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Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: Undaunted / Gold Coast
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ON-qico-Group Area.png Find the way into an ancient Ayleid city and recover a historical artifact.
Zone: Gold Coast
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Tharayya
Location(s): Depths of Malatar
Reward: Unidentified Depths of Malatar Armaments
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6251
Group Group Size: 4
Escape with the Wrathstone
A scholar by the name of Tharayya is searching for an elusive artifact hidden somewhere within the ruins of Garlas Malatar. She's enlisted me to help her deal with the hazards of the lost Ayleid city and recover her quarry.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Explore Fort Mistwatch.
  2. Defeat the Scavenging Maw.
  3. Search for the Wrathstone.
  4. Kill the Weeping Woman and delve further into the ruins.
  5. Destroy the Dark Orb.
  6. Kill King Narilmor
  7. Find a way out.
  8. Defeat the Symphony of Blades.
  9. Talk to Tharayya outside the ruins.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

At the entrance to the dungeon, you'll met Tharayya, a Redguard treasure hunter who's searching for an ancient artifact known as the Wrathstone. She has reason to believe that the long-lost Ayleid city of Garlas Malatar lies beneath abandoned Fort Mistwatch, but she needs a little help if she's to confirm or deny the rumors. She was told the fort was abandoned, but there are people inside; there are Imperial soldiers guarding the fort, and they appear to be afflicted with some sort of curse.

Traverse the crumbling fort, killing the possessed Imperials along the way. At the end of the hallway, you'll come across a room inhabited by a massive Hunger. You'll need to defeat it if you want to progress.

Quest StagesEdit

The Guiding Light
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tharayya believes the Imperials who built the fort above Garlas Malatar found the artifact before calamity befell them. We should search the ruins of the fort for it.
Objective: Explore Fort Mistwatch
The fort's large storeroom has become the lair of a monstrous Daedra that seems to be feasting on anything and everything. I must kill the Scavenging Maw to continue my search.
Objective: Kill the Scavenging Maw
With the Scavenging Maw slain I should be able to continue my exploration of Fort Mistwatch.
Objective: Search Fort Mistwatch
Leaping down into the caverns below appeared to be our only option. Tharayya insists there must be another exit from Garlas Malatar.
Objective: Explore the Ayleid Ruins
An unnatural permafrost blocks our passage. Its source is an Ayleid woman lamenting the sacrifice of her people. She's determined not to let us take the artifact. I must kill the Weeping Woman if we are to escape.
Objective: Kill the Weeping Woman
Tharayya and I have found the buried Ayleid city of Garlas Malatar. We should explore the ruins in search of another path to the surface.
Objective: Explore Garlas Malatar
I entered a room containing a magical dark orb. The guardian that caused the cave in earlier has sealed me in with the orb and Daedric warriors are emerging from it. Tharayya believes destroying the orb will set me free.
Objective: Destroy the Dark Orb
Destroying the dark orb stopped the Daedra and opened the way forward. The path forward leads us through the Tabernacle of Light Unyielding, so I should expect more servants of Meridia will attempt to take the artifact from us as we pass through.
Objective: Enter the Tabernacle of Light Unyielding
The guardian who has been hounding us since Tharayya took the artifact revealed himself to be an Ayleid king blessed by Meridia herself. I must defeat him to escape with the artifact.
Objective: Kill King Narilmor
{I defeated the Ayleid ruler who was guarding Garlas Malatar. Tharayya thinks she feels a breeze passing through the ruins that should lead us to the surface. I should follow it.
Objective: Escape the Tabernacle of Light Unyielding
It appears that killing the Ayleid guardian's mortal form didn't bring an end to his life. King Narilmor has become the avatar of Meridia's power and will stop at nothing to reclaim the artifact. I will have to defeat him to escape.
Objective: Defeat Symphony of Blades
☑Finishes quest I destroyed the guardian of Garlas Malatar and found a path out of the Ayleid ruins. I should speak to Tharayya outside Garlas Malatar.
Objective: Talk to Tharayya
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