. I'll haunt you to your grave."
"Dealing with Quintus always takes a lot out of me, just never so literally."
Are you alright?
"I'll … I'll be alright. I underestimated Quintus's talent for being a transparent, soul-sucking leech. I'll need a moment to catch my breath, that's all."
What happened to Quintus?
"That fall jarred something loose in the Pneumeria Chamber. It wasn't much of an opening, but enough for a snake like Quintus to slither through. He's escaped, but I doubt it'll be the last I see of him. He's not one to let bygones be bygones."

(If your healer helped her win every fight with Quintus, he is contained once more):
"Thank you, I don't know if I could have subdued Quintus without your help. He always did pick fights at the worst time."
Are you alright?
"Ah… I'll be alright. I underestimated Quintus's talent for being a transparent, soul-sucking leech. I'll need a moment to catch my breath, that's all."
Do you have him under control?
"That tumble knocked a seal loose, but I've corrected the problem. Quintus won't be going anywhere for a very long time, if I have anything to say about it."

With King Narilmor dead, we should be free to leave Garlas Malatar, correct?
"Normally, I'd agree, but there's no telling what his pact with Meridia entailed. I wouldn't let down your guard until we're far away from her domain.
Hopefully, that won't be long now. I can still feel fresh air coming from the passage beyond."

Once you have defeated the Symphony of Blades: If you've done Frostvault and are turning in the quest:

"The path is clear and both halves of the wrathstone are securely in hand. In spite of Dwemer machinations and Daedric scheming, We've done it!"
Maybe they kept it hidden for a good reason.
"Or they simply wanted to keep the Wrathstone for themselves. We don't know there reasons, yet, but this could be the key to understanding why.
Whatever its history, the Wrathstone's just a lump of inert stone now. A priceless lump of inert stone."

If you haven't done Frostvault, she will say:

Tharayya: "What happened? Where'd it go? There was a blinding flash and then... nothing."
Tharayya: "Nevermind. It doesn't matter how you got rid of it, it's gone."
"We're clear, for now. Not that we should linger. I need to get the Wrathstone somewhere secure and secluded for proper study. I'm sure you're eager to deposit your own hard earned loot as well."
This is where we part ways?
"You fulfilled your part of our agreement. It's not every day that I defy a Daedric Prince, but if I make a habit of it I'll be sure to get in touch.
Take this as a bonus—and retainer—for whatever comes next."


"I've barely had a moment to examine the Wrathstone in any detail, but it's obvious that this tablet is incomplete. I'll need to reexamine my research, see if there's something I overlooked that will indicate where the other half may be located."
Do you think you can find the missing piece?/Do you think you can find the missing half of the tablet?
"I can find anything, provided it exists. It'll take some time to unravel the mysteries of this tablet, but I wouldn't be much of a scholar if I needed the whole story to piece together its history.
The Wrathstone will guide me to its other half."
What have you discovered so far?
"I can't translate the writing, yet, but the markings look Khajiiti—perhaps a lost Ta'agra dialect. The stone seems much older, and the image carved in its surface doesn't share any of the hallmarks of Khajiiti art. I've never seen its like."
Tharayya at the Cove of the Guiding Light

If Quintus was contained:

Where's Quintus?
"Oh, he's still here. He hasn't said a word since you helped me lock him back in the Pneumaria Chamber. I think he's sulking."
What are you going to do with him?
"I ought to bury him here for trying to kill me at the first chance he got. Again. Maybe I'll sell him as an oddity to the next passing caravan of Baandari Pedlars. He'd love that. Honestly I'll sleep better with him on the farthest of the Far Shores."
You should let him go.
"Not until I can be sure he won't be coming back. There has to be a priest of Arkay somewhere who'll be willing to exorcise him from this little prison with minimum of questions.
You hear that, Quintus? I'm choosing not to huck you into the Void."
He deserves some sort of punishment.
"I could think of a million things I'd like to do to him, but I'd have time for nothing else. If I had to pick one thing that'd make him most miserable, it'd be watching me win all the accolades he hoped to rob me of.
Front row, Quintus."

If Quintus escaped:

Are you worried about Quintus coming after you again?
"I've never worried about Quintus. He's fool enough to think he's a genius. When he makes his next move, I'll be prepared."
You're not going to look for him?
"I have no more use for him and I already wasted more minutes of my life in his company than I ever cared to. I have more important things to concern myself with."
There's no way you two could make amends?
"Even if I was in a forgiving mood, which I'm not, his vanity would never let him live … unlive? Exist knowing that I got the better of him in the end.
The only way this rivalry ends is with one, or both of us gone from this world."
Next time, don't let him escape.
"Next time, I won't be taking prisoners."

After that discussion, you can follow Tharayya out to the Cove of the Guiding Light, and use the ship to exit the dungeon:

Tharayya: "Let's get out of here while we can."
Tharayya: "I see light! Real light! Just a little farther!"
Tharayya: "There. That abandoned Imperial ship is our way out of here. Let's put Garlas Malatar far behind us."

If you talk to her at the end without accepting the quest:

"Impressive work in there. I wish I'd hired you sooner."

Lock and KeystoneEdit

Upon entering the dungeon, she will be speaking with some of her expedition members:

Tharayya: "What—may I ask—do you call that?"
Ranja: "Ranja would call it fleeing with one's tail between one's legs."
Landal Gevont: "Earning the trust of Goblins is easier than earning the trust of their durzogs. I almost got within shouting distance this time. I just need—"

Then, as you approach Tharayya:

Tharayya: "The competition is here. You've squandered our head start, Landal."
Ranja: "You there. Come have a word by our fire."

Or, if you did Depths of Malatar before:

Tharayya: "Enough, Landal. Our escort has arrived."
Tharayya: "Come over by the fire, I'll fill you in on the details."

If you are meeting her for the first time, she will say:

"I expected it would be at least another week before anyone else reached this crevasse.
Listen, whoever you're working for, I'll cut you a better deal."
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
"A Dwemer vault—hidden in the ice for ages—finally reveals itself and you just happen to wander in here? You are either very lucky … or someone tipped you off.
I'm not letting this discovery slip through my fingers. I have a proposal."
I'm listening.
"I will lend my expertise in all things Dwemer. In exchange, you act as escort for our expedition. You may take the lion's share of any valuables, but the items of historical significance are mine.
Is that agreeable to you?"
All right. We'll cooperate.
"You take the lead. My crew will be slow with all of this equipment and the way forward is dangerous. These ice caves aren't uninhabited."
I'd like to know who I'll be working with.
"The name's Tharayya. I'm a historian, you might say. I have a keen interest in the legacy of the Dwemer. The shivering Breton is Landal Gevont, Goblin scholar and his … I don't know what, Burr. Ranja, our locksmith. Alareth and Soriel, scholars."
There's something living in the caves here?
"Many somethings. It seems these caves have become a popular escape from the frigid winds, both for wildlife and a local Goblin tribe. Landal, the so-called Goblin expert was supposed to secure us safe passage, but we've made no progress."
What can you tell me about the vault you mentioned?
"Less than I would like. I'm here to figure out its significance. There's no point in speculating without seeing it for ourselves."
I don't believe that you came out here without any idea what you'd find.
"I hope you appreciate what I'm entrusting you with. I'm betting that this place is the home of the mythical Wrathstone. An object of such importance that the Dwemer secured it as far from civilization as they could. Where better than in a glacier?"
How much do you know about this Wrathstone?
"Only that it was revered or feared. The translation is a bit ambiguous on that point. Despite what the name might imply, I believe it's a symbolic reference to its significance, not its function. It's said to have brought about an era of peace."
Was that so hard?
"This is a cutthroat field of study. My own husband tried to kill me over less. Ex-husband. Late ex-husband.
I'd rather this partnership not follow a similar trajectory."

If you have met her before in Volenfell, she'll instead say:

"This is not where I imagined we'd cross paths again. It seems we've both come a long way from Volenfell, but are we after the same thing?"
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
"A Dwemer vault—hidden in the ice for ages—finally reveals itself and you just happen to wander in here? You are either very lucky … or someone tipped you off.
I'm not letting this discovery slip through my fingers. I have a proposal."
I'm listening.
"I will lend my expertise in all things Dwemer. In exchange, you act as escort for our expedition. You may take the lion's share of any valuables, but the items of historical significance are mine.
Is that agreeable to you?"
All right. We'll cooperate.
"I hope our fortunes are better than the last time we worked together. For both our sakes.
If you wouldn't mind taking the lead. My crew will be slow with the equipment and the way forward is dangerous. These ice caves aren't uninhabited."
What have you been doing since we last crossed paths?
"I never solved the mystery of the Eye or its relationship to the undead that overran Volenfell. No one was willing to head back into that mess, so any clues we left behind are beyond reach."
So the undead are still there?
"Afraid so. Fortunately, they seemed content to remain within the confines of the ruins, and the authorities content to leave them there.
With no leads on where the Eye could have gone, I was back to square one, but setbacks don't keep me down long."
There's something living in the caves here?
"Many somethings. It seems these caves have become a popular escape from the frigid winds, both for wildlife and a local Goblin tribe. Landal, the so-called Goblin expert was supposed to secure us safe passage, but we've made no progress."
What can you tell me about the vault you mentioned?
dialogue needed

If you did Depths of Malatar before doing Frostvault, she will say:

"Glad to see you received my invitation. Your timing is perfect. I need you to clear an obstacle for me."
What's the problem?
"As you can see, I put together a proper expedition this time, including a translator who was supposed to secure us safe passage through goblin territory. He's made little headway, so it's your turn to clear our path to Frostvault."
"A Dwemer stronghold Quintus had been searching for before he died. I managed to discern its location using what I learned about the Wrathstone and Garlas Malatar. I believe the other half of the tablet is here. We just need to excavate it."
All right. Where do I begin?
"With any luck the thawing of this glacier has revealed the entrance to the Dwemer stronghold.
Clear a path through the Goblins for the rest of the crew and we can begin our journey for the Wrathstone."
How is the Wrathstone connected to this place?
"I found references to a Wrathstone in Dwemer writings from around the same period it appeared in Ayleid records. The Ayleids attempted several times to seize it for themselves, so the Dwemer locked it away in the farthest reaches of the world."
So you think we'll find the other half of the tablet here?
"The accounts are too fragmented to say for certain. I'm confident the Vault of Mhuvnak was built here. If it contains the other piece to this puzzle, wonderful. If not, Frostvault is still the discovery of a lifetime. Can't have enough of those."
Any idea why the Dwemer had one half and the Ayleids the other?
"I'm not sure how either came to acquire their halves of the tablet. It didn't originate from either civilization, though both recognized the Wrathstone's significance enough to fight over it. That's reason enough for me to want to look deeper."
Who are all these people?
"Alereth and Soriel are scholars. Ranja is our locksmith. Landal Gevont is our supposed Goblin expert, and his … I don't know what Burr. Finally, you, our escort. If you handle things as well as Garlas Malatar, we'll be fine."
You said you already tried negotiating with the Goblins?
"Landal has attempted it several time, but I don't know that he's so much as gotten a word in before running for his life. I knew a peaceful resolution was too good to be true. If he hadn't offered to work for free, I'd never wasted my time."
He's working for free?
"He promised to get the Goblins' cooperation if I brought him along for the opportunity to study them. He's failed to hold up his end of the bargain, I see no reason to keep mine.
I can't risk anymore delays. Push on to Frostvault."
What's the hurry?
"The thawing glacier has attracted the attention of both the Goblins and the local wildlife, soon there'll be other explorers poking around at the activity. We have a head start, but it won't last forever. I'm not going to lose this opportunity."

Further into the caves, she'll exclaim:

Tharayya: "I can see it! The entrance is just ahead!"

When you first approach Icestalker:

Tharayya: "Of course they have a troll."

Once it is dead, Tharayya will motion for everyone to head into the Dwemer ruins:

Tharayya: "That seemed to scare them off for now. Quick, get inside!"
Landal Gevont: "Wait. Aren't these places usually trapped?"
Soriel: "I hope so. What I wouldn't give for a nice warm steam trap right now."

After you go through the door, the crew will begin to discuss the impassable door:

Tharayya: "Finally, the Vault of Mhuvnak! The Wrathstone must be through there."
Alareth Spring-Fellow: "Tharayya, it's welded shut. There's no way we're breaking through that."
Tharayya: "Maybe we won't have to."
Alareth Spring-Fellow: "That construct likely hasn't moved for thousands of years."
Tharayya: "I've seen far worse. We'll need to salvage some parts though."
Tharayya: "It'll need a new Soul Gem, for one, but I have something to help sniff that out."

Tharayya places a skeevaton on the ground:

Alareth Spring-Fellow: "What is that thing? A brass rat?"
Tharayya: "An acquisition from the Clockwork City. Perfect for finding things in hard to reach places."

The skeevaton starts moving away:

Tharayya: "It's on to something. After it."
Ranja: "You can follow it through this door. The lock is broken. Thank the Goblins for saving Ranja the trouble."

You can talk with her before leaving to find the parts needed:

"I calibrated the skeevaton to seek out the energy emitted by a soul gem. A powerful one. Follow it and it'll spare you a lot of rooting through scrap."
What's your plan here?
"As Alareth pointed out, the door to Mhuvnak's vault is sealed shut. We're going to have to force it open, and this giant contraption looks like the only thing up to the job. If I can get it working."
You really think you can fix this?
"Most of the constructs I've studied were built using similar principles, if not similar parts. We won't know until you find me suitable replacements."
That machine is huge. What do you think it was for?
"I've found references to Dwemer excavation machines in translated texts, but this is the first I've seen in person.
Judging by this, it's no mystery how the Dwemer were able to create such massive underground complexes all over Tamriel."
Why are they so rare?
"I'm not sure. Most known Dwemer ruins lie on well-established sites. My guess is that unfinished or more recently constructed locations are harder to pin down. Fewer surviving records and the like. Something for me to look into another time …."
What was that contraption you released?
"A skeevaton. Part of the intricate working of the Clockwork city. Interesting mix of form and function. There's no reason they need to be a facsimile of a skeever to serve their purpose, but nearly everything in that realm imitates life."
What is its function?/What is the skeevaton's function?
"Mostly as couriers of information to and from the archives, but they are also useful for searching hard to reach places, or making repairs in hard to reach places.
The ones I bought came at a great cost. We'll see if they were worth it."
Clockwork City?
"The personal realm of one of the Dark Elves' Living Gods: Sotha Sil. It's not an easy place to visit—or leave for that matter—but I have associates of associates and a good memory of debts owed.
Before you ask: no, I can't get you access."

Once you have the Soul Gem and Equilibrium Sphere you can return to Tharayya to see how she progressing:

Landal Gevont: "Tharayya? We have your parts. I hope they are worth decimating the local Goblin population."
Tharayya: "The articulators are completely seized up. I can't get it moving again, but I might not have to."
Landal Gevont: "Meaning?"
Tharayya: "If I can channel enough energy through the tonal emitter on it's arm, it should reduce the vault door to twisted slag, but I'll need fresh shock conveyors to manage it."
Ranja: "Ranja has let your toy rat through this door. No need to thank her."
Tharayya: "Was it listening to us? I didn't know it could do that. In any case it must have detected something. Check it out."

If you talk with her, she will say:

"We won't be able to direct the Soul Gem's power without functional shock conveyors. They're common Dwemer technology, but we'll need the most pristine you can find for what I'm planning."
Where can I find these shock conveyors?
"I think our Goblin squatters helped themselves to some of the construct's parts. We'll either need to get them back, or find suitable substitutes.
Follow my skeevaton through the door Ranja's unlocked. If we're lucky it'll sniff out what we need."
What are shock conveyors?
"Metallic channels that direct the flow of magicka between different parts of a Dwemer construct. Practically every Dwemer construct has them, but for what I'm planning only the highest grade will be up to the task."

When you have found some shock conveyors in the area where the shaman Rizzuk Bonechill hoards his loot, you can return to Tharayya:

Landal Gevont: "We have your conveyors. It only took murdering every Goblin in this place."
Tharayya: "Enough, Landal. You had your chance."

Tharayya will then do some tinkering:

Tharayya: "It's working! Everyone, away from the door!"

The door is blasted open:

Tharayya: "Hah! I'd like to see the likes of Neramo do that!"

Once you enter the final chamber, Tharayya will quickly notice that the place is not undefended.

Tharayya: "It seems the Dwemer didn't leave the Wrathstone unguarded. Not surprising. I trust you can handle it."
Tharayya: "Of course it wouldn't be that easy! Get ready!"

There will be various Dwarven Sentries guarding the area, once they are destroyed you will need to man the skeevatons.

Tharayya: "Some of the vault's defenses are this active. Disabling them is too complex for skeevatons on their own."
Tharayya: "You'll need to operate them manually. I'll guide you through it."

Your group should then take control of the skeevatons, which will then show the defense circuits from their point of view. Tharayya will shout out advice:

Tharayya: "There! Use the skeevaton's ability to absorb energy and charge it up."
Tharayya: "Look for an active magicka condenser to tap into. It'll be coursing with power. Hard to miss."

Once you charge your skeevaton, Tharayya will shout:

Tharayya: "It didn't melt to slag? Perfect. Follow the energy flow to any active conveyors and discharge the energy."

After disabling the first conveyor:

Tharayya: "It worked! Repeat the process on any remaining conveyors and we may overload the defenses."

Once the task is complete, the Stonekeeper will activate:

Tharayya: "Something isn't right, the defenses are still active. Of course, it wouldn't be that easy."
Tharayya: "Sep's fangs! I've never seem anything like it. Hold it off, I'll think of something!"

Tharayya will be on a ledge overhead and will comment on various things to help you during the fight:

Tharayya: "More of those rolling bombs! Keep your distance!"
Tharayya: "Blade traps! Watch out!"
Tharayya: "There's a dangerous build up of steam! It's going to vent!"
combat dialogue needs to be sorted

Once the players have destroyed but of its arms:

Tharayya: "Careful! You haven't fully disarmed it!"
Tharayya: "It's activating a failsafe!"
Tharayya: "It's gathering power!"
Tharayya: "It's vulnerable, but watch your step!"

If one of the players steps on the burning bridge, she'll say:

Tharayya: "It's blocked your retreat! You'll be cooked alive!"
Tharayya: "The bridge is red hot! Stay on the platform!"
Tharayya: "You'll never survive that heat! Get back to the platform!"

If the players try to harm the Stonekeeper's body without destroying its arms first:

Tharayya: "That field around its body is too strong! Find a more vulnerable target!"
Tharayya: "You're having no effect on the torso! Try the arms!"
Tharayya: "It's impervious to your attacks! Look for a weak point to focus on!"

During the fight, the conveyors will reactivate once more, needing you to disable them again:

Tharayya: "I think it's fully powered! Look out!"
Tharayya: "It's restored its shock conveyors!"
Tharayya: "Try using the skeevatons to sabotage it!"
Tharayya: "That's not good! Quickly! The skeevatons!"
Tharayya with the Frostvault Wrathstone

After defeating the Stonekeeper, Tharayya will approach the Wrathstone:

Tharayya: "Finally, the Wrathstone. Not what I expected."
Landal Gevont: "Hardly looks Dwarven to me."
Tharayya: "That's because it isn't. I've never seen anything quite like it."
Tharayya: "Soriel! Let's get this in the saddle bags. Carefully."
Landal Gevont: "You can count us out of whatever you're planning next. I've had enough of this madness."

Or if you've done Depths of Malatar's quest before:

Tharayya: "Finally, the other half of the Wrathstone. Just as I expected."
Landal Gevont: "Hardly looks Dwarven to me."
Tharayya: "That's because it isn't, but it is a match to this tablet."
Tharayya: "Soriel! Let's get this in the saddle bags. Carefully."
Landal Gevont: "Well, you have both hunks of rock. Have you laid the secrets of the universe bare?"
Tharayya: "Not yet, Landal, but this will point the way."
Landal Gevont: "You can count us out of whatever you're planning next. I've had enough of this madness."

When you talk with her afterwards, if you've retrieved the other part of the Wrathstone from the Depths of Malatar:

"The Dwemer took extraordinary measures to keep this from the Ayleids. The question is: why?"
They probably thought it was dangerous.
"Or they wanted to keep it out of the hands of cruel, Daedra worshipping conquerors—not that the Dwemer were exactly saints themselves. If it was dangerous at one time, It's nothing more than inert stone now. A priceless lump of inert stone."

Otherwise, she'll say:

"The Dwemer took extraordinary pains to seal the Wrathstone away. The question is: why?"
What are you going to do with it?
"Study it, obviously. Very carefully, if that's what you're wondering. I've been doing this long enough to be cautious with my meddling."

After completing the quest, you can ask her additional questions:

"All I can tell you with certainty, is that the Wrathstone was not created by Dwemer. I'm no stranger to ancient civilizations, but much of this discovery remains a mystery to me.
I can't help but feel like we're missing something."
How can you tell it's not Dwemer?/About that. Why do you think the Wrathstone isn't Dwemer?
"Aside from the language not being any variation of the Dwemeri tongue that I know of, the design bears none of their cultural aesthetic. Even the stone itself isn't something I've seen used in other Dwemer artifacts."
Any idea where it came from?
"The markings resemble Ta'agra, but I can't read it—perhaps some lost Khajiiti dialect. The writing seems out of place, like it was added later. The imagery looks much older, but it's a style I've never seen before.
What value was this to Dwemer?"
What do you mean?
"I mean, why would a civilization that could create a vault as sophisticated as this choose to fill it with such a simple object?
It's obvious that the Wrathstone is more than it seems, but answering that question will not be easy."
What's next for you?/What's your next step?
"Prepare this piece of the Wrathstone for transport to a safe location. You may have dealt with all the immediate threats, but it'll only be a matter of time before treasure hunters—or more Goblins—come poking around."
Just remember what happened with the Eye when you tried to remove it. (If you previously completed Volenfell)
"I'm well aware. If we'd managed to secure the Goblins cooperation, we could take our time, but under the circumstances I'll need to move as quickly as I dare. Leaving the Wrathstone here unprotected is not an option."
Is that safe?
"Safer than anything we've done thus far.
Moving the Wrathstone bears some risk, but leaving it here unprotected poses even more danger. I promise to take great pains to ensure its safety, and ours."
Best of luck. (Both options lead to this)
"I have the feeling I'll need to mount another expedition before the mystery of the Wrathstone is unraveled. If you'd like to see this through to the end, keep in touch. I could use capable, trustworthy help."

Both pieces of the Wrathstone collectedEdit

After collecting both pieces of the Wrathstone, she will say:

"This tablet has lain sundered for ages, eluding everyone who sought its pieces, except me. I'm the first to see it whole in thousands of years. This is history in the making."
Can you make out what's on the complete tablet?
"It's abstract, but these lines and points appear to be more than stylistic choices. They remind me of cartography. There are locations marked, but there's no frame of reference."
What do you mean?
"I mean this diagram is showing us where to find something, but we're missing the clues to align it with the destination. It's like a treasure map with no landmarks."
So we've hit a dead end?
"Not exactly. There's still the writing the Khajiit added. It's possible they discovered the meaning of the points.
I haven't deciphered enough of the language to understand all the details, but I recognize some of the words."
Like what?
"It refers to Khunzar-ri, one of the Khajiiti hero gods. As old as this tablet is, he might well have written these words himself. If I can translate the rest, it could point the way to whatever the Dwemer and Ayleids were fighting over."
It sounds like you'll be preparing another expedition soon.
"That'll be up to my patron. What comes next is up to him.
Either way, I've secured my place in history. This discovery will immortalize me as one of the great scholars of our time."
Your patron?
"I received some influential backing after uncovering the first half of the tablet. You'll get the credit you're due when I deliver the Wrathstone. If he wishes to make himself known, he'll be in touch.
I have a feeling you'll hear from him."

The Demon WeaponEdit

Tharayya will be speaking with Abnur Tharn when you first arrive to see him, saying:

Tharayya: "Always a pleasure, Tharn. Try not to lose those stones."

If you have not completed any dungeons with her and you speak to her before speaking to Tharn, she will say:

"As flattered as I am by the attention, I'm pretty sure you're here to talk to the great Abnur Tharn.
Since I'm done with the old wizard, he's all yours."
What's your business with Abnur Tharn?
"Just that. My business.
But since I'm really quite proud of it, I'll give you the basics. I'm the soon-to-be-world-famous scholar and explorer, Tharayya. Perhaps you've heard of me? I discovered the Wrathstone tablet."
The Wrathstone?
"Two halves of an ancient tablet. I recovered them from the ruins of Frostvault and Malatar. Tharn thinks he can decipher them. He gave me a great deal of gold, so now the tablet is his.
Besides, he promised to share his findings. That works for me."

If you have completed Depths of Malatar and/or Frostvault, she will say:

"Well, look who it is! Didn't get enough of my company back in the ruins, hmm?
By the look on Abnur Tharn's face however, I suppose you're here to see him instead of me. Go ahead. Best not to keep the emperor's battlemage waiting."
What are you doing here, Tharayya?
"Same as you, I suppose. Business with Abnur Tharn. We're pretty much done, though, so the old battlemage is all yours. Probably shouldn't keep him waiting. He gets all cranky if people ignore him."
Does this have anything to do with Frostvault and Garlas Malatar?
"You could say that. Remember those stones we found in the ruins? It's a tablet. Tharn thinks he can decipher it. So, we settled on a price and now the Wrathstone belongs to him.
He promised to share his findings, and that suits me just fine."

After you have spoken with Abnur Tharn and learnt what he wants you to do:

"Dusk mushrooms are as rare as they are delicious! I envy the old loremaster. If only someone cared enough to bring me such tasty morsels."



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