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Interior Test Cells are interior locations that exist in the game's data files but are not part of gameplay. Exterior Test Cells lists similar exterior regions. These locations cannot be accessed in-game except through console commands. Many are empty, or un-named. There's quite a lot of them, and some interesting things to find, so explore, and report back on what's there. For Shivering Isles-specific places, see Shivering:Interior Test Cells.

Many of these cells are dummy cells and serve a technical purpose. When these cells are used as an argument for the GetInCell function, it will return true for any cell whose Editor ID begins with the name of that cell.

EditorID FormID Name Description
Aleswell 0002F7D8 Dummy cell empty
Anvil 00035682 empty
AnvilBenirusManor 0006E30F Dummy Cell for GetInCell empty
AnvilCastle 0000C0F0 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
AnvilMain 000C55FB Dummy Cell empty
AnvilMarkTest 0003E2B8 A small square room (3 by 3 "sections") with stone walls & wooden columns. No door despite an area on one wall where a door would be placed.
ArenaCombatantsHolding 0018AE56 Holds all the Arena Combatants in a small circular room. They will not engage in conversation with the player, but will become hostile when attacked. The combatants' bodies still cannot be looted after killing them.
BorderWatch 00066A63 empty
Bravil 000319D9 Dummy cell so GetInCell function will work empty
BravilStables0 000C55FA Dummy cell so GetInCell function will work empty
Bruma 0003134A Dummy Cell empty
BrumaCastle 00036260 Dummy cell for GetInCell functionality empty
BrumaMain 000C55F9 Dummy Cell empty
Cheydinhal 00030FAE Dummy cell empty
CheydinhalCastle 00003635 Dummy cell empty
CheydinhalStableDUPLICATE000 000C55F8 Dummy cell empty
Chorrol 00024802 Dummy Cell empty
ChorrolCastle 00189258 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
ChorrolExt 00088B2E Dummy Cell for GetInCell Chorrol Exteriors Only empty
ChorrolMarkTest 000245A4 Mark Test Same room as "AnvilMarkTest" containing a non-functional gravestone named "Here lies Vena Petilius", two NPCs, IMMale and Test High Elf, and three staves: The Skull of Corruption, Sanguine Rose, and Wabbajack. IMMale constantly activates the gravestone while Test High Elf simply wanders.
ChorrolStable 000C55F7 Dummy Cell empty
Clavicus 00025E5D empty
CloudRulerTemple 0001EFDB Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
DaedricHoldingPen 000A947E A dark void with no floor. A group of naked NPCs called "Corrupted Clones", one for each playable race and gender combination, float above the NPC Casta Flavus. The corrupted clones do not speak with the player, but will give a generic greeting upon seeing him or her. Casta Flavus will give the player Hermaeus Mora's quest if spoken to.
DarkBrotherhoodHoldingPen 000177D1 A dark void with no floor holding only Lucien Lachance, who will initiate the Dark Brotherhood questline if spoken to.
DarkGhostCell 0006C4D9 Perennia's Ghost Holding Cell An unlit farmhouse with no furniture and no door containing Perennia Draconis's ghost.
DarkWrathHoldingPen 00026DDE A dark void with no floor. The three "Wraths of Sithis" are found here. If they are killed, they will give the quest updates for A Dark Exile
EmilTest 0003018B A room containing items including several related to the Dark Brotherhood, such as Dead Drop orders, several sold by M'raaj-Dar, the unused item Rufio's Skull, and other quest related papers. There are also several unrelated items, such as Fin Gleam, Shimmerstrike, and the body parts of Svenja. A small box contains an Iron Bow with 100 arrows, Black Hand Robes and Shrouded Armor, 20 Poison Apples, 1000 Gold, and 500 Lockpicks. Three NPCs exist here as well, named ND Conversation 1 and 2, and Imperial Female NPC. They will speak only of Rumors, but will possess the topic Knights of the Nine if the plug-in is installed, also referring to the player as Commander. There are also four sets of doors, varying in lock strength, that will move the player to its double on the other side of the room.
FortRayles02DUPLICATE000 000CACDA Fort Rayles empty
FortUrasek02DUPLICATE000 000CACDC Fort Urasek empty
GuardConvoTest 0006FDB7 An empty house occupied by three guards, a Chorrol Guard, Imperial Legion Soldier, and a member of the Leyawiin City Watch. There is no door but an empty space in the wall where one would be placed. The guards have only rumors, except for the City Watch, who will speak of Leyawiin. It is possible for him to begin the quest Mazoga the Orc. The Guards all possess the ability to place bounties. They will attempt to arrest you, but cannot truly. Selecting Pay Fine will remove your bounty and your gold, but will not remove stolen goods or bring you to a jail. Go to Jail will do nothing but end the conversation.
GwedenFarm 000CD4BB Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
Hackdirt 000280AA A dark void with no floor. No known occupants are here.
HarlunsWatchTEMP 0000BE5A HARLUN'S WATCH TEMP Same as "AnvilMarkTest" except that there is a non-functional door present. The tiles also do not have uniform spacing, leading to lines though the floor.
IC 0002C80D Dummy cell empty
ICArboretum 00022F4E Dummy cell empty
ICArcaneUniversity 00022F4A Dummy cell empty
ICArenaDUPLICATE000 00022F4B Dummy cell empty
ICElvenGardens 00009276 Dummy cell empty
ICImperialLegionHQ 00022F49 Dummy cell empty
ICMarket 00022F48 Dummy cell empty
ICPalace 00014685 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
ICStable 000C55F6 Dummy cell empty
ICTalosPlaza 00022F47 Dummy cell empty
ICTemple 0001E070 Dummy Cell for GetInCell empty
ICTempleDistrict0 000980BC Dummy Cell for Temple District Exterior Cells Only empty
ICWaterfront 00009234 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
ImperialDungeon 00005290 Dummy cell empty
ImperialLegionCompound 00035E3D Dummy cell empty
ImperialSewer 00185368 Dummy cell empty
ImperialSewersElvenGardens 000817C0 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
ImperialSewerSystemTG11 0000A9C5 Dummy Cell empty
Kvatch 00032D3A Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
KvatchChapel 0001EFC1 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
LakeArrius 00097C1E Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
LakeArriusShrine 0001FBA4 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
Leyawiin 0002C79C Dummy Cell empty
LeyawiinCastle 00030536 Dummy cell empty
LeyawiinStable 000C55F5 Dummy Cell empty
Malada 000A4962 Dummy cell for getinCell empty
MQ10BrumaOblivion 0003A83D Dummy cell for MQ10 getincell empty
MQ13OblivionWorld 00027D76 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
MQ14Oblivion 00027DF9 Dummy interior cell for GetInCell empty
Paradise 0001FB1D Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
PeryiteWorldTEMP 0001EB93 Peryite World TEMP Same as "AnvilMarkTest."
Rtbdungeon 00000D85 Basement appearance with several twisting paths and doors that all lead to dead-ends. One door at the end leads into nothingness.
SancreTor 00024803 Dummy cell for GetInCell empty
Skingrad 00028E70 empty
SkingradCastle 00084476 empty
SkingradHouse 000B97CA Dummy Cell Name for GetInCell empty
SkingradStable 000C554 Dummy Cell empty
TEMPAREXCOPY 000538DC Contains the exterior of an Ayleid ruin floating in a black void.
TempleOfTheAncestorMoth 000982BC Dummy empty
TestAlan 0012A875 Collection of quest items, including the ice sculpture of Garridan and the Frostfire Glade Guardian, reading materials, potions, weapons, and the unique Blackwater version of the Leather Cuirass. There is a blindfolded NPC named Kill Me If killed, a message pops-up saying "You killed me!". If spoken to, he will double in size. He can not be looted after death, but will still present the growth script.
TestAlchemyInterior 0009FDA2 Alchemy Test Warehouse A two-leveled house containing many alchemy ingredients on tables. Several chests divide the ingredients into categories, with 10 of each sample. There are also tables for each set of alchemy equipment.
TestAR 00090757 Ayleid ruin section floating in nothingness containing two skeletons. The skeletons are not hostile until provoked and cannot be looted after death.
Testarena 000250A4 Similar to the interior of the Arena, but without doors, the pillars, and the gates. With the Knights of the Nine Plugin, Umaril and two NPCs named Bruce, wearing the entire suit of Crusader's Armor, will spawn here. With Shivering Isles, a Diseased Scalon will spawn as well. [verification needed — Always a scalon? And what about the land dreugh that was listed here before?]
TestarenaJonPaul 00061BD9 Same as testarena, but with only one spawn, a golden saint. The golden saint appears with or without Shivering Isles, albeit a missing helm and missing meshes for the weapon and shield.
TestarenaKurt 000CB8BE Same as testarena, but without spawns.
TestBasement 0001C9E8 Basement Test Set Unlit basement cell with scattered papers, including the journal from the Lich of Lost Boy Cavern, TEST BOOK, and the Bandit note from Vilverin. There are openings in the wall into the void, and a door that leads to the Testing Hall.
TestBrumaHouseInt 0001540D Bruma House Test A medium-sized house, with filled chests, drawers, and a bed. One door is not completely on its hinges, but otherwise there are no mistakes. The exterior door leads to an Exterior Test Cell. Reused/renamed for FrostcragSpire01, so not accessed if you have Frostcrag Spire installed and activated.
TestBrumaHouseMid 00018093 TesterHouseBrumaMid A smaller house with nothing but a chair and table with three loaves of bread on the lower level. The door on the upper floor leads to an interesting Test World. Reused/renamed for FrostcragSpire02, so not accessed if you have frostcrag installed and activated.
TestBrumaHouseMid02 0001B836 TesterHouseBrumaMid An unlit Sigillum Sanguis, less the pillar of fire and the doors leading out. Attempting to take the Sigil Stone will give many Sigil Stones available at your level and the associated Fame point for each one. [verification needed — On one occasion I received around 600 Stones, on another I received over 2000, until I finally quickloaded. Needs to be checked more.] Unlimited Sigil Stones can be acquired this way by exiting and re-entering the room. A floating wooden door near the bottom leads to an interesting Test World. Reused/renamed for FrostcragSpire03, so not accessed if you have frostcrag installed and activated.
TestCameronCave 00038B49 Caverns An almost unlit cave containing Cairn Bolete plants and a Daedroth. The upper level contains several floating fires. Both ends of the path end after a wooden door leading into the void.
TestCastleInterior 0002806C Test of Castle Interior Pieces Void with a trap door and ladder found in castles, which only lead to each other.
TestCave01 00034E1D Caverns Unlit and cave with several paths that lead nowhere. One door leads to TestCave02. Another door appears to lead outside, but is not able to be opened.
TestCave02 000034FF Caverns A cave similar to TestCameronCave without the Daedroth and floating fires. One door leads to TestCave01 and another leads to TestCave03
TestCave03 00034E1E Caverns Small empty cave with door to TestCave02. The other end leads into the void. In between is what looks similar to the Abyss Trap, but without the kill scripting.
TestCave04 000183F0 Very small empty cave fragment. Using the coc command will spawn the player in between walls, unable to enter the main area, even with tcl.
TestCave05 0001DF79 Small Room Test Small unfinished cave with several alcoves contain stone tomb effigies found in chapel undercrofts. There is one non-hostile Goblin.
TestChairs 0002ECC6 Chair testing Small room with multiple chairs and tables.
TestChappy 00027811 Small guard-house with a female NPC named Test Guy, who will turn into a Staff of Worms when killed. She speaks only of rumors.
TestCheydinhal 0001E735 Empty, unlit Cheydinhal-style house.
TestCheydinhalUpper 0001EEEC Empty, unlit upper class Cheydinhal-style house with a nonfunctional door.
TestCitadel 00035A3B Half of a Daedric citadel, completely unlit.
TestCitadelLighting 00047AEE Daedric Citadel No objects, just a beam of light that looks like the flame pillar in daedric strongholds
TestClara 000253FC flooded, empty shipwreck
TestClara02 0001802D throne room with shelves and a Skeletal Hand
TestClaraTangent 000CB50A Exterior of shipwreck. A collection of floating buildings and odd wooden machinery, as well as a floating copy of Lorgren's skeleton from Where Spirits Have Lease.
TestDan 0009DE92 Cave Collision Testing Area empty cave
TestDan02 00088835 Gauntlet Test empty Ayleid room
TestDan03 000B6C11 Imperial City Collision Testing Area All possible IC-style interiors, unlit.
Testdungeon 0001806A Empty cave with nonfunctional exterior exit
TestEnchanted 000A5757 Branches off Testing Hall. Contains crates that hold all of the items in the game.
TestErikMagic 000AEEA0 Erik Magic Test Includes containers with everything that can be used for enchanting. Also included are a few tombstones that spawn necromancers, dremora, or marauders when activated.
TestFaces 0003FA94 Test Faces Here Naked NPCs used for disposition and facial testing.
TestFarmHouse03 0002729D Grant's Farmhouse Interior Test One room contains random junk and a zombie named "ZombieMixnMatch03". The door outside leads to an interesting test town. A second room contains only a test minotaur head for the Accidents Happen quest.
TestFavelas 000CBA64 Floating rooms and building pieces.
TestFireLights 0002D2FD Dark house with lighting only from fires and candles
TestFireSounds 000C5418 A mine with lots of fires.
TestFog 0007BAA4 Long, foggy, empty cave.
TestFrank 00033D34 Nisin Cave A small, moodily lit cave. Not much of interest.
TestGrantWarehouseUpper 00029077 Grants messed up upper warehouse Unlit, a bunch of floating junk. No floor but you can jump from table to table.
TestGuy 0001C611 TestGuy Empty house with skeleton and some weapons.
TestHavok 00049525 Cave with nonfunctional pull-me rope.
TestHavokSettle 0006A5C9 Looks like the Chorrol Mages Guild library.
TestingHall 000231AD The Testing Hall Entry point for many of the test rooms
Good place to start exploring test cells.
TestHL 00000888 Possibly a test for the night skies?
TestICTowers 0004986C Megan's test cell IC Lighthouse lookalike. Imperial barracks is accessible using TCL.
testIst 000009EA Ayleid stuff and some dungeon equipment (traps, etc.)
TestIst2 0002D8D2 Looks like the Imperial Subterrane.
testist3 000056A1 Possibly a testing area for Ayleid machinery and traps.
TestIst4 00094190 Cave with high-level creatures that can be made to fight each other.
TestJuanGoblinLair 000359DC Interior Cave Test Small cave, not much interesting.
TestKenHole 000297A6 TestKenHole empty
TestKK 00023187 Small house with blindfolded man and woman.
TestKurtDetection 000055BC Collapsed Mine - Breakthrough empty cave
TestMattInterior 000231B6 Small house with pots and teleport marker. Large basement. A small house with clay pots and a teleport marker.
TestMegan 0003051A Megan's test cell Runed portal testing.
TestMegan02 00025E38 Megan's test cell IC interiors
TestMegan03 0003E243 Megan's test cell large IC house interior
TestMegan04 0006FDE2 Imperial City Collision Testing Area more empty IC interiors
TestMine 000338A3 Empty mine
TestMist 00033F59 Cave with some zombies.
TestMRyan 000327CB Mike's Test Cell of Madness Mostly empty fort with spectral mudcrabs.
TestOblivionLift 00085FC1 Test for Oblivion Lifts Empty oblivion exterior
TestParadiseCave 0005D36A Paradise Cave There are three Ascended Immortals and one test creature (a Xivilai named Hugh). You can only see the inside, but there is no way of entering it without the console because your game loads you outside of the cave instead of inside it. No objects of interest are located here. Reused/renamed for DLDunbarrowHaven, so not accessed if you have Thieves Den installed and activated.
TestParticles 00035A2C Just a bed against a wall
TestPhantomTraps 00047B5F Some Ayleid traps
TestQuest01 000314EA empty
TestRangedDungeon 00027067 Branches off Testing Hall - Ayleid room with archers, completely dark.
TestRyan 000A29B3 IC type interior and cave.
TestRyanOgre 000AA26A cave with a daedroth
TestSeveredHead 0001ED41 Large house interior. could not find a head.
TestSewersXX 0004B7B5 Sewers Just some sewers with rats
TestShrine 0003347A Dagon Shrine An incomplete version of the Dagon Shrine, you will receive a quest update about your cover being blown when you arrive. There are two unarmed Mythic Dawn Guards who will go hostile. There's a copy of the Mysterium Xarxes (with the associated quest update if you take it), a silver dagger, and an Ayleid statue similar to the ones outside Ayleid ruins, in place of the statue of Mehrunes Dagon. Reused/renamed for DLDunbarrowHaven02, so not accessed if you have Thieves Den installed and activated.
TestSkingradCastleInterior 0002B2AD A replica of the Skingrad castle
TestStairs 0002A66C Small sewer area
TestStealth 0002D31D Stealth Test A royal court with no exits. Two NPCs reside here named, Test Stealth Guy--Alert, and Test Stealth Guy--Not Alert.
TESTTavernTempCOPY0000 0003134D A tavern similar to Wawnet inn, it contains nothing save a table with three loaves of bread on it, a chair next to the table, and a bed right next to the staircase leading to the attic.
TESTtempinterior 000281E2 temp interior mockup A mock up of a house, it contains a bed which is upstairs., a table with three bread loaves, and a chair.
TestTemple 00181D21 A replica of the Temple of the One in the Temple District.
TestTimFireColumn 000C50EA The Blood Feast Empty, save for a pool of lava and a fire column.
TestTimOblivionLords 000C46F0 Sigillum Sanguis Oblivion world with no floor or ground. Khafiz's Chest and a few ship interior decks are spread apart and there are a few trap doors and ladders leading to "Sigillum Sanguis" and a wooden door to "Paradise Cave". In the same area of deck with the "Paradise Cave" door is a bedroll and two gold nuggets. Little else of interest. Reused/renamed for DLDunbarrowHaven03, so not accessed if you have Thieves Den installed and activated.
TestToddCrazy 0001C610 A strange house with three women, aged 25, 45 and 65 years and named appropriately. Woman age 25 is blindfolded. There's an Altmer named TestGuy and an Imperial male who has numerous conversation topics. Imperial male looks identical to the one featured in the promotional Oblivion screenshots and is voice acted by Todd Howard. There are also some strange dummy torsos, and the upper floor has over a hundred "Test Books on Monkeys" floating in the air. They fall when the player comes in contact with them. Their text is identical to "Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, Vol. 2."
TestTraps 0003F153 As you would expect this cell has many traps. It also includes many objects that you can activate, Such as a risible staircase, gates, and rock walls. There are two goblins at a bottom of an incline, at the top of which sits a pile of rolling logs. There are two alchemical ingredients sitting on a stool, and in a barrel is a bow and ten iron arrows.
TestVampireInterior 0003DB92 A small house, the only resident of which is a blind man of the name VampChow, he is always asleep. Two tombstones are against a wall one of which called, "Click me to become a Vampire!" if you oblige it the following message will appear. "The process has begun wait three days then take a nap enjoy!". The other tombstone, "click to add full vampirism" will display the message "Full vampirism added" if clicked on. There is also one occupied bed.
TestVendorInterior 0001E31B A lone NPC Test Vendor NPC lives here. A chest containing several common books, a blades cuirass, and a Steel Longsword on a table are the only items in the cell. Taking any counts as theft. Though there is a door, it does not link to any other cell.
TestXenon 0002910F It consists of a few cells, it is almost identical to the start area for the game.
ToddDung 000191D5 Empty, save for a few bones, a daedroth and a minotaur. The monsters seem to be non-hostile.
Toddtest 00000812 Todd's Test House A small house. On the first floor is a bed and an evidence chest. The door leads outside. A small group of NPCs consisting of Alban Corinis, Woman 45, and Woman 65 can be found upstairs. Alban has multiple dialogue topics, including "Angry", "Fear", "Happy", and "Neutral". Alban's dialogue exists to test disposition, and all the responses are voiced by Todd Howard himself. On a table you will find the complete set of Mythic Dawn Commentaries, 9 gold pieces, a steel mace, a steel war axe, a letter called "Test Todd Letter", a scroll called "Test Todd Scroll, Long", a clay urn, and a tan goblet. To the left of the table is a wooden crate named "Test Crate". It contains a full set of Iron Armor, various lower class clothing, a petty soul gem, and a loaf of bread. On top of this crate is a steel warhammer and a torch. On the opposite side of the room is a barrel named "Todd's Barrel of Fun!" which contains a full set of Blades' Armor, and a book called "à â ç é ê è ë î ï ô ù û æ".
TonyTest 00054766 TonyTestCell Random items from The Shivering Isles.
WabbajackHole 00026D61 Hidey-hole for Wabbajack target This is not used by Wabbajack - the original creature is disabled.
WarehouseActivator 00025581 Activator Testing Warehouse Two gates that open and close, and two signs for the inns in Chorrol.
WarehouseAI 00023D30 AI Testing Warehouse A few NPCs, one who details the workings of conversations and NPC disposition.
WarehouseArmor 000237DD Armor Warehouse Every piece of armor in the game, including all the unique pieces.
WarehouseAyleidRooms01 0009D5BB Two Welkynd stones in a foggy chamber.
WarehouseAyleidRooms02 0009DE7A A Great Hall with several Welkynd stones knocked off of their pedestals, there is a raisable staircase, but the trigger to raise it does not appear to work.
WarehouseAyleidRooms03 0009DE76 Disconnected Ayleid ruins chambers.
WarehouseAyleidRooms04 000A04E6 A few bones sit in the center of a room, bordered by desecrated altars. The room is bordered by Welkynd stone pedestals.
WarehouseBar 0002F884 Several pieces of furniture and other objects generally associated with bars.
WarehouseBooks 00029571 Book Warehouse Every book in the game, laid out on tables. Some of these books may not actually appear in-game.
WarehouseCaveBandit 000A145B One Stop Bandit Shop A bunch of uninhabited cave rooms, all unconnected. One can reach the other rooms by toggling collision on and off ('tcl' in the console).
WarehouseCaveBeastLair 000A1463 Many disconnected cave pieces.
WarehouseCaveConjurer 000A145A See above
WarehouseCaveEntrance 0011939E Cave Exterior entrances What appears to be two boulders.
WarehouseCaveGeneric 000988A4 More disconnected cave pieces.
WarehouseCaveGoblin 000A145C See above.
WarehouseCaveNatureMythic 000988A5 See above.
WarehouseCaveSmTombNecro 0009FDE8 see above.
WarehouseCaveTombNecro 000988A8 Cave Tomb Warehouse The only difference from the other cave sets is that the light fails in random sections of this cell.
WarehouseClothes 00010551 Clothing Warehouse Filled with many ingame clothes items. It also contains several jewelry pieces.
WarehouseCombatAI 000224F7 Combat AI Warehouse A few NPCs named for things they're supposed to do, i.e. "Will flee when losing" and "Uses summon."
WarehouseCombatHall 00027A3D Hall of Combat A hall with a few doors leading to rooms with NPCs.
WarehouseContainer 0001DBEA Container Testing Warehouse Every container in the game.
WarehouseCreatures 00028808 Creature Testing Hall A hallway with eight doors, three of which lead to places. They lead to Creature Grove, Rat Grove, and Goblin Grove.
WarehouseCrime 0002A087 Crime Warehouse A cell with a locked gate and an evidence chest outside.
WarehouseDungeonSmallCaves 0009DEEF Non lit cave chambers.
WarehouseFight 00025ED6 Fighting Dojo At the entrance you will see an NPC named "I walk up and down stairs", who contrary to his name does not appear to ever walk down stairs, he will use a typical yellow team NPC conversation ender if you speak to him. At the end of the room you will find the NPCs named: "Will fight always", "never flees", "Will flee when losing", and "Dewey Decimal" stand around, doing nothing.
WarehouseFortRuinsEntrances 0009D0F0 Several different entrances to fort ruins.
WarehouseFortRuinsHALLcrypts 000A4E5B Several disconnected rooms.
WarehouseFortRuinsHallPITunique 000A5662 A giant pit and connecting hallways.
WarehouseFortRuinsHALLrooms 000A4E5C disconnected rooms.
WarehouseFortRuinsHALLSquickStuff 00048426 see above.
WarehouseFortRuinsRooms01 00035ED1 see above.
WarehouseFortRuinsRoomsLARGE 000A4E5A Similar to the above, except for a few hostiles in the room where you spawn.
WarehouseFortRuinsRoomsMEDIUM 000A4E5D Disconnected rooms, again.
WarehouseFortRuinsRoomsTranCave 0009D0F2 Several disconnected rooms, these rooms are clearly intended for cave transitions from fort ruins.
WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTER 0009DB51 Fort Ruins Clutter Mausoleum More disconnected rooms, with clutter in most.
WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrangements 00059095 Floor tiles with clutter arrangements on each.
WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrCrates 0005D55B Clutter Crates and Boxes A few storage devices and a few items strewn across evenly separated floor tiles.
WarehouseLight 0002223C Lighting Warehouse A room lit with all the candles and chandeliers in-game.
WarehouseLock 0002B578 Lockpick Warehouse A room that contains many locked gates, all set to different lock levels.
WareHouseLowerClass 000231A8 Lower Class Clutter Warehouse All the clutter found in lower class homes.
WarehouseMagicArmor 00065445 Armor Warehouse Several sets of enchanted armor.
WarehouseMiddleClass 0001C5D4 Middle Class Clutter Warehouse All the miscellaneous items found in middle class homes.
WareHouseMinesGeneric 0003F706 Several disconnected mines.
WarehouseMisc 000008C1 Misc Clutter Warehouse Has every ingredient in the game laid out on two tables, in addition to all the other meaningless clutter in the game.
WarehouseNPCBuff 0003AB76 Three NPCs, one named Uses Fortify, one named Uses Summon, one Named Uses Bound. Their names give a hint towards their function.
WarehouseNPCCombatAI 00000CE2 NPC Combat AI Warehouse A few NPCs named for what they do, i.e. "Will flee when losing" and "Uses summon."
WarehouseObjectAvoid 000291A1 Object Avoidance Warehouse A room with tables.
WarehousePathgrids 0002571B Pathgrid Testing Warehouse One NPC, Thulsa Doom, at one end of a maze of tables.
WarehouseSEClutter 0006651F Middle Class Clutter Warehouse Furniture, rugs and paintings, some of the paintings being of things found in the Shivering Isles.
WarehouseTestTakeCover 0004981D Two naked NPCs who are roped off from the main room and two armored NPCs in the center.
WarehouseTrespass 0002A0AC Trespass Test Warehouse A house with an NPC who will yell at you for trespassing. There is a door to a town called Hawkhaven, located in the TestWorld exterior test cell.
WarehouseUpperClass 0001C5D6 Upper Class Clutter Warehouse Tons of silver pitchers and other similar items.
WarehouseWeapons 000017DF Weapons Warehouse Contains almost every weapon, on tables, sorted by their type.
WatersEdge 0006BF16 empty
Weatherleah 00028AB3 Dummy cell empty
WeynonPriory 00028577 empty
XMikeBackupSancreTor04 000921BD Sancre Tor, Catacombs This zone seems to be a cut area since it has a different map layout than the original catacombs found in Sancre Tor. Undead spawn here as well as the ghost of Alain at the end of the area. There are six treasure chests on this map. The area has three non-functional doors, with one being part of the environment, as a room piece(the cursor turns into a door icon in the starting area).
XXXDELETEME 00015E20 Brina Cross empty
XXXMiscarcand05 0002C550 Miscarcand Welkynd Stone Room A copy of the room that holds the Great Welkynd Stone of Miscarcand, although the Great Welkynd Stone is actually contained in a chest.
XXXRANDOMCave01 0003E2D4 Bleak Flats Cave Several liches who are hostile towards each other lead up to a bed roll a pair of doeskin shoes and a treasure chest.
zClothesTest 000231A1 Two NPCs named Boromir and Brooke reside here, Nothing else of interest.