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Sage Tjurhane Fyrre
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Born 1E 2790
Died 2E 227
Resided in University of Gwylim

Tjurhane Fyrre was considered one of the finest Sages of the University of Gwylim, which is found in the province of Cyrodiil. Tjurhane Fyrre was one of the tribal Wild Elves, and was an example of a rare, civilized Wild Elf. Tjurhane Fyrre studied the history of his people, when it was merely the Ayleid Empire, to when it became the tribal people of Tamriel. He was one of the few to publicly speak about his people and their religion, describing them as follows: "the nature of the tribes of Ayleid are multi-hued, their personalities often wildly different from their neighbor tribes."[1]


Based on the dates of his birth and death, Fyrre was born during the time of the Second Empire, beginning with Kastav's reign, and into the period of the Akaviri Potentate, during the reign of Versidue-Shaie. In 2E 12, Tjurhane had released a book known as the Nature of Ayleidic Poesy, which is where his quote on the Ayleid tribes originates from.[1] Some of Tjurhane Fyrre's last writings would revolve around the King of Garlas Malatar, Narilmor, who sealed his city amidst the Slave Rebellion. His writings were later taken by the Second Empire, following his death and courtesy of the University of Gwylim. His notes would lead to their interest on Garlas Malatar, where they built the stronghold, Fort Mistwatch.[2][3]

Known Writings[edit]


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