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Lore:Attrebus (soldier)

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Attrebus (In-game appearance)
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 2E 841
Died 2E 864
Stros M'Kai
Resided in Anvil
Imperial City
Nibenay Valley
Appears in Redguard

Attrebus was an Imperial soldier who served under Tiber Septim. Fiercely loyal to his Emperor, he had little patience with people who refused to acknowledge the obvious benefits of the Empire, and often advocated for harsher treatment of subversive elements. The sixth son of a peasant family from the backwoods of Colovia, he ran away from home at sixteen to join the Third Legion mustering in nearby Anvil. The Third was immediately posted to the Imperial City to help put down the Moth Rebellion. The proudest moment of his life was when the Third marched with Tiber Septim's honor guard during his triumphant re-entry into the capital.[1]

Attrebus saw action in every corner of the expanding Empire over the next few years. He was wounded during the storming of Tarak Shan, and nearly lost a leg to an Argonian feather-serpent during the grueling pursuit of Reekee's kidnappers into the depths of Black Marsh in 2E 861. In the sack of Senchal (which is not a part of the official history of the Empire), after the Khajiit had refused to surrender to General Pottreid, Attrebus participated in the wholesale slaughter which followed. They showed no distinction between man, woman, and cubling. He would later claim to have killed thirty of the "catmen" himself. He was among the few who escaped the trap at Black Rocks set by the Aldmeri Dominion. He and the other survivors went on to make up the core of the new Ruby Legion, and Attrebus spent an uneventful year on garrison duty in the Nibenay Valley. His company was then posted to Hammerfell as the personal guard of Lord Amiel Richton, the Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai. By the age of twenty-three, he was already a grizzled veteran.[1] However, he was still no match for Cyrus the Redguard, who defeated Attrebus during the Stros M'Kai Uprising in 2E 864.[2]

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