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A Sep Adder

Sep Adders are venomous winged snakes most commonly seen with brown scales and crimson eyes. While they are commonly seen in southern Hammerfell, particularly on the Hew's Bane peninsula, they have also been witnessed in northern Elsweyr. Despite being winged, the sep adder cannot fly but can use them to glide short distances.[1] They have also been observed to use their wings in threat displays and to shade their heads from the sun.[2] The diet of the sep adder is varied as they have been observed to eat both insects and fish as well as small rodents,[1] they are constantly on the hunt and are capable of pouncing on prey from a great distance. However, they are also edible and are described as being easy to skin and cook, akin to a chicken.[2]

Sep adders are often described as having a mean temperament and short tempers, like badgers in snake-form. However, this has not stopped people from attempting to tame these reptiles as pets.[3] Aside from the common sep adder, there are a few known subspecies; the cobalt sep adder is rarely seen in captivity but is prized among the Hammerfell nobility for its rumored ability to be able to detect poison in drinks and food.[4]. Another variety, the silver-scaled infernal sep adder, is known to inhabit the high altitudes regions of Hammerfell.[5] Some Brassilisk fabricants from the Clockwork City are created in the form of Sep Adders.[6] Reef Vipers are a similarly winged species of snake.

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  • The soldier Attrebus nearly lost a leg to an "Argonian feather-serpent" while in Black Marsh.[7] It is possible this was referring to a jewel-feathered sep adder, with it being a native feathered species of snake tamed by Argonians.[8]