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Morrowind:Halit Mine

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Halit Mine
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# of Zones 1
Mine Type Glass
# of Samples 3 loose
16 in rocks
30 in crates
2-5 held by miners
Miners, Imperial Guards
Console Location Code(s)
Halit Mine
Ashlands, [4,5]
Halit Mine

Halit Mine is a well-staffed glass mine northeast of Ghostgate.

The riches of this mine explains it being in drift, despite the dangers of Red Mountain's Ash Creatures and Blight from Ash Storms.

Stealing the glass deposits might be tempting, but watch out for the guards. There's not much else in terms of valuables here.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Bredasu Gilaram Female Dark Elf Miner 7 93 90 90 30
Dartis Dreleth Male Dark Elf Miner 5 82 86 90 30
Dolmesa Sarano Female Dark Elf Battlemage 14 101 158 90 85
Falam Hlaalu Male Dark Elf Miner 7 98 90 90 30
Feralea Ramori Female Dark Elf Archer 11 105 96 90 30
Llevel Seri Male Dark Elf Miner 10 122 94 90 30
Mevrenea Aryon Female Dark Elf Miner 4 69 84 90 30
Velyn Farethan Male Dark Elf Miner 6 90 88 90 30
  • 4 Imperial Guards


  • Surprisingly, the Dunmer battlemage Dolmesa Sarano's fight value is 85. She is located at the northwest end of the mine near the lava and, because of this high fight value, will likely attack you as soon as she sees you in this area.


Map of Halit Mine