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Help Druid Laurel stop a Firesong archdruid's plans on the mainland.
Zone: Glenumbra
Quest Giver: Letter from Druid Laurel in Evermore
Location(s): Aldmeri Dominion Mines of KhurasDaggerfall Covenant Ilessan TowerEbonheart Pact Ebon Crypt;
Beldama Wyrd Camp; Firesong Encampments; Eimhir's Cavern (Glenumbra)
Glenmoril Wyrd Camp; Glenmoril Ritual Site within Sunken Road (Bangkorai)
Reward: Petal Presentation emote
Very High Leveled Gold
ID: 6843
Uncover the meaning of the old carving.
I received a letter from Druid Laurel about a matter of great importance. She asked me to meet her at a location in Glenumbra.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Glenumbra and find Druid Laurel.
  2. Venture into the   Mines of Khuras  Ilessan Tower, or   Ebon Crypt and find Druid Laurel's companion.
  3. Go to the Beldama wyrd camp to talk to a local wyress.
  4. Search the Firesong druid camps for clues.
  5. Convene with your allies back at the camp.
  6. Find Eimhir's Cavern near Hag Fen and explore it.
  7. Talk to Laurel for the next step in your plan.
  8. Head to the Glenmoril wyrd camp in Bangkorai.
  9. Find the ancient ritual site hidden within Sunken Road.
  10. Defeat Archdruid Michiel and release the ancient nature spirit.
  11. Speak to the nature spirit.
  12. Talk to Laurel back at the Glenmoril wyrd camp for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


  • The quest was made available on September 29, 2022 to coincide with the Heroes of High Isle event and the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream.
  • If the player picks the quest up from the Crown Store, they should acquire a Letter from Druid Laurel directing them to the first delve. If, however, they pick up the quest by actually encountering Laurel herself in a starting city, they do not obtain this letter. However, it is placed in the quest-specific Beldama camp just south of Farwatch wayshrine after the quest is complete, so it can be read for the purposes of Eidetic Memory documents.
  • Originally, this quest could be started by speaking to Druid Laurel in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch or Vulkhel Guard. This was changed to her letter outside Anchor's Point Inn in Evermore with Update 40.

Quest StagesEdit

Sojourn of the Druid King
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to travel to Glenumbra and meet with Druid Laurel.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
I met Druid Laurel at the location Dhulef mentioned in his letter. Now we just need to find him.
Objective: Find Dhulef
I found Dhulef and he looks safe. I should speak to him and see what he's found.
Objective: Talk to Dhulef
Dhulef found a tablet engraved with a symbol Druid King and two other symbols he doesn't recognize. We need to go to the Beldama camp to meet with Wyress Tola to see if she can tell us more about the tablet.
Objective: Go to the Beldama Wyrd Camp
The Beldama Wyrd camp was attacked by the Firesong druids! I should speak to Wyress Joslin and find out what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Wyress Joslin
The Beldama Wyrds have been keeping track of a few Firesong camps that recently appeared nearby. I should search them for information about what they want and where they might have taken Wyress Tola.
Objective: Search the Firesong Camps
Hidden Objective: Search Firesong Camp
Hidden Objective: Go to the Spot Marked on the Map
I found some information about the Firesong presence in Glenumbra and where they might have taken Wyress Tola. I should return to the Beldama Wyrd camp and inform Druid Laurel.
Objective: Return to the Beldama Wyrd Camp
I need to tell Druid Laurel about what Dhulef and I found at the Firesong camps.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
The map we found in one of the Firesong camps indicated a spot in Hag Fen, on the northeast coast. We need to head there and see if we can find Wyress Tola before it's too late.
Objective: Go to the Spot Marked on the Map
We arrived at the spot marked on the Firesong map and there's a cave here. I should go inside and search for Wyress Tola and Archdruid Michiel.
Objective: Enter the Hag Fen Cave
I entered the cave. I should search for Wyress Tola and Archdruid Michiel.
Objective: Find Wyress Tola
The Firesong druid, Archdruid Michiel, performed a ritual that desecrated this site before we could stop him. He left when we arrived. I should speak to Wyress Tola and see what she can tell us about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Wyress Tola
Wyress Tola revealed this site was consecrated by the wyrds and the Druid King to bind a nature spirit. She believes the archdruid desecrated this place to take control of the spirit for the Firesong. I should talk to Druid Laurel about our options.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Wyress Tola opened a portal to Bangkorai that will deposit us not far from the wyrd camp, which is located southeast of Evermore. Once we get there, we should seek out Wyress Sorcha.
Objective: Go to the Glenmoril Wyrd Camp
I arrived at the Glenmoril Wyrd camp. There seems to be some tension over Druid Laurel's presence. Maybe I can do something to smooth things over by talking to the elder wyress.
Objective: Talk to Wyress Matilde
The Firesong are already headed to the second ritual site. Wyress Matilde told me that it lies somewhere deep within a path called the Sunken Road. We should hurry if we want to save Wyress Sorcha.
Objective: Go to the Sunken Road
Wyress Matilde said the ancient ritual site was somewhere deep inside the Sunken Road. I need to explore this place in order to find it and track down the Firesong and Wyress Sorcha.
Objective: Find Entrance to the Ancient Ritual Site
We reached the entrance to the ancient Glenmoril ritual site, but we were too late to save Wyress Sorcha. We need to go inside and find Archdruid Michiel before he can complete his ritual.
Objective: Enter the Ancient Ritual Site
We entered the ancient Glenmoril ritual site. Now to find Archdruid Michiel and put an end to the Firesong's plans.
Objective: Find Archdruid Michiel
Archdruid Michiel finished his ritual and started waking the ancient nature spirit. I need to kill Archdruid Michiel before he can claim the spirit for the Firesong.
Objective: Kill Archdruid Michiel
The ancient nature spirit has awakened. I need to help Druid Laurel release them from their binds.
Objective: Release the Ancient Nature Spirit
The nature spirit seems confused. I should try to speak with them.
Objective: Talk to Frii
I spoke to Frii. I should speak with Druid Laurel to see what she wants to do next.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Druid Laurel suggested we talk about our next steps back at the Glenmoril Wyrd camp. Dhulef created a portal for us, I should head there.
Objective: Return to Glenmoril Wyrd Camp
I met Druid Laurel and Dhulef in the Glenmoril Wyrd camp. I should talk to Druid Laurel and see what she wants to do about Frii and the Firesong.
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