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Home Settlement Bright-Throat Village
Location Ixtaxh Xanmeer, Alten Meerhleel, Lilmoth, Blackguard Caravan, Wither-Vault, Swallowed Grove, Deepmire, Xul-Thuxis, Root-Whisper Village, The Remnant of Argon
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 15,000
39,959 (While he assists you in the xanmeer/During most of "Missing in Murkmire", "Whispers in the Wood" and "The Swamp and the Serpent"/After exiting the Swallowed Grove/Inside the relic)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Missing in Murkmire
Whispers in the Wood
The Swamp and the Serpent
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Xukas is an Argonian who serves as the Root-Herald of the Bright-Throat Tribe found in Murkmire. He is a local contact of Famia Mercius and sometimes helps her out with her inquiries.

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Sunken TreasureEdit

Gathering HutEdit

While looking for some of Cyrodilic Collections' explorers in the swamps with Famia, she will suggest that you head to the Gathering Hut to see if her friend, Xukas can help.

After finding some clues at the hut, Xukas will arrive.

Famia Mercius: "What's that? Eshraf's journal and another stone? This doesn't look good at all."
<Xukas approaches.>
"Wait. Xukas, is that you?"
Xukas "Sun's blessings, friend-Famia. I hope you did not wait too long."

You can then greet Xukas and introduce yourself to each other.

"Greetings, beeko, and welcome to Murkmire. My name is Xukas. I am wondering, who are you?
Forgive the rushed introduction. I find that trading names and intentions makes for calmer waters. We understand each other, I think."
My name is [PlayerName]. I'm helping Famia investigate a nearby xanmeer.
Then this vakka stone belongs to you, I think. Friend-Famia never tires of poking around in the old hard-nests. I do not know why, but very few dryskin habits make sense to me.
The xanmeers are very dangerous. Do you have a guide?"
Are you volunteering?
"Ha. No.
Truthfully, there is nothing in the xanmeers that interests me. I hope you have a good reason for taking this journey. I should point out that simple greed is not a good reason."
Famia is looking for a treasure called the Kajin-Jat Crystal.
"Ah. This does not surprise me. I hope you will not let her come to harm. Famia is a worthy friend. She honestly tries to do right by the Saxhleel, but her persistence … it often gets her into trouble.
I wish you luck in your expedition."

He can then be asked further questions once you have gotten your orders from Famia.

"Walk softly in the xanmeer, beeko. Our ancestors took great pains to make those places … unpleasant.
Hopefully I will see you and friend-Famia back in Lilmoth before long. With all your limbs intact."
You only gave me your name. Who are you exactly? / You gave me your name, but who are you exactly?
"That is a fair point, and I respect nothing more than honest dealing.
As I said, my name is Xukas—root-herald of the Bright-Throat tribe. I protect the tribe's interests. Some hunt for wamasu, I hunt for truth and fruitful relationships."
The Bright-Throat tribe?
"You have not heard of us? Either you are very new, or I am dragging my tail as a representative.
We are artisans, traders, and guides. Our Hist's roots stretch from Bright-Throat Village north of here to Lilmoth and the coast beyond."
Your Hist?
If you're an Argonian:
If you're not an Argonian:
"Oh, egg-kin, surely you are not so lost that you have forgotten your roots.
All Saxhleel serve a Hist—even those who stray beyond the borders. Their branches protect us and their sap sustains us. Visit Bright-Throat Village sometime. You will see."
"Yes. You might call it a tree. All Saxhleel serve a Hist. Their branches protect us and their sap sustains us. If your path ever takes you to Bright-Throat Village, you will see.
I promise you, Murkmire is much grander than the streets of Lilmoth."
Sorry, what is a Saxhleel?
"Ah—that is what we Argonians call ourselves here in Black Marsh. Saxhleel means people of the root in the swamp-tongue. Trees. Roots. You see?"
Why do you describe Famia as persistent?
"Ah. Perhaps eager is a better word?
Most people who visit Black Marsh believe we Saxhleel are uncultured children at best, or fish-brained savages at worst. Famia, however, appreciates our culture … in her way. Sometimes too much."
How can someone appreciate your culture too much?
"She risks her life to recover antiquities we do not want or need. Her dedication is touching? I guess.
I keep telling her that we would rather have fresh slugs and sturdy tools, but no snake can slither backwards. She does what she does. So it goes."
If you're an Argonian:
If you're not an Argonian:
You don't think these relics are worth recovering? Aren't they part of our history?
"History? Yes, I guess so. But history is dead and gone, beeko. Right?
I call many round-tongues friend, but even the best of them, in their deep-hearts, think we are fools for letting our stone houses sink into the mud. We call it shunatei."
"Fear of death. Fear of forgetting.
Dryskins build their great cities—setting every brick with care. But before long, a war, or a storm, or groundquake breaks it apart, and they are left with ruins just like ours. Square caves where monsters live."
Nothing lasts forever.
"Exactly. To act like it does is pride, foolishness, or both."
You don't want anything at all from the xanmeers?
"I would not say that. Some xanmeers contain powerful relics or cursed antiquities. We can't have that sort of thing floating around.
It takes some doing, but typically we can recover items like that without a fight."
What if you can't?
"Then there is a fight."
Do you often give these stones to Famia?
"The vakka stones? Sometimes. More often I bring maps, tools, and small gifts.
Friend-Famia brings me things as well. Stories about the items she seeks, mostly. Hair-folk rumors, too. Those are very fine gifts."
Rumors? Are you a spy of some kind?
"I do not know this word—spy.
A root-herald cannot serve their tribe without gathering stories and rumors, but I would not drink from another Saxhleel's gourd when they were not looking. Famia tells only what she wishes to. Friends, you see?"

Ixtaxh XanmeerEdit

After exploring the Xanmeer and encountering the Ixtaxh Voriplasm in the crystal chamber, Xukas will appear and help you out by activating the fire traps to damage the voriplasm.

Xukas: "By the root! Beeko, I'll light the flame traps! Draw the ooze over them!"

Xukas will shout various things during the fight.

Xukas: "I've lit the trap! Drag the monster to it!"
Xukas: "Drag it over here, beeko!"
Xukas: "Look! Another ignites!"
Xukas: "Lure it here, beeko!"
Xukas: "Keep at it! Don't give up!"

Once the voriplasms are dead, poisonous gas will fill the room, causing everyone to run. He warns everyone:

Xukas: "Deadly gas. It fills the xanmeer! Run, now, before you suffocate!"

If you don't make it out in time, Xukas will rescue you and drag you outside the xanmeer, where he will chide you for your sluggishness.

Xukas: "Do not worry, I have you. Perhaps you will not stop for useless relics next time, eh?"

Otherwise he will say:

Xukas: "Up the ladder! Quickly, please."

Once outside, when asked about why he decided to help the expedition group:

"I hope you see now—I do not exaggerate about the xanmeers.
Are you all right? You are not wheezing or leaking blood from your ears. That is something, at least."
I'm fine. Why risk yourself for us?
"A fair question. In truth, I came to rescue Famia. I will admit a certain affection for her. She is kind-hearted and loyal—like a hedge gecko, or one of your tiny bark-dogs. I would not want her to come to harm.
I am glad to see you safe as well."
Is that the only reason?
"Ha. No.
Have a care with that crystal, beeko. If it is truly the Kajin-Jat, you should not let it jangle around in Famia's purse for long."
Why not? What do you know about the Kajin-Jat Crystal?
"I know that, if mishandled, it could lead to something very dangerous.
So, I would appreciate it if Famia stayed safe at home, for a time. It has been many long hours since my last sun-doze, after all, and I try to limit my rescues to one per day."

If you speak to him again:

"Sharp claws and keen eyes, beeko. Until we meet again."

He will then give his farewells before departing into the swamp:

Xukas: "Farewell, everyone. Please, do not make me do this again."

Missing in MurkmireEdit

Alten MeerhleelEdit

After Famia directs you to speak with Xukas at Alten Meerhleel about her missing people. He can be found at a nearby teeba-enoo field, eating some fruit and watching Lozwug yell at the players.

Speaking to him here:

"Ah, sun's blessings, beeko. You come to discuss friend-Famia's missing explorers, yes?"
Yes. What have you discovered?
"Only the scent of conspiracy. But for now, the scent is enough.
The Dragonstar Caravan Company—a dishonest flock of thugs and traders—funnels information to someone outside Lilmoth. Notes on Cyrodilic Collections' business dealings, I think."
Did you get your hands on any of this correspondence?
"Not yet. But that is soon to change.
The Orc, Lozwug, who watches my egg-kin play teeba-enoo—he serves the Dragonstar Caravan Company. A courier, I think. He carries a letter filled with his trade-kin's secrets. With your help, I will take it."
How can I help?
"I do not need to convince you? That is good, if a little disconcerting.
Lozwug shows loud, obnoxious interest in our game, teeba-enoo. Ask him to explain the rules. While he growls and rants, I will take the letter from his pocket. Simple, I think."
All right, I'll ask Lozwug about the game.

After agreeing to distract Lozwug, Xukas will say this when spoken to again:

"Keeping Lozwug's attention will not be difficult. He is desperate to unload his belly-aches on someone. The hard part will be trying not to laugh, I think."

Once you have successfully distracted Lozwug, you can ask Xukas about the correspondence he retrieved.

"Very well done. You must be half river-boa, beeko. Lozwug looked hypnotized! No … no, I give you too much credit. He has a brain like a bone-trout.
But my tongue wanders, let me read this. Oh. This is …. Yes, this may rattle the cattails."
What does it say?
"It is not just notes on business dealings. It is a description … of friend-Famia. Where she walks, who she speaks with, what she eats, and so on.
I had no idea she ate so many snails."
So the Dragonstar Caravan Company has been spying on Famia?
"On Famia and her explorer-kin also, I think. We cannot be sure, though. Simple Lozwug carried only this letter.
I know a place where more information can be found, but you will have to go alone."
What is this place?
"The Dragonstar depot in Lilmoth. I leased them the land. They were very pleased … until it sunk. Now they slop around in there like angry mud-moles. No one is welcome. Least of all me.
If you sneak into the depot, you may find more clues."
All right, I'll search the depot for more clues.

Xukas can then be asked further questions about his dealings with the Dragonstar Caravan Company and notes on the depot itself.

"I should tell you—the Dragonstar dryskins are not overfond of uninvited guests. If they see you, they will probably shout, or ring bells, or run in silly circles. So be cautious.
And please try not to kill anyone. It always leads to headaches."
Why are you helping us?
"It is like I said before—I wish to keep friend-Famia safe."
It has nothing to do with the Remnant of Argon?
"Ha. So, you know about the Remnant, too? Some rumors are like willow vipers, beeko—well-hidden and best left alone.
A conversation for another time, I think."
Why can't you sneak into the depot with me? You just pick-pocketed that Orc.
"In the chilly lake we call negotiation, a good reputation is like a sturdy raft. A bad reputation is like a stone tied to your tail. Saxhleel do not drown, but it is very difficult to see at the bottom of a lake.
I am sorry. This is a poor metaphor."
Any tips on infiltrating the depot?
"Yes. As the depot is sinking, the fence up against the swamp is in poor repair. There is a spot near the back of the camp where you can get in, but not out. This may be better than going in the front, yes?
Here. I'll mark the spot on your map."
What happened between you and the Dragonstar Caravan Company, exactly?
"It started with Domitia Nasica. She oversees the Dragonstar Caravan Company's affairs here in Murkmire.
We made a bargain—a land deal. I negotiated in good faith, but she was lazy and inattentive, and so missed key details."
So, she made a poor deal.
She and her trade-kin arrived during the dry season. She told me that they wished to build a trade depot on the fen-island south of Lilmoth. I agreed to lease the land in exchange for the return of some treaties her company acquired years ago."
Why did you want old treaties?
"I paper the walls of my home with evidence of dryskin treachery. That is a joke.
Documents hold power in the ojel world—especially old documents. Taken alone they are mostly worthless. But combined with threat of conflict, they can be useful."
Ojel? What's that?
"Ojel—people who do not speak the root's tongue. A kinder word for outsider. Well … not so kind in some circles. The Dead-Water tribe uses this word like a knife."
All right. So, back to the deal with Domitia. It went bad?
"For Domitia? Yes.
The island flooded, as it always does during the wet-knee season. She grew furious, called me a swindler. Now they throw rocks at me any time I stray near the depot. Luckily, I am very swift and they are very stupid."

Dragonstar StockadeEdit

Xukas will be waiting for you just outside the stockade after you have acquired the dossiers and other clues.

"Success? Do not let my lack of dancing and cheering fool you…I am very impressed. I did not think you would secure the clues we need so quickly.
How did you fare in there?"
If you didn't kill anyone:
If you did kill someone:
I retrieved the clues without killing anyone.
"That is good. Taking a life closes more doors than it opens—a valuable lesson that goes largely unheeded by the Lilmoth ojel and my Naga cousins.
But again, my tongue wanders. We should discuss Famia's lost friends. What did you find?"
I retrieved the clues, but I had to kill someone.
"I see. That is unfortunate, but your honesty is sun on my scales. I will prepare the usual denials and peace offerings. The Dragonstar's anger may cool in time. And if not, the tides will sweep them away eventually.
Now. Famia's missing friends."
I found spy reports. Many of them are addressed to a group called the Blackguards.
"The Blackguards? Kaoc. They are a cruel bunch. Mostly tribeless Nagas and dryskin ojels.
So, the Dragonstar Caravan Company provides spy reports to the Blackguards, then the Blackguards snatch up the explorers when they stray outside the city walls."
I found this unusual weapon, too. Any idea who it belongs to?
"It is Dead-Water make. But a Dead-Water Naga would never give up a weapon willingly.
Perhaps the Blackguards try to abduct Dead-Water warriors, too? I cannot be sure. I have heard nothing, but the Dead-Water tribe never admits weakness."
If the Blackguards are also harassing the Dead-Water tribe, maybe they'd agree to cooperate.

You can then ask him more questions after you receive your task, or simply exit the conversation.

"My doubt-spine quivers, but there is only one way to find out.
I will send word to my Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn. You should return to Famia. Tell her what we discovered and encourage her to stay indoors. She will be safer there, I think."
I saw an Argonian assassinate someone while I was in the depot. Do you know who she is?
"A murder in the heart of Lilmoth? Yes, that would be Jaxsik-Orrn, I think. A kaal—or war-captain—of the Dead-Water tribe. Perhaps she came looking for that weapon you recovered.
Jaxsik and I are good friends. She would never admit it though."
You're good friends with a Dead-Water Naga?
"Yes. Why would I not be?
Things are not so simple here, beeko. Naga warriors kill, and kidnap, and steal, yes—but we are all children of the root. If the Hist wills it, Jaxsik might even kill me eventually. But she will still be my friend."
So even if she's your friend, we should still be wary?
"Oh yes. Definitely.
Like I said, there are no guarantees with the Dead-Water tribe. It is like dealing with one of your stray bark-dogs, I think. Scratch its chin right, it will listen. Scratch its chin wrong, it will rip out your throat."
All right, I'll talk to Famia.

If he is spoken to again, he will mention where you can find him once you have reported to Famia.

"Please let Famia know I will arrange a meeting with the Dead-Water tribe very soon. You should attend, I think. When you are ready to go, meet me at Bright-Throat Village's southern gate.
See you soon, beeko."

Meeting Jaxsik-OrrnEdit

Once you have spoken with Famia and Kassandra, Xukas will be waiting for you at the southern entrance to his village.

"Welcome to my home, beeko. You arrive just in time. I arranged a meeting with my Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn.
She is very proud, so we must use a breeze-light touch. This will be a brief and probably bloody meeting if we do not."
I understand. I told Famia and her benefactor, Kassandra, the plan.
"Kassandra. Yes. You and Famia would have to speak to her, I guess.
I am glad she sees the wisdom in talking to the Dead-Water tribe. Kassandra has many flaws, but stupidity is not among them."
You know her well? What are her flaws?
"You need me to describe them? She wears her flaws like I wear my feathers.
Kassandra is vexu-vit. You would say persnickety, I think? Well, you would probably not say that. That is a very stupid word. But you take my meaning. She is very particular."
How so?
"For Kassandra, all the world is a mess. She loves clean angles, good posture, fitting things snug in tiny boxes ….
It is a very dry way to live, but who am I to judge? She probably thinks I am lazy because I sleep fourteen hours a day."
Thanks for the information. We should get going.

Speaking to him again afterward:

"The meeting point is west of the village, beneath a great cypress. We should go quickly. I do not know how long my Naga friend will wait."

He will then join you as follower while you travel to the meeting place. When you reach the spot, Jaxsik-Orrn will tell him that she does not need help to hunt the Blackguards down and then will disappear.

Afterwards, Xukas can be spoken to:

"So, it is true. The Blackguards take hostages from the Dead-Water tribe as well.
As I said, Jaxsik is very proud, but she would be a valuable ally if we could convince her to let us help. Too bad she runs away, yes? At least we have a lead."
A lead?
"Yes. She said she was hunting a Blackguard even now, right? Did you see how her throat fins spread? How her pupils dilated and her tail stiffened as she turned to leave?
Her prey is very, very close. We only need to follow her."
How do you propose we do that?
"We hunt the hunter.
Scan the swamp for the bent reeds and broken fronds she leaves in her wake. The trail should eventually lead us to friend-Jaxsik and the Blackguard she hunts. Simple, I think!"
All right, stay close.

Xukas then advises you on what to look for while tailing Jaxsik-Orrn:

Xukas: "Crouch down, beeko. Look for bent stalks, torn leaves, or muddy prints. Should be easy. Jaxsik-Orrn rarely sneaks around danger—she goes through it, always."

While tracking Jaxsik-Orrn, Xukas can be asked to help find the trail if it is lost.

"I am right behind you, beeko.
While you focus on the plants, I will focus on the water. Many haj mota and bog-blights lurk beneath. Good for Saxhleel who make wooden legs—not so good for people who want to keep their feet."
I lost the trail. Can you help me look for it?
"Of course. Take a deep breath and let your eyes adjust to the swamp. You will see where Jaxsik went."
All right, I'll clear my mind.

Blackguard EncampmentEdit

When you find Jaxsik-Orrn observing the Blackguard camp, he advises caution saying:

Xukas: "Jaxsik. Approach carefully."

After speaking with Jaxsik-Orrn about her plan. Xukas will also go his own way, preferring to use stealth.

Xukas: "So it's a fight? Hmm. I fight best from the shadows, beeko. I leave the direct approach to you."

Once you have disrupted the camp and freed the prisoners, you can find Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn with Captain Hostia, a captured Blackguard. If you speak with Xukas before speaking with Jaxsik-Orrn about what's going on, he will say:

"It seems my friend, Jaxsik, has been playing with her food. You should speak to her before she does something stupid."

When you have spoken with Jaxsik-Orrn, Xukas will suggest that the prisoner is left alive.

"As always, Jaxsik's beady Naga eyes see only vengeance and mayhem. I see opportunity.
This Blackguard is a survivor. Survivors are useful. If she returns to her sword-kin with tales of what she witnessed here, it could discourage future attacks."
You want to set a kidnapper free?
"Ha. How quickly Jaxsik forgets she is a kidnapper herself.
The Blackguards do not know the Dead-Water tribe as I do. Let this dryskin tell her tale. By sparing one, we terrify one hundred. An ancient tactic, beeko, but very effective."
I want to interrogate the prisoner before I decide anything.

If you speak to him again before interrogating Captain Hostia:

"Be quick in your interrogation. Jaxsik's tail is in a twist. She means to strike this woman dead very, very soon."

After interrogating the prisoner, you are presented with the choice to let Jaxsik-Orrn kill Captain Hostia or let Xukas free her. When Xukas is spoken with:

"So the Blackguards seek the Remnant. That is … unwelcome news. Even so, killing a single bound prisoner will save no lives. Friend-Jaxsik thinks it is justice. It is not.
Release the Blackguard. Spare this one life, and we may save many more."
How can you be sure she won't abduct more people?
"I cannot be sure. But that is no bad thing. Nothing leads to more death than the need for certainty.
You cut down many Blackguards and laid waste to their operation. Let this dryskin describe it to her friends. Then they will know fear."
All right. She goes free. [Hostia lives]
<Xukas frees the Imperial and she runs off>
On second thought ….
<Ends the conversation>

If you let Xukas free Captain Hostia, Jaxsik-Orrn will be annoyed but Xukas can be asked about the Remnant:

"You made the right decision, beeko. Thank you.
So, the ojels have learned about the Remnant of Argon. That is … frustrating."
What is the Remnant of Argon, really?
"Something I cannot discuss. For now.
Return to Famia and tell her this. She is a friend to the Saxhleel, but the Remnant is not some stone cup or golden idol. It is something much greater. And more dangerous."
All right. I'll tell Famia.

On the other hand, if you allowed Jaxsik-Orrn to kill Captain Hostia, Xukas will be annoyed with you, saying:

"I honored our bargain. Friend-Famia's explorers are free.
If you seek more information, speak to Jaxsik. You two have a similar temperament, I think."

Either way, after you have spoken with them about the Remnant, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas speak briefly:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "I hiss with fury. How did these ojel beasts learn about the Remnant?"
Xukas: "We will find out, Jaxsik … provided you do not kill them all."

Before you leave to find Famia, Xukas can be asked about his plans.

"Friend-Famia is waiting for you, I think. Was there something else you needed?"
What will you do now?
"Now that the Blackguards seek the Remnant of Argon? I will return to my tribe and share the bad news.
As the Bright-Throat root-herald, I should have seen this coming. I feel no small amount of shame, beeko."
We defeated these Blackguards easily enough.
"True. But we know nothing about the person who guides them. It is not enough to kill ten spear-ants. You must find the queen, or you stomp and swat forever.
Blackguards number in the hundreds. Jaxsik will disagree, but we cannot kill them all."
Well, do you have a plan on how to find this queen?
"No. This is the season of haste, beeko. With time, I might be able to find the person Jaxsik's prisoner spoke about. But by that point, the Remnant might already be gone. I must get to it first."

Whispers in the WoodEdit

Glade of ChimesEdit

After being asked by Kassandra to speak with Xukas about the Remnant, he can be found at the northern entrance to Bright-Throat Village.

His greeting to you will differ depending on the completion of Empty Nestverify. If it has been completed, he will say the following:

"The brightest, loudest throats croak your name, beeko! This makes it difficult to sleep, but under the circumstances, I think I can forgive you. That business with the egg-tenders was no mid-day wallow.
Now, we have something to discuss, I think."

Otherwise his greeting will be:

needs info
I need to find the Remnant of Argon.
"Of course you do.
This matter of the Remnant … you must understand, it is fragile as a marsh-robin's egg. Even so, I trust your heart, and truthfully, we could use the help. Bright-Throats are negotiators, not warriors. And war is brewing."
Thank you. How should we proceed?
"All answers lie with the Hist. It is just a matter of hearing what it has to say. Chime-Maker Shuvu can help us.
Our Hist speaks through the wind, you see. Its words rustle though the boughs, and our chimes sing out its counsel. Poetic, right?"
Where can I find this Chime-Maker Shuvu?
"Old Shuvu spends his time in the Glade of Chimes, to the west of the village. In my youth, I would spend all my time listening to the chimes. It is a very good place.
If you go there now, I will join you."
All right. Let's find Chime-Maker Shuvu in the Glade of Chimes.

He can then be asked a few questions about the Glade and the Remnant of Argon.

"You will like Chime-Maker Shuvu, I think. Very wise, and very pleasant—like one of your gray-muzzled bark-dogs.
Let's make our way to the Glade."
Do you know much about the Remnant, personally?/Fair enough. What can you tell me about the Remnant?
"The Remnant … it is not a thing known, but a thing felt. Like rain on the shoulders or a brief whiff of cinnamon grass. Difficult to explain to outsiders, I think."
Try me.
"Ha. This is fair.
When I was a hatchling, a very old naheesh elder told me a story about a lost tribe—one that lived far away in houses of stone. She did not speak about the Remnant, but its name swelled in my heart. I do not know why."
Maybe this tribe knows something. Do you have any idea where they went?
"My knowing-tree is barren. Sorry, beeko.
Better to learn these things together, anyway. For you, at least. Just think—If I knew where the Remnant was, I would probably have hidden it by now. Then you would never get to see it!"
Tell me about the Glade of Chimes.
"Is the name not clear? It is a glade. It is full of chimes."
What does it have to do with your Hist?
"Hmm. Some people think that the Hist speaks to us, just as I speak to you. Using words, you see. We call this kuhupwo—the mouth-talk. Very rare, beeko.
Most Hist speak without words. In Bright-Throat Village, the Hist speaks through chime music."

After arriving the Glade and before speaking with Chime-Maker Shuvu, If you speak to him, he says:

"Why do you hesitate? Talk to Old Shuvu.
He will not bite. And even if he did, it would not hurt because he has no teeth."

After speaking to Shuvu he will send you and Xukas to the Wither-Vault to find the sacred chime which will allow the Hist to speak of the Remnant. Xukas is reluctant to go back to the Wither-Vault, saying:

"The Wither-Vault? Seizo …. I would not go there if there was any other way, beeko. I tumbled into it once as a hatchling. I vowed I would never go back.
It is a bad place full of bad things. The perfect place for a sacred chime, right? Ha."'

The Wither-VaultEdit

He will then follow you to the vault, making various comments about the area along the way.

Xukas: "The path to the Remnant bends like an ox-bow. Let's find this chime."
Xukas: "Leaving the Glade always puts rocks in my sandals. Sad, you know? One day the two of us should share some phlegmwine there and just listen."
Xukas: "The swamp grows thick here. A far cry from Lilmoth's mud-puddles, I think."
Xukas: "Oh, Leviathan Pizzle grows across this glade. A very powerful herb, beeko. Remind me to pick some later!"
Xukas: "I cannot imagine the Bright-Throats ever holding territory here. Very little wind, hollow seeds, and poor fishing. Take away our wind, seeds, and fish, and we grow very sour!"

When approaching the vault:

Xukas: "There it is—just up ahead. This place dries up my scales."
Xukas: "No good thing comes from stone. Let's make this quick."
Xukas: "I fear we will find more than the chime inside this vault. Be careful."

While inside the vault, he will walk ahead towards the vault room, then stop shy of entering:

Xukas: "The naheesh elders never speak of this place … not even to me. Stay watchful, beeko."
Xukas: "I hear something. The chimes … they sing without wind. Just ahead. Kaoc, I hate this."

If you speak with him then, he will just say:

"There is still much to do, I think."

After the defeating Wither-Jaw and taking the chimes, Xukas is happy to leave, and runs back to the ladder with you.

Xukas: "Good work, beeko! Let us get back to Bright-Throat Village."

Communing with the HistEdit

Once you arrive back at the Glade, you can overhear Xukas trying to calm Chime-Maker Shuvu down.

Chime-Maker Shuvu: "A beast, nesting in the Wither-Vault? Soiling the chime? My rage-quill is engorged!"
Xukas: "Be calm, old Shuvu. No one wants to see that."

If you speak with him then, he will ask you to be careful with the chime:

"Have a care with that chime, beeko. Remember, it is older than Shuvu, and Shuvu is topee-rajta … you would say, older than dirt, I think?"

If you speak with him before hanging the chime:

"Why do you hesitate? Hang the chime, beeko."

If you speak with him before praying to the chime:

"Something touches my ears, but it is very faint. Focus on that prayer-stone, beeko. I know the Hist has something to tell us."

After you've hung the chime in the Hist Tree and then start praying to it with the stone, the chimes will begin to sound, with Shuvu and Xukas trying to understand them.

Chime-Maker Shuvu: "We seek your guidance and ask the blessing of your song, sap-mother, bough-father. Please, hear our petition and speak the Remnant's truth."
Chime-Maker Shuvu: "I … I hear nothing. A tangle of whispers—nothing more."

<Xukas' head starts to glow as the Hist speaks to him.>

Xukas: "That can't be. Wait. I hear it, Shuvu … I hear it! The Hist sings the Remnant's truth!"
Chime-Maker Shuvu: "Truly? Ha! Ah, little Xukas, I knew you had a chime-maker's heart. Come, tell us what you hear!"

Afterwards, a bemused Xukas will be able to tell you what he heard.

"I am confused. Shuvu is the wisest listener in the tribe. How could he hear nothing when I heard it so clearly?
He is very old. Maybe he just needs his ear-cavity flushed."
I doubt it. What did the chime say about the Remnant of Argon?
""Smoke of stars to see what once was seen, sunless sap to hear what once was heard."
A bramble of words. I appreciate the Hist's poetry, but this is not an ideal time for it, I think."
How will this help us find the Remnant of Argon?
"I do not know. Hopefully Shuvu can teach me how to decipher the words. It will take time, but I will find you if I learn more.
Perhaps friend-Famia could help also? Or Kassandra. They both know the marsh's stone-secrets. They could prove useful."
Kassandra asked me to meet her in Alten Meerhleel. I'll see if she can help.

Before leaving for Alten Meerhleel, he can be spoken to once more.

"Sun light your path, beeko. And keep a sharp eye for snakes—not just the ones without legs.
Too many eyes look for the Remnant. They would know what you know. At the edge of a knife if that is what it takes."

Cyrodilic Collections HeadquartersEdit

Once you have discovered more pieces of the riddle from Jaxsik-Orrn, you can return to the Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters in Lilmoth to find Xukas helping Famia and Jaxsik decipher the Hist's riddle, althought I=it is not going as well as planned.

If you speak to him, he admits the situation as such:

"Ha. You arrive just in time, beeko. Kassandra watches us like an old mother-turtle, Jaxsik paces like a caged wamasu, and poor friend-Famia just tries to make friends ….
And I thought throat-song night at the Lusty Argonian Footman was awkward!"

After giving the information to Famia, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn speak briefly:

Xukas: "The Ree-An-Wo … many strange things stalk the Swallowed Grove, beekos."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Strange or not, Tsojei and I will kill anything that threatens the Remnant. Anything."

After the new information allows Famia to piece together the location being hinted at, if you speak to him, Xukas appears uncharacteristically nervous:

"Did friend-Famia say something about a dream-wallow? Kaoc …. Sorry—do not worry about me. I will be fine. Go speak to Kassandra."

Death and DreamingEdit

Once plans have been made to head to the Swallowed Grove and perform the dream-wallow, Xukas can be asked questions about it.

"Kassandra moves quickly for someone who is usually so … deliberate.
What is the rush? That is what I ask."
Is something wrong?/Is something else bothering you?
"No! I am just not eager to throw myself into another dream-wallow. They dry my eyes and make my belly hurt.
Seeking the words of the Hist in the chimes is all well and good. But dream-wallows are much more dimik. Vivid is the dryskin word?"
What did you experience in your dream-wallow?
"Ugh. I try not to think on it, beeko.
There was a maxeem-urto. A kind of river clam, you would say? It challenged me to a game of riddles. The words all turned to orange mud. In the end, I feasted on him. It was very unsettling."
Do you know anything about the Swallowed Grove?
"I know it is a place that no Argonian in Murkmire would tread willingly. The tree-minders say dream-beasts wander that place. Angry spirits that whisper burning secrets to anyone foolish enough to enter.
I guess we are foolish enough."

Swallowed GroveEdit

Upon reaching the entrance to the Swallowed Grove, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn start hearing whispers, and have the telltale Hist glow around their heads. Everyone else will not hear anything, which will annoy Kassandra.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "What is that?"
Xukas: "Huh? Did you hear something?"
Kassandra: "What are you two talking about?"
Xukas: "I hear … voices. Do you not hear them?"
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry Xukas, no, I hear nothing. Can you describe—?"
Kassandra: "Famia! We haven't the time. If we are this close to the Remnant, others may be as well. Come."

Once you enter the Swallowed Grove, the group will split up during the following conversation:

Kassandra: "All right, we've arrived. What next?"
Xukas: "Something in the grove is linked to the Remnant. It is just a matter of finding it, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "A hunt, then. Good. Whatever speaks to the Remnant here, Tsojei and I will find it."
<Jaxsik-Orrn runs off down the passage.>
Xukas: "And there she goes … She is not wrong. We will cover more ground if we split up. If I see anything, I will find you."
Kassandra: "Very well. You and Famia go ahead. Whiptail and I will follow in a moment."
Famia Mercius: "I hear something … is that creaking? Please say it's not skeletons!"

As you travel down the passage with Famia, you will meet Xukas a short way in. If he is spoken to, he will mention that he will look for you if he finds anything.

"Perhaps I lack Jaxsik's flair for sudden disappearances. This is so. But I am thinking I move swift and silent all the same.
You go on. I will make my way. We will meet if I find anything."

When you enter the main cavern, Xukas will call out to you:

Xukas: "Beeko! Over here! I found something."
<He runs off.>
Xukas: "Deep sap! Can you believe it?"

Speak to him.

"The root bleeds slow and dry, but this is definitely deep sap. We Bright-Throats use this in our dream-wallows. I think this is no coincidence."
Deep sap? I didn't see any Hist trees outside.
"Hist roots stretch very far, beeko. Deep down into the heart of xal-Nirn and out into distant lands.
I cannot say what tribe serves this Hist, but the message is clear. The deep sap is here so we can take it. For your dream-wallow."
Are you sure I'm the one who should undertake the dream-wallow?
"Yes. Many things feel uncertain, but your role pounds like a drum in my mind. The deep sap is for you. The dream-wallow is for you."
How can you be sure?
"With the Hist, some things are certain. I could try to explain it, but this is like trying to explain how to breathe underwater to someone who is not a fish.
I mean no offense. As not-fish go, you are one of the best."

If you speak to him again before leaving:

"You should find friend-Jaxsik. She will have something for you too, I think. The Hist drives her, just as it drives me. Just faster … and with more angry hissing.
Collecting the sap will take some time. I will join you as soon as I am finished."

After you have found Jaxsik-Orrn, and then reach the door to the Dreaming Nest, you and the rest of the group meet back together.

Xukas: "We are here. No one is harmed, I hope?"
Kassandra: "We're fine, thank you."
Kassandra: "Did you find something? You all seem quite … motivated."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms and deep sap. For the dream-wallow. I feel pain in my throat when I say it, but Famia was right."
Famia Mercius: "Why thank you, Jaxsik-Orrn! The inscription on this door … the Dreaming Nest is just through here. I'm certain."
Kassandra: "Then that is where we go."

If you speak with him, he will give you some late advice about the dream-wallow:

"You will face the dream-wallow soon. I hope you did not eat a big meal. Tough on the mind, yes. But tougher on the belly."

The Dreaming NestEdit

When you enter, the group will make their way to the ritual chamber.

Famia Mercius: "Air's a bit thick, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Come. No more delays!"
<The group arrives in the Dreaming Nest chamber.>
Kassandra: "So, this is the Dreaming Nest? Yet another dead end."
Xukas: "There is more here than you think, Kassandra. The dream-wallow will clear the waters. You will see."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Breathe deep, ojel. We will watch over you, but you walk the path alone."

After you have breathed in the smoke, your vision will blur and the vines covering the mural will clear, Xukas will then point you in the right direction:

Xukas: "The mural… it bears the image of [sic] hunting party. What does it say to you?"

If you speak with Xukas then, he will mention that something is working through them for the ritual.

"We… we are being guided to something. I feel it in my frills."

After you have experienced Mateem's memories of Ayleid invaders arriving and attacking their people in the Hunting Party Mural vision, if you speak to him, he will urge you to keep going:

"Hunters hunted …. Hurry, beeko. There is much more to see."

After you have experienced Mateem's memories of the ravaged village, if you speak to him, he will seem like he is in pain.

"Hurry, beeko. My stomach … it churns like a water-wheel. The truth of the Remnant—it must be close!"

Treachery and the AftermathEdit

After you experience the third memory of the creation of the Remnant of Argon and receive the key to finding it, you emerge from the vision to a disturbing scene. Kassandra stands over the prone bodies of Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn with Famia restrained off to the side. Kassandra then announces that the paralytics she has used on you will wear off eventually and then takes the Sap-Speaker's Staff and Famia with her.

When you wake up, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas will be gone, but Xukas can be found outside the chamber, running into the main cave area, beckoning you to follow him.

Xukas: "This way!"

Xukas can then be followed to a rock overhanging a whirlpool which he will dive down into. When you follow him, it leads to the outside where Xukas will be waiting for you.

"Ah, beeko. I am sorry to have left you, but I had to give chase. Kassandra took the staff—a gift of the dream-wallow, and the key to the Remnant of Argon, yes?
I grew too weary, but Jaxsik still chases them like a stiff wind, I think."
Kassandra betrayed us.
"She did. Kassandra seeks to claim the Remnant for herself. I extend the quill of deep surprise. That is a joke.
You saw the Remnant's history—a seed born in blood and sorrow. It cannot belong to Kassandra. We must stop her before it is too late."

The Swamp and the SerpentEdit

Continue speaking with him to devise a plan to catch up to Kassandra.

"Kassandra moves quickly for a lukiul of her age. She has more sap in her than I expected.
Friend-Jaxsik will fight Kassandra and Whiptail alone if she catches them. On any other day, I think she would win. But with this staff …. What should we do?"
I'm going after them.
"Very well, but someone needs to send word of Kassandra's treachery back to Lilmoth and the tribal villages. If she unleashes some ancient power, all should be prepared.
I move swiftly in the rivers. I will find you again once I am finished."
Where can I pick up the trail?
"Jaxsik chases her prey into the Deepmire, northeast of here. It is an old-fear-place, beeko. No Saxhleel hunts there—not even the bravest kaals.
This will not stop Jaxsik. Naga fury makes her strong, but also reckless. She will need your help."
Don't worry. I'll catch up to Jaxsik-Orrn.

You can ask him some questions after accepting the quest.

"Be swift. Friend-Jaxsik would build a ladder to fight the sun if it crossed her. An endearing quality that will someday get her killed.
Hopefully today is not the day."
Can we talk about what just happened?
"Of course, though I am not sure if I can provide any insight. I saw only shadows and heard only whispers.
There was a sap-speaker there, yes? A Saxhleel blessed by the Hist with second-eyes and second-ears. And she gave you her staff, right?"
Right. She said it would guide me to the seed—the Remnant. But we lost it to Kassandra.
"It may still guide us there, beeko. If we are lucky.
We pursue Kassandra, and Kassandra holds the staff. Whether we possess the staff or not, we still find the Remnant. Trust in the sap-speaker. Trust in the Hist."
How can you be so sure about this?
"Belief is not always easy—even for us, who feel the will of the Hist in our hearts.
If you cannot place your trust in the Hist, place your trust in me. This is your path, beeko. I know it."
Where is Famia? Did she leave with Kassandra?
"A very good question. I cannot believe that friend-Famia would betray us too. Maybe she tries to change Kassandra's mind?
I can tell you, beeko. I caught a glimpse of Kassandra's eyes before I succumbed to the gas. She will not change her mind."
And what about Whiptail?
"Gone as well. His soul is shriveled and twisted like a tangle of dry thorns. He plays at being a Naga, but in his heart, he is a monster.
Kassandra has nothing to fear from him, but friend-Famia …. My throat goes dry with worry."
What will happen if Kassandra gets to the Remnant first?
"The sap-speaker said that the souls of her tribe nest inside the Remnant, right? If Kassandra could claim the souls of an entire tribe, she might find some way to rule them, to twist them to serve some dark purpose.
We cannot let that happen."
You don't think the souls would fight back?
"Perhaps. But the result of a fight like that might lead to even more horrors.
A tribe of angry souls, set loose upon a cruel manipulator …. Might they take on an aspect of her cruelty? Or return to the Hist resentful and suspicious? Who can say?"


Once you have tracked down Jaxsik-Orrn in the Deepmire and spoken with her, Xukas will have caught up to you after alerting Lilmoth and the warriors of the Bright-Throat and Dead-Water tribes.

"You look surprised. I told you, I swim like a harpoon-fish. Typically a nap follows, but that will have to wait.
You found Jaxsik. Good. All are warned of Kassandra's treachery. Many Saxhleel come to aid us, but they will arrive too late, I think."
They'll need to be careful. Kassandra made her own allies—the Blackguards.
"So, she was in league with them the whole time? That dries my scales. In small numbers they pose little threat, but with a mind like Kassandra's and the Remnant in hand ….
Maybe Jaxsik already killed them all and I worry without cause?"
I'm afraid not. They're escorting Kassandra somewhere. Jaxsik-Orrn couldn't catch up.
"The village the Hist showed you in the dream-wallow, maybe? Old Shuvu told me of a village in the Deepmire. But to reach it, we must traverse the Snake-Means-Death City—Xul-Thuxis.
I wish it were not so, but we have little choice. Let us go."

At this point, him and Jaxsik-Orrn will become your followers and you must traverse the Deepmire until you reach the entrance to Xul-Thuxis. If you speak to him, he will say.

"My Bright-Throats and the Dead-Water tribe will send warriors to see this Remnant soon, I think. But they will not arrive in time. We must stop Kassandra on our own."

Once you reach the ruins seen during the dream-wallow, he will also recognize them.

Xukas: "The dream-wallow showed you this place, didn't it? A place for proving strength. We will have many chances to show our own, I think."

When you find the entrance to Xul-Thuxis, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas will have a short conversation.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "There is your gate, Xukas. To the Snake-Means-Death City, Xul-Thuxis, and the temple beyond. We challenge the Void here, sword-kin."
Xukas: "It is not so scary if you squint your eyes. Just really narrow your …. No, it is still terrifying."


If you talk to him while inside Xul-Thuxis, you can ask about ruins.

"We should not linger here, beeko. This city hisses with dark intentions, old as the stones. We should look for signs of Kassandra's passage, then leave. Quickly."
What do you know of this place?
"In the old-time, the priests of Sithis called Nothing-Talkers were kings also. Old Shuvu told me of a place where these Nisswo-Kings would make sacrifices to Sithis.
This is that place. A city of shadows and blood. Walk softly."

Shortly after entering the ruins, you and your companions see a Blackguards camp in the distance.

Xukas: "The Blackguards nest in Xul-Thuxis? Are they mad?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Mad or not, Tsojei and I will hack them dead."

Once you have found signs of Kasandra within the Blackguards camp, Jaxsik-Orrn will hear something which will allow you to eavesdrop on the confrontation between Famia and Whiptail.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Quiet. I hear something."
<Looking through a nearby hole in the wall, Famia—who is flanked by two Blackguard Thugs—can be found speaking with Whiptail.>
Famia Mercius: "Get your hands off me! Where is Kassandra?"
Whiptail: "Well, she left you in my capable hands, sweetheart. You made the mistake of not being useful anymore. But don't worry—I've got a use for you."
Famia Mercius: "I'm not going anywhere with you!"
<Famia abruptly runs down the corridor out of sight.>
Whiptail: "Oh! It's a chase then? Good! No fun without a struggle. Get after her, boys! Take her to the sacrificial chamber!"
<Whiptail orders the thugs to chase after her while he saunters slowly behind them.>
Xukas: "Kassandra cannot be far. She hopes to delay us by putting friend-Famia in danger, I think. Xuth. Come. Let's find another way into the deeper ruins."

If he is spoken to after this, he will be very concerned for Famia.

"That Kassandra would use friend-Famia as a lure to trap us. It dries my scales, beeko. Even so, we cannot leave her to die.
Let us hope the river carries us where we need to be. For now, we must make for the Xul-Thuxis temple."

Xul-Thuxis TempleEdit

Upon entering the temple, he says:

Xukas: "The bones of the ancient dead rise in protest. Whiptail should pay for disturbing this sacred place."

A short way into the temple, you will soon catch up to Kassandra, though she will be on the other side of a pool. She will warn you not to follow her if you want to save Famia.

Xukas: "Kassandra!"
Kassandra: "So you made it this far? Impressive."
<She stops walking and faces your group.>
Kassandra: "Alas, you have another engagement. Follow me and Famia dies."
Jaxsik-Orrn "I grind my fangs. The only death that is certain is yours."
Kassandra: "Enough theatrics, Jaxsik-Orrn. The Hist allowed me to acquire this staff. Surely you wouldn't fight the will of the roots."
Jaxsik-Orrn "Now you mock the Hist? I will cut that dry-tongue out of your lying throat!"
Xukas: "Wait! Jaxsik!"
Jaxsik-Orrn "Kassandra!"
<Kassandra runs off and Jaxsik-Orrn dives into the pool to chase after her.>
Xukas: "Wait! Jaxsik!"
Xukas: "Kaoc! You go save friend-Famia from that crazy Naga. I will try to keep Jaxsik alive."
<Xukas dives into the pool after her.>

Hall of MemoriesEdit

Once you have stopped Whiptail and saved Famia, you can catch up to and find him and a disorientated Jaxsik-Orrn in the Hall of Memories up ahead.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Can you not hear it? It … rattles my fangs!"
Xukas: "I do, Jaxsik. But you must breathe."
<He notices you and Famia walking up.>
Xukas: "Ah, beeko. And friend-Famia? Thank the Hist."

He will be happy to see both you and Famia, though.

"You dealt with that snake, Whiptail, yes? Good. My belly churned with worry for friend-Famia—and for you.
We have … less-good news. We used the waterways and nearly caught Kassandra, but she escaped."
What happened?
"We nearly had her. Our claws reached for her throat, but suddenly, Jaxsik cried out and collapsed. I could not find the will to leave her behind.
Like she always says, I have the underbelly of a softshell crab."
What's wrong with her? She seems distressed.
"You would not know it in speaking with her, but Jaxsik is not so cruel as she seems. She feels things very deeply—deeper even than me.
The air in this temple is thick with memories, and she hears them all."
Can she travel? We need to keep moving.
"Yes. She mutters about the tree that guided us—she says it is very close. I do not wish for Kassandra to claim the Remnant, but ….
We must find this dreaming-tree. Haste has profited us very little. We should slow down and listen to the Hist."

You then have an opportunity to ask about the "Dreaming-Tree".

"We should leave this place and find the tree. It will clear the waters, I know it."
What can you tell me about this dreaming tree?
"In the dream-wallow, your other-self dwelt in a village of stone, with a great Hist tree at the center. The Ayleid-elves attacked the village, seeking Argonian souls at first, then the tree's secrets later.
This is the Hist that guides us."
So we're trying to reach that village.
"Yes. The Remnant was born there, and it sleeps there still.
I sense that the Ayleids failed to claim it. But with the power of the Sap-Speaker's staff, Kassandra may succeed."

After speaking with Jaxsik-Orrn, she will abruptly run up the stairs and outside, leaving the rest to follow.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Come! It is this way!"
<Jaxsik-Orrn runs up the stairs. Xukas and Famia start to follow her.>
Xukas: "And there she goes again."
Famia Mercius: "Is she going to be all right?"
Xukas: "Yes, friend-Famia. This is the will of the Hist. You will see, I think."

Root-Whisper VillageEdit

When you enter Root-Whisper Village for the first time, you can overhear him and Famia talk about the dead Hist tree in the middle of the village.

Famia Mercius: "Remarkable! This is the village you saw in your dream-wallow, right?"
Xukas: "Yes. What is left of it, anyway."
Famia Mercius: "Well, I'm no arborist, but there's definitely wrong with that Hist tree. It can't be dead, can it?"
Xukas: "No. But it struggles for wakefulness. It gives everything to the Remnant."
Famia Mercius: "Well, it really is something …."
Xukas: "Yes, it is."

After catching up to Jaxsik-Orrn at the base of the tree, if you speak with him, he will admit to have a feeling similar to deja-vu.

"Strange. I feel as though I am walking through a dream, one I have had many times before. Each time I am called to lead, and each time I die.
I must think on this and try to hear more clearly what the Hist is telling me."

The Remnant of ArgonEdit

Before you leave with Famia to enter the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer, if you speak to him, he will ask you to take care of Famia.

"I am sorry I cannot join you, beeko. My heart was torn at first—but now, standing beneath the tree, I see the task is yours. And friend-Famia's.
Take care of her, and trust in the Hist."

By River and RootEdit

After you and Famia have retrieved the Remnant of Argon and returned to the village, she will ask you to find him and Jaxsik-Orrn. He can be found staring out over a water pool.

"Beeko! You are back! As mud is my mother, it is good to see you.
The lightness in my chest tells me the Remnant is safe, but what of friend-Famia? Or the sick-minded Kassandra?"
Famia is fine, for now. We recovered the Remnant, but I had to kill Kassandra to get it.
"I am sorry to hear that. In the end, I think it was pain that fed her madness. Maybe her spirit will find its way back to the Hist. I hope she finds peace.
But wait—you said friend-Famia is fine, for now? What does that mean?"
Famia is holding the Remnant, but it's taking a toll on her. She wants you to meet her at the tree.
"Famia holds the Remnant of Argon? She should not bear its weight for long. Even with the Hist's guidance and blessing, dry-folk are not suited for carrying things like that.
I will go to meet her soon. You should seek out Jaxsik-Orrn."

If you speak with him again, he will direct you to Jaxsik-Orrn:

"A handful of Dead-Water kaals arrived just before you returned. Friend-Jaxsik is among them.
I think they gather just north of the tree."

The Remnant of ArgonEdit

Once you have spoken with both of them, they will meet up with you and Famia at the base of the Hist tree.

Famia Mercius: "You're here … good. The Hist—it's telling me what we need to do. But we … we have to be quick."
<Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn approach and take their places either side of Famia.>
Xukas: "Breathe, friend-Famia. Just tell us what we need to do?"
Jxsik-Orrn: "She does not look well. Maybe we should—."
Famia Mercius: "No! No … I can do it. You have to touch the Remnant together. All three of you. I promise, you won't … you won't be harmed."
<Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn reach out to the Remnant and wait for you to place your hand upon it.>

After touching the Remnant, the three of you will find yourself in a dream-like jungle. Jaxsik-Orrn will take the lead, walking out into the larger space with him following.

Xukas: "By the Egg … are we inside the Remnant of Argon?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Hmm. Yes. A dream, sealed in amber."
Xukas: "I did not think it would be so … green. So peaceful."
Jaxsik-Orrn:The peace of the grave. This is a place out of season. Sunless. Unchanging. A place for hiding, not for living. We cannot stay here."
Xukas: "Ha. Spoken like a true Dead-Water kaal. Let's look around."

The Spirit GuideEdit

While you look around, you will eventually come across the spirit of Sap-Speaker Kuzei, who explains that the souls of the Root-Whisper tribe have been trapped in the Remnant for too long, and need someone to guide them back to the cycle of rebirth. This means that the chosen guide would stay behind, but both Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas are willing to make the sacrifice.

"So, one of us must remain here to guide these souls to rebirth? Well, my soul has made this journey countless times before. I will probably only have to ask the Hist for directions once or twice.
I joke, of course. I would do this thing gladly."
Is there really no other way?
"You ask me whether the words of an ancient, ghostly Sap-Speaker inside a sacred Hist-relic can be trusted? No, if there was any other way, she would have told us.
I can feel these souls' confusion—their uncertainty. They definitely need my help."
You really feel ready for this?
"Well, I could not have imagined I would pass on like this. And I am sad that I will not have an opportunity to say farewell to my tribe. But when the rains come, you can dance and drink your fill, or you can hide and go thirsty.
I feel no fear."
Do you think Jaxsik-Orrn will approve of you making this sacrifice?
"Knowing what you know of Jaxsik, what do you think?
She will not be happy, at first. Dead-Water warriors dream of death. But in the end, she is a child of the Hist. She will see the wisdom in it. The world still needs wise warriors like Jaxsik-Orrn."

If you speak with him again before telling the Sap-Speaker your choice, he will say:

"Do not keep the sap-speaker waiting, beeko. Tell her I am ready to guide these souls to the next life."
The Raj-KaalEdit

If you agreed with Jaxsik-Orrn's decision to become the Spirit Guide, you can tell the Sap-Speaker you want her to lead the tribe's souls, and the following exchange will occur:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Thank you, Rootmender. I swear on the sap, nothing will keep this tribe from reaching the next life."
<Her body will painlessly burn away, leaving behind her spirit.>
Xukas: "Friend-Jaxsik, I …."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "My laughing-spine quivers. Xukas has no words? Now, I have seen everything. I … I will miss you. My friend."
Xukas: "Finally, she admits it. Too late …."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "I shake my head. You know I will return some day. For now, care for the tree, and guide the Saxhleel who gather there."
<He then walks away and takes the portal to leave from the Remnant.>
Jaxsik-Orrn: "As for you—sword-kin. Fighting at your side has been the greatest honor a kaal could ask for. Thank you, and farewell."
The Root HeraldEdit

If you agreed with his decision to become the Spirit Guide, the following exchange will occur:

Xukas: "Thank you for giving me this honor, beeko. I promise, I will guide the tribe safely to the next life."
<His body will painlessly burn away, leaving behind his spirit.>
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Xukas …."
Xukas: "Ha. You do not club me and drag me away? Do not fear for me, Jaxsik. I guide this tribe, but another will gather beneath the branches. You should lead them."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "I will. And when we meet again, you will see a new village—strong and proud."
Xukas: "It could not hope for a better leader."
<She then walks away and takes the portal to leave from the Remnant.>

If you speak to his spirit before leaving the Remnant, he'll give you a farewell:

"Ah, beeko. I guess this is goodbye. This was fun, right? A little terrifying, but with the Hist's blessing, all ends well.
Please, take care of friend-Famia, and Jaxsik. They are precious to me—just as you are. Farewell, my friend."

The Reawakening of the HistEdit

If you chose Jaxsik-Orrn to be the Spirit Guide, Xukas will return to the waking world with you. After waking up and speaking with Famia, she will hand you the Remnant to give to him for the ritual to reawaken the Hist.

"Welcome back from the dreaming, beeko. The ritual is prepared. All we need now is the Remnant of Argon.
I see you carry its weight with ease. You truly are a friend to the Hist. And to me."
Thank you, Xukas. The Remnant is yours.
"Jaxsik leads these souls to rebirth, but there is much to do here in the waking-world. I will form a new tribe under this tree. We will live with cleverness, yes, but strength also.
One day, Jaxsik will return. We will be here to welcome her home."

You can then stay and witness the rebirth of the Hist and the Root-Whisper tribe.

<He turns to body of Jaxsik-Orrn nestled between the roots while holding the Remnant.>
Xukas: "Go now, Jaxsik-Orrn—daughter and kaal of the Dead-Water tribe. Guide these souls down the river called Rebirth. Lead them into the waiting arms of the Hist."
<He places the Remnant within her hands and turns to the assembled crowd.>
Xukas: "Remember, root-brothers and root-sisters. This is not a ritual of death, but of change."
<Streams of golden light pour out of the Remnant and up into the Hist's branches.>
Xukas: "We do not mourn this loss, but celebrate the souls' reunion with the Hist, and all who have passed before."
<Earth and roots cover her body.>
Xukas: "We bid them safe journey with song, and dance, and frills of joy."
Xukas: "Let the know, as they pass on, that we are the Root-Whisper Tribe! And in this place they will always find a home."
<The crowd cheers and dances. The Hist tree will look much healthier.>

Once the ceremony is completed, he can be spoken to and asked about his plans.

"It is as the sap-speaker said … a miracle.
Thank you, beeko. I name you true-friend to the Root-Whisper tribe. In this place, you are always welcome."
What are you going to do now?
"I will stay here and protect the Hist—help it grow and prosper. Many long seasons may pass, but Jaxsik will find her way back. Hist willing, I will be here to greet her.
Again, you have my ocean-deep gratitude, beeko. You are always welcome here."


When you return to the village at a future time, you can speak with him to see how he and the village are doing.

"Ah, beeko! The Hist improves with every passing moment, as we knew it would."

Video Game TrailerEdit

Xukas narrates the Official Trailer for Murkmire.

"This swamp is full of secrets … buried in the mud … entombed in the ruins … concealed beneath the roots …."
"Murkmire does not give up its secrets easily, outsider."
<Instrumental Sequence>
"The worthy find what they seek. The unworthy, they only find death."
"Tell me, which are you?"