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# of Zones 1
Almsivi Intervention Molag Mar
Divine Intervention Wolverine Hall
NPC, Undead
Console Location Code(s)
Azura's Coast, [15,-10]
The entrance to Mawia

Mawia is a Velothi tower on a small island just off the coast southeast of Molag Mar.

The undead that occupy Mawia and the loot that can be found here are leveled. At the bottom of a stair near the entrance is a dead body that also contains leveled items. On the top floor lives Delvam Andarys (the target of a Temple quest), who holds the unique shortsword Shimsil. Delvam Andarys' property includes several books—among them Vampires of Vvardenfell, v II—lots of alchemy ingredients, two dead skeletons with leveled loot, and a creepy necromantic altar.


  • The chests in the storage area on the second story both contain a "random excellent melee weapon" piece of loot in addition to the magical item, gold, and gems. At a player-character level of 18 or greater, they can contain any daedric melee weapon. See The Leveled Loot page for more information.

Related QuestsEdit


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Delvam Andarys   Dark Elf Sorcerer House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 14 111 162 0 100


Mawia, interior