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A depiction of Marukh[nb 2]
Race Imga Gender Male
Died 1st Era

The Prophet Marukh (sometimes spelled Maruhk; also called Marukh the Seer,[1] the Prophet-Most-Simian, and Monkey Prophet Maruhk)[2] was a First Era Imga prophet who rose to prominence during the Camoran Dynasty and became especially esteemed among the peoples of Alessian Cyrodiil. Marukh's teachings sparked the massive cultural and spiritual movement known as the Alessian Order, a theocracy that transformed the Empire and the continent. He also wrote the Alessian Doctrines, which provided the basis of law during the Order's rule of the Alessian Empire.[3][4] Marukh is credited with the credo "all are guilty until they have proven themselves innocent", which went on to become the basis for the Tamrielic legal system.[5]

Marukh's teachings both brought identity to Cyrodiil, codifying the pantheon most civilized Tamriellians worship to this day, and brought conflict due to the more severe strictures he espoused. His teachings began to question the validity of Elven rule after speaking to the "Enlightened One", Saint Alessia, in a vision. These sentiments led to an increasingly abstract and unknowable depiction of a Single God.[6] They heavily influenced the Alessian Order and their secret sect, the Marukhati Selective. The priesthood of Marukh saw no difference between spiritual and political matters. This was the religion of the Alessian Empire, and it taught that to resist the Emperor was to resist the Gods.[7]

As Marukh's teachings began to spread, hostility grew between Camoran Dynasty and the Empire. One of Marukh's chief supporters, the Nordic High King, Borgas, traveled to Cyrodiil to urge a joint war against the Bosmer, but fell victim of Valenwood's infamous Wild Hunt. This ultimately led to the eventual dissolution of the Alessian Reform of Marukh in Valenwood.[8]


  • The Bretons of the Iliac Bay celebrate Marukh's Day on the 9th of Second Seed. It is a solemn holiday, as befits the equally solemn prophet.[9]
  • ^  Marukh is depicted as ressembling a gorilla in concept art and is frequently referred to as a "monkey" or "ape", with no other sources assigning him a race.[10][4][UOL 1] The only known intelligent race that could be thus described is the Imga of Valenwood.
  • ^  This image comes from concept art of a pamphlet cover, originally seen on a wall in Bethesda's office.
  • "Marukh's Abyss" is a possible portal to Oblivion.[11]

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