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Type Daedric Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(Azura's Coast)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Anudnabia ca. 2E 582

Anudnabia is a daedric ruin located on the largest off-coast island east of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. The ruins are located on the same island as the city of Sadrith Mora, which is directly west of it. Back in its heyday, it was occupied by the duo, Dorach Gusal, the enchanter and Hilbongard Rolamus of Skyrim, the great weaponsmith. With the magical forge deep in the ruins, they created the legendary warhammer, Skull Crusher.[1]


Back when the Nordic Empire took over Resdayn in the early First Era, the duo took refuge in the Daedric site and built their magical stone forge deep in the ruins. Their greatest creation was the warhammer, Skull Crusher, which was light as a feather, but powerful as its magically hardened. The weapon was put on display for a festival but it was later stolen by thieves.[2]

Hilbongard and Dorach lived in Anudnabia well after the Nords were pushed out of Resdayn and became well-known throughout the region. The two were invited to Mordrin Hanin's wake in Ashurnabitashpi, who died sometime during High King Wulfharth's reign. Many of the guests were killed by Hanin's scheme to poison them, but it is unknown if either Hilbongard or Dorach were among them.[3] As time passed in the First Era, the entrance into Anudnabia's lower halls was sealed by a colossal rockfall and the location of Hilbongard's forge became a mystery ever since. Despite that, the Skull Crusher returned to the forge via a magical will.[1] The only way into the ruins was through the Omaren Ancestral Tomb to the northeast but for anyone that happened upon the ruins, there was no way inside Anudnabia.[4]

During the Blight Outbreak in 3E 427, the Imperial Cult oracle, Lalatia Varian sent an acolyte to retrieve the Skull Crusher and bring it back to the chapter in Castle Ebonheart. With her sight, Varian was able to relay enough information to the acolyte and they managed to locate the ancestral tomb. The acolyte fought their way through the haunted hall and came across an underground cave that led into Anudnabia's inner ruins. By the time they arrived, they fought a flame atronach left there by Dorach to guard the forge and eventually recovered the Skull Crusher.[5]


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