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Morrowind:Black Lichen

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Black Lichen
Black Lichen
Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Strength Drain Strength
2nd Resist Frost Resist Frost
3rd Drain Speed Drain Speed
4th Cure Poison Cure Poison
# Samples 22
Plant Black Lichen  % 70
# Plants 25
Black Lichen
Black Lichen

"Black lichen is a hardy primitive plant that grows in the harsh conditions of the Ashlands, Red Mountain, Molag Amur, and Azura's Coast."

Black Lichen is a somewhat rare ingredient that grows on rocks in various locations. Black Lichen is also one of only two ingredients in vanilla Morrowind which can be used to create Resist Frost potions, the other ingredient being Fire Salts. The Bloodmoon expansion adds five other ingredients with a Resist Frost effect.



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