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A large pearl

Pearls are smooth, round, and lustrous beads that are produced by mollusks. These are highly valued gemstones, either for their aesthetics[1] or their magical properties. Their scarcity makes them a valuable commodity.[1] Because they are a product of a living organism, pearls are unique in the realm of enchantment.[2] The Elves in particular have an immense fascination with pearls, not only for their healing properties but their augmentative powers, as illustrated in Fandamorien's "Treatise on Vigor".[3] Pearls are symbolically associated with the hard shell of clams, which Verita Numida of the Antiquarian Circle believed represented a defensive magical element.[4]

In Morrowind, pearls can be harvested from kollops and in Vvardenfell, they can be found in mass across both Azura's Coast and Sheogorad.[1] The Grummites of the Shivering Isles make unique yellow pearls that are valuable in Tamriel. There was a mage in High Rock that tried to bring grummites to Tamriel and harvest the pearls but his tower was burned to the ground by locals. Some of these pearls were unearthed on the island of Eyevea after its extraction from the Shivering Isles.[5]

Culture and UsesEdit

Pearls are sometimes grounded and used for a variety of reasons. The Order of the Hour use pearl sand to create their weapons and armors.[6] Pearlwater gives a glossy finish to anything it is applied to. Seafarers use it and other types of oceanic byproduct. Pearlwater can be used in protective magics, most notably in an artifact called Syrabane's Ward. The result of the eponymous arch-mage's work in perfecting the art of Mysticism.[4]

Many nobles in the Imperial City's Nobles District like to wear pearls during one of their many soirees.[2] Sometime during Emperor Brazollus Dor's reign in the Second Empire, he hosted the feast of Saint Coellicia and during the fourth course, the people were served a dish called Brazollus' Suprises, simple bread rolls served with butter and cream, and with a mysterious filling different for each guest. As the story goes, one minor squire found his bread filled with pearls the size of grapes.[7]

Eltheric PearlsEdit

Pearls have more history and cultural significance throughout the Eltheric Ocean, and even a portion of it, the Sea of Pearls is indirectly named after them.[8] The Great Eltheric Clam is a creature that can be found near the Thrassian reef and as flashy as its name is, contains a Great Eltheric Pearl. Minstrels and troubadours will sing songs about these clams and sea-dwelling Ehlnofey with hearts made of pearls. In the Antiquarian Circle of the mid-Second Era, the scholar, Reginus Buca believed their mythical origin is a metaphor but his contemporary, Amalien believed they held genuine aurbic power.[2]

Black Eltheric Pearls can be found deep in the ocean and can either occur naturally or come from Maormer pearl farms, where surfpeelers will insert snake scales into Pyandonean Snap-Mussels. Elven myth purports that they were once one of Hermaeus Mora's beady eyes, cut off by Trinimac who scattered them across the ocean. These pearls can be made into a unique and powerful necklace called the Sea-Serpent's Coil.[9]

Nilumin River PearlsEdit

Nilumin River Pearls (known by Aldmer divers as Tears of the Ehlnofey) are special freshwater pearls used by ancient alchemists to ground into powder remedies. Aldhessia healers would wear them as talismans. These pearls were fashioned into a powerful artifact called the Pearls of Ehlnofey, whose pearls shined brightly like sunlight breaking into calm water.[3]

Abyssal PearlsEdit

Abyssal Pearls are large, magically infused pearls fueled by the soul magic[10] of the Sea Sloads, who hail from the underwater kingdom of Ul'vor Kus. The Yaghra, creatures from deep underwater are attracted to these pearls.[10] The Court of Bedlam used these pearls to create abyssal geysers, a magical phenomenon that spurted sea water and summoned creatures from the deep.[11]

Moon PearlsEdit

The Moon Pearls of Rid-Thar-ri'Datta are sacred to the Khajiit of Elsweyr and are often put up for display in the greatest Temples of Two-Moons Dance across the province. A pair of them, which were blessed by the first Mane were kept in the Temple of Seven Riddles, located in the southern hills of Reaper's March. They were lost in an attack on the temple in 2E 582 and considered highly valuable.[12]


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