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Weynon House
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Weynon Priory
Weynon Priory House

Weynon House is the main residence of Weynon Priory. It is situated in between the chapel and lodge. It is the sole residence of Jauffre, Prior Maborel, and Brother Piner. It consists of only one zone, Weynon House.


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Weynon HouseEdit

Looking across from the east wing
The secret room

As you enter through the front door, going to the table on your left will yield one apple, a copy of A Life of Uriel Septim VII, three crumpled pieces of paper, and a letter. Prior Maborel sits here from 12pm til 12am. The shelf on the right holds three bottles of mead, while on the left are a table with assorted foodstuffs, a basket with two heads of lettuce, and two cabinets, one containing food, the other containing drinks.

Up the staircase to the west wing, there are four beds, three of which you can sleep in. Brother Piner, and Prior Maborel sleep here every night at 12am. You can find two white monk robes here. The four promising looking chests contain only clutter.

As soon as you enter the east wing, two carrots, three pears, and three heads of garlic are on the shelf directly to your left. On the table are two dryad saddle polypore caps in a bowl. On another table are three more heads of garlic, and a copy of Trials of St. Alessia. The shelf on your right, as well as the bookstand have assorted books on them including On Morrowind, and Thief of Virtue. Also on the shelf is a novice set of alchemy apparatus. Next to the shelf is Jauffre's chest, which contains assorted steel weapons, assorted iron and leather armor, assorted potions, and a scroll of shock.

The secret room holds a copy of Ten Commands: Nine Divines on the small table, while on the floor is a monk robe. There are two chests of drawers containing clothing, on top of which is a bronze necklace, and at the other end of the room is a cupboard, also containing clothing.


  • After completing Deliver the Amulet, Jauffre will unlock his supply chest which holds a variety of light and heavy armor, weapons, potions, and scrolls, allowing you to take anything you wish. This chest will not reset with new contents, so you can safely store items there.
  • After completing Weynon Priory, the broken chest in the secret room is safe for storage.
  • Due to Jauffre reading books, you might not find all the books as they are moved to his inventory.
  • The design of Weynon House is based on that of the Prior's Lodging at Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk, UK.