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Heroes of High Isle

Heroes of High Isle is a High Isle-based event available to players who own the High Isle Chapter. The event runs from September 29 until October 11, 2022, and various rewards can be earned simply by owning the High Isle Chapter.

During this event, you can earn Society of the Steadfast's Coffers by adventuring in High Isle. Additionally, all High Isle daily quests and the weekly Dreadsail Reef trial quest have their regular reward boxes doubled, harvest node yields are increased, and World, Public Dungeon, Trial, and Delve bosses drop additional rewards.

You can earn 00000022Event Tickets by completing a High Isle daily each day of this event. These can be used to buy bound Oaken Order Style pages, Soulfire Dragon Illusion base fragments, and all three fragments for the Daggerfall Paladin costume. This event introduces the Sanctified Metalworking Tools fragment, the last one needed for the aforementioned costume.

This event also added a new quest, called The Island Tour. It can be obtained by reading the notice board found at any of the Event Exchanges around Tamriel, which would point you towards the event-specific NPC Philien Visour‎‎ found in the Gaming Hall in Gonfalon Bay. Additionally, the prologue quest for the Firesong DLC were released at the same time.

High Isle PathfinderEdit

Explore High Isle for Rewards

The primary activity is geared towards players earning the High Isle Pathfinder achievement, which required visiting all of High Isle's striking locales. Unlocking the achievement (counted once per account, per server) contributes to a running total, which is updated each day of the event. When that total reaches one of three thresholds, a new reward is unlocked. Players who have already unlocked the achievement are counted towards the grand total:

  • 33% — Oak's Promise face and body markings
  • 66% — Plant Yourself emote
  • 100% — A cascading Ascendant Hoard Box, with a chance to include items such as Undaunted Plunder, Tel Var stones, Outfit Change tokens, crafting writs, riding lessons, Transmute crystals, high-level Companion equipment (including exclusive Legendary-quality Companion jewelry), rare materials, or item sets. Guaranteed rewards include an Ascendant Lord statue, attunable crafting stations and the Firesong DLC. ESO Plus members would also receive the Appleback Salamander pet.

The Firesong DLC reward was initially a mystery and was revealed on September 30th. Crafting stations are awarded unattuned, but can be attuned manually.

On October 7, Zenimax announced a bonus challenge for the remainder of the event. The Bonus Challenge progress bar could be filled by the community closing volcanic vents in High Isle. For every 25% the meter was filled, they would run the Explorer's Celebration event for 2 days.

Society of the Steadfast's CoffersEdit

In addition to the community challenge, you can earn Society of the Steadfast's Coffers from doing activities in High Isle. The first time you complete a High Isle daily or weekly quest each day, you would receive a Society of the Steadfast's Largesse, which have a chance to contain:

  • Crafting materials
  • Valuables you can trade to merchants for gold
  • Style items for High Isle motifs
  • High Isle gear items
  • Treasure maps or Survey reports
  • High Isle motif chapters
  • Oaken Order Style Pages
  • High Isle-themed furnishings and furnishing recipes
  • If you have a Companion active, a piece of Companion gear

Regular Society of the Steadfast's Munificence can be earned by completing additional daily quests, or from the following sources in the High Isle zone: as drops from Delve and World Bosses; from completing Volcanic Vents; as drops from High Isle monsters; in treasure chests, safeboxes, Thieves Troves (marked as stolen), Psijic Portals, or other containers; and when harvesting crafting resource nodes.


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