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Sedris Omalen (sedris omalen)
Home Town Maar Gan
Store Maar Gan Outpost
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 9 Class Priest Service
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Gold 200 Mercantile Novice (10)
Spells Illusion SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 68 Magicka 102
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Redoran Retainer(Retainer)
Sedris Omalen

Sedris Omalen is a Dark Elf priestess who serves at the Outpost in Maar Gan. There she sells ingredients, potions, spells, and spellmaking services to all who need them. Sedris is a restocking vendor for the following ingredients: Alit Hide, Black Lichen, Corkbulb Root, Hackle-Lo Leaf, and Saltrice.


Sedris has the following spells available for sale:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Rally Beast 2 Rally Creature Rally Creature 5 pts for 30s on Target
Rallying Touch 2 Rally Humanoid Rally Humanoid 5 pts for 30s on Touch
Detect Creature 19 Detect Animal Detect Animal 50-150 pts for 5s on Self
Mark 18 Mark Mark on Self
Righteousness 4 Absorb Health Absorb Health 10 pts on Touch
Blood Gift 38 Fortify Health Fortify Health 10-40 pts for 30s on Self
Fortitude 30 Fortify Endurance Fortify Endurance 10 pts for 60s on Self
Nimbleness 30 Fortify Agility Fortify Agility 10 pts for 60s on Self
Powerwell 38 Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka 5-20 pts for 60s on Self
Rest of St. Merris 6 Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue 1-10 pts for 20s on Self
Seryn's Blessing 20 Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease 20 pts for 10s on Self
Wisdom 30 Fortify Intelligence Fortify Intelligence 10 pts for 60s on Self



  • Sedris Omalen is a part of the Omalen family, which has their own ancestral tomb.