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"Serpent" redirects here. This article is about the creature. For the constellation, see The Serpent.

A giant snake (ESO)

Snakes (also known as serpents) are a species of limbless reptile found across Tamriel, with most often being seen slithering in grass. However, some species are much larger and dangerous than others. Snake charmers keep them as pets, training them to dance to their music. They can be hunted for their meat.

Uses and CultureEdit


The Mabrigash Tribe of Ashlanders worship the Ghost Snake, the spirit of a giant snake which protects the Vale of the Ghost Snake in eastern Deshaan. The Ghost Snake is an entity of duality, and believes everything has an opposite. The spirit himself has a second side known as the Shadow Snake, a hostile spirit who attacks those who come to the Ghost Snake in order to test their worth. According to the Ghost Snake's faithful, there are eight sacred aspects of the Ghost Snake: Serpent, Darkness, Devourer, Dreamer, Silence, Light, Death, and Rebirth. Each contains a truth, a lie, and a mystery that entwines upon itself, forever undulating like the coils of the great serpent.[1]


Some Redguards worship Satakal the Worldskin, also called the Serpent God[2] and the World-Snake,[3] and is the Yokudan god of everything. To the Yokudans, Satak is the Snake who came Before. All the worlds to come rested in the glimmering scales of Satak. The world is the egg that Satakal laid, and the egg that in time Satakal shall eat.[4] There was nothing except Satak; nothing else had the space to exist. The worlds on Satak's skin put out a call to be saved, and they were heard by Akel, the Hungry Stomach of Satak. Akel made itself known, and Satak gave into hunger and began eating. Soon there was enough room to live in the worlds and things began in this violent time. Pretty soon Akel caused Satak to bite its own heart, and Satak died. The hunger, though, refused to stop, even in death, and so the First Serpent shed its skin to begin anew. As the old world died, Satakal began.

The Redguards of the Satakalaam region observe the Serpent's Dance on the 3rd of Sun's Dusk, an old holiday that was once in honor of a Serpent God but nowadays is a day of grand celebration with street festivals. The significance of the date has since been lost to Serpent Priests.[5][6]

Makela Leki's sword, originally forged by Tansal had a serpent's crest on it.[7]


In Nordic iconography, Orkey is represented by a snake.[8]


The Maormer of Pyandonea practice a powerful form of snake magic. With this, they have tamed the sea serpents of their island for use as steeds and warbeasts.[9] The Maormer run pearl farms and in order to produce Black Eltheric Pearls, they insert snake scales into Pyandonean Snap-Mussels.[10]


In the Reachfolk culture the Serpent Constellation is known as the Snake in the Stars, which is often shortened to the Snake. It is also occasionally referred to as the Enemy and the Corrupter. The Serpent is the enemy of the Reach Guardians. Reachfolk believe that if permitted, Snake would consume all the Lesser Stars without hesitation.[11] One of the Reachfolk glyphs depict the snake.[12]


  • Argonian Feather-Serpent - A type of serpent from Black Marsh. The soldier Attrebus nearly lost a leg to one.[13]
  • Balmora Constrictor - An emerald-scaled snake from Balmora.
  • Danswyrm Viper - A type of snake native to Skyrim.[14]
  • Gorgon Snake - Also known as a Medusa Snake,[15]:131 they are a type of snake severed from a gorgon and used as an alchemy ingredient in High Rock.[16]
  • Milk Snake[17]
  • Moon-adder - A viper from Black Marsh. Its venom is fatal to most beings; Argonians, however, are resistant to it, and occasionally seek it out as an ecstasy-providing drug known as daril.[18]
  • Pukta Snake - known to be eaten by Argonians.[19]
  • Reef Viper - Also known as Sea Adders, are large, toothy, hostile ambush predators. They are an invasive species of serpent brought over by the Maormer to Summerset.
  • River-Boa - a species that live in Murkmire and in Valenwood. They are known to mesmerize their prey.[20]
  • Sep Adder - venomous winged snakes most commonly seen with brown scales and crimson eyes. They have many subspecies.
  • Willow Viper - excellent at remaining hidden, and are best left alone.[21]
  • Yath Asp - Huge snakes from Yokuda. Lefthanded Elves used them as pets, livestock and for Yath Asp leather.



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