Shivering:Interior Test Cells

Shivering Isles: Places

These locations cannot be accessed in-game except through console commands. Many are empty, or unnamed. See also Oblivion:Interior Test Cells.

EditorID FormID Name Description
SEGatesOfMadness 000524AB (none) Empty.
SEHighcross 000411F2 Dummy cell for getInCell Empty.
SENS 00096626 (none) Empty.
SENSDementiaGraveyardCrypt 0005053F Crypt Resembles a chapel undercroft from Cyrodiil.
SENSPrison 0004574F Prison Test Empty.
SEOrderPriestHolding 00046ECa (none) Filled with copies of Priests of Order, and Jyggalag.
SETheFringeofGatesofMadness 0004FC66 (none) Empty.
SETheFringeofGatesofMadnessOrdered 0004FC67 (none) Empty, although this cell has a floor unlike most empty cells.
SEVitharn 00017474 Dummy Cell Empty, with water.
SEWaitingRoom 000133A6 The Waiting Room Haskill's editor cell. Also located there is the unused NPC Juggler, as well as many Oddities and test items.
TestClaraSE 0007A8A1 (none) An empty open ruin room layout similar to the Chamber of Avarice in the quest Baiting the Trap. The mini room separated by chain fencing contains a gap allowing access to the room below.
TestJbrowneXPGloomstone04 000793A6 The Fountainhead, Nursery Of Delerium Seems similar to the Fountainhead areas, with Priests of Order holding Shards of Order. Could be a cut area.
TestJoel 0006B433 Plane of the Unifrykke An open area with a test Fanatic and Vitharn Soldier as well as a table with various notes from Ebrocca and other books.
TestMeganSE 0004382A SE Settlement Interiors Just a bunch of house interiors. Has doors that lead to itself.
TestRootCave 000112EB (none) A root cave system for testing root doors, twisted roots, and various traps associated with root caves. At the start of this area is a table with the ingredients of the plants found in this zone, with the exception of a bone shard. The twisted roots only have a pull pod on the opposite side of the starting area so tcl must be used to make progress. The area contains 6 Flame Stalk plants, 4 Rot Scale plants, 9 Screaming Maw plants, 3 Thorn Hook plants, 2 Watcher's Eye plants, and 14 Root Stalk plants. A Hollowed Amber Limb and a Hollowed Amber Stump can be found here and a non-functional door is located at the end.
TestSERobert 000112EB (none) A very large ruin that has standard dungeon set pieces but is otherwise empty with some root passages that mostly lead to nowhere. Buttons and Metal Gates do not function and some areas are closed off. One room guarded by a metal gate leads to three treasure chests. One root passage leads to a room where a madness ore deposit can be found along with rocks that have missing meshes. A lot of floating fires can be found, along with some objects. A Heavy Iron Gate leads a room with a scene with falling rocks on top of a dead orc captive surrounded by bones.
TestSERobert4Mark 00080646 (none) An empty ruin area with two rock falling events.
TestSERobertDoorsSwitches 00041ADF (none) An open ruin area designed to test switches and doors. The buttons and metals do not function.
TestSERyan 0005985E (none) A ruin room that has two rivers(one teal and the other orange) flowing through them similar to the wellspring in the quest The Helpless Army. A torch sits next to the orange river and A smoked baliwog leg lies on the table. In the back of the room lies a cave-in alcove with an extension of the teal river running through it.
XPBrellach 0008EFA1 Dummy Cell Empty.
XPBrellach03Extra 0001033C Brellach An empty Ayleid Ruin with two non-functional doors.
XPCylarne 00018DB4 Dummy Cell Empty.
XPGardens 00019D44 Dummy Cell Empty.
XPHowlingHalls04 00010347 The Howling Halls Empty.
XPHowlingHalls05 0001034B The Howling Halls Empty.
XPPinnacle 0008EFA0 Dummy Cell Empty.
XPPinnacleRock03Extra Pinnacle Rock Same as 'XPBrellach03Extra.'
XPPrisonTest01 00044D1A Prison Test A small ruin with a non-functional door and three smaller rooms that serve as jail cells. Only one bedroll can be used to sleep in, as the other two are owned. Resting here will not clear any bounties. There are various bits of clutter, furniture, three containers, and a evidence chest found here.
XPTestJeffB 0004383F Xedilian Split into several sections. Inhabited mainly with Grummites.
XPTestMikeR 00040520 Test Cell of Endless Suffering Ruin / Cave combination with test NPCs and traps.
XPVitharn 0007EAFF Dummy Cell Empty.
XPVitharn05 00010338 Dummy Cell Empty.
XPXaselm05 00010333 Xaselm Empty.
XPXeddefen 00080695 Xeddefen Dummy Cell Empty.
XPXedilian03 0001036C Xedilian Empty.
XPXirethard04 00010331 Xirethard Empty.
XPXirethard05 0001035A Xirethard Empty.