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Anaxes (RefID: 0004669E)
(lore page)
Location Paradise, Lair of Anaxes
Species Xivilai Soul LeveledL:+0
Level PC+0 Type Daedra
RefID 0004669E BaseID 0005E1DC
  • 15+(lvl/2) pts melee, unarmed
  • Dispel OtherDispel 30pts on Target
  • Heat BlastFire Damage 70pts on Target
  • Lightning GraspShock Damage 45pts on Touch
  • Lightning SurgeShock Damage 80pts on Touch
  • GuardShield 30pts for 30sec on Self
Other Information
Health 12×lvl Magicka 8×lvl
Respons. 0 Aggress. 20
Faction(s) Daedra monsters in the caves
Anaxes emerges from his prison

Anaxes is one of the Xivilai who can be found in Mankar Camoran's Paradise. He is the lord of the Savage Garden. Because he is the worst of their tormentors, the inhabitants of Paradise have tricked him and trapped him in his cave. Though his master, Kathutet, personally believes that Anaxes deserves his humiliation, he cannot allow it to continue and tells you to free Anaxes so that he can continue the torment of the inhabitants of Paradise.

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