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The Silvenar
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Edhelorn, the Silvenar
Race Bosmer Gender Variable
Resided in Valenwood
Appears in ESO

This article is about the persona. For the place, see Silvenar.

"He's the representative of the People, legally, physically, and emotionally [...] When they're healthy, so is he. When they're mostly female, so is he. When they cry for food or trade or an absence of foreign interference, he feels it too, and makes laws accordingly. In a way, he's a despot, but he's the people's despot."A Dance in Fire

The Silvenar is the Voice of the People for the Bosmer.[1] While often viewed by outsiders as a title for the Bosmer's political representative for foreign affairs, the Silvenar is more than a mere politician. Each person who bears the title is thought of as merely the Silvenar's aspect. The Silvenar represents the Bosmer people legally, physically, and emotionally. He reflects the state of the Bosmer people in his way of thinking, his health, and even his gender. He is inseparably tied to the Bosmeri people, and they to him, making him supernaturally empathic and aware of their concerns.[2] They also believe that he looks after their spirits, as well as their bodies.[3] As the Voice of the People, the Silvenar has many rights which grant him great authority in Valenwood. For one, only the Silvenar can grant foreign building and trade contracts, meaning any foreign power which wishes to build in Valenwood or do business with the Bosmer must deal with the Silvenar first.[2]

No Silvenar can be without a Green Lady. The first Silvenar and Green Lady were said to have a been pilgrims, a childless couple who tended to the Eldest like their own offspring.[4] The Silvenar has a mystical connection with the Green Lady, like with all Bosmer, only much deeper.[5] While the Silvenar represents the civilized nature of the current Bosmer, the Green Lady has the raw physicality and passion of their primal past.[6] If the Silvenar dies, his Green Lady's bestial nature is irrevocably unleashed, and her fury turned on all those involved until she joins him in death.[7] Upon the death of the Silvenar, the new Silvenar officially takes on the title at a wedding.[1] This wedding, which is known as the Handfasting, is an important occasion for the Bosmer which only occurs once in a generation. It is responsible for both anointing and marrying the Silvenar and the Green Lady.[6] Even before the Handfasting, the Silvenar may feel the new identity taking over. For the Silvenar doesn't just represent the will of the Bosmer to outsiders. The Silvenar actually feels the will of the people and acts upon it, and the people likewise can feel the Silvenar's influence and be swayed by it.[1]

At the time of the founding of the Aldmeri Dominion under Queen Ayrenn, the Green Lady and the Silvenar spoke on behalf on the Bosmer.[8] There, on the island of Khenarthi's Roost, the Silvenar was slain by the Maormer. The new Silvenar, Indaenir, was denounced as a Dominion puppet by some, who asserted that the Dominion had "corrupted" sacred Bosmeri rituals.[9] During the Alliance War, the Silvenar was abducted and had to be saved from his captors.[10]

The Silvenar is traditionally protected by a personal guard called the Silvenar's Own Jaqspurs, which consists of Valenwood's most elite long-range archers. The Jaqspurs were disbanded at some point prior to the Second Era, but were reconstituted during the time of the first Aldmeri Dominion.[11]

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  •   The Silvenar seems to be customarily referred to as male, despite supposedly taking on the gender characteristics of the Bosmeri population as a whole.[2][15]

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