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A common rumor from a Bartender

A complete list of Arena's rumors as found across Tamriel, with the exception of Artifact Quest rumors.

General RumorsEdit

A typical General Rumor

Local General RumorsEdit

  • "I do not want to sound paranoid, but I am convinced that our [Ruler's Title] has been possessed by the devil."
  • "Have you heard about the Afterdark Society? Those nonhuman heathen [sic] they meet every night in front of the [temple]."
  • "This [Settlement type] is crawling with undead after dark. Be armed at all times!"
  • "I do not have any proof of this, but you must believe me. I know [Ruler's name] is an imposter. Not only that, [he/she] is a cannibal too."
  • "I heard from a member of the Council of Elders that we will not be at [war/peace] with [Rival Settlement name] for much longer."
  • "A couple of my friends in the know say the [war/peace] talks with [Rival Settlement name] this week did not go very well."
  • "This town is crawling with spies from [Rival Settlement name]. Beware, young [PC race]."
  • "This year's harvest looks like the best ever."
  • "This year's harvest looks great. There should be a lot of celebrating."
  • "The good news is that this year's harvest looks as good as last year's."
  • "It seems this year's harvest is going to be as good as last year's."

Province General RumorsEdit

  • "Rumor has it there is a plague in Skyrim."
  • "My aunt just returned from a little village on the edge of Elsweyr that has been almost completely ravaged by a plague."
  • "The prophet I see tells me that Hammerfell will be decimated by plague early next year."
  • "I heard that some lord in a High Rock village angered his patron spirit this week. The local shaman forsees [sic] a plague over all the province within the month."
  • "They say Morrowind is doomed to wither away from plague and pestilence this year or next. My opinion is good riddance."
  • "There's a physician of some sort in the wilds of Valenwood who found a cure for lycanthropy. Can you imagine? I didn't even know it was a problem."
  • "My prophet says Summurset Isle is doomed to sink beneath the sea. He did not specify when, but it sounded like soon."
  • "Well, they say a plague has been reported in some remote Summurset shore villages. My sources are dubious, so I could not vouch for the truth."
  • "You will not be surprised to hear a plague is ravaging Black Marsh. What else is new, you know?"
  • "Mark my words, [PC race]. The Elder Gods are coming and Black Marsh will burn for its sins."

Artifact-Related General RumorsEdit

  • "Some friends of mine went out searching for the Staff of Magnus, but they disappeared. The fools."
  • "The [Ruler's Title] had a visitor, a foreign scholar tracing the history of Arrovan, the thief who wielded the Skeleton's Key. Apparently, Arrovan stole some stuff from the royal family here in [Settlement name]!"
  • "Some guy was here last week, trying to sell information about the Ring of Phynaster, like we're the sort of fools to believe in such things."

Holiday RumorsEdit

  • "Of course, on [Nearby Date] is [Holiday]. It's [Holiday Description]"
  • "You know [Holiday] is coming up on [Nearby Date]. That's [Holiday Description]"
  • "I can't believe it's time for [Holiday]. You know, that's [Nearby Date], [Holiday Description]"
  • "Well, you must know [Holiday] is coming soon. [Nearby Date], actually. You know, that's [Holiday Description]"
  • "I wasn't here in [Settlement Name] last year for [Holiday], but I should be here on [Nearby Date] this year for [Holiday Description]"

No General Rumors AvailableEdit

  • "Nothing much is going on, as far as I know."
  • "You're probably asking the wrong person. I haven't heard anything interesting."
  • "I'm sure I haven't heard anything you'd care about."
  • "Sorry, I wish I had something to say but I don't."
  • "Well, nothing much is going on, near as I can tell you."
  • "Nothing I can say. [Settlement name]'s been pretty quiet actually."
  • "I'd ask someone else with a better ear."
  • "Just business as usual in [Settlement name], I guess."
  • "There's probably something going on elsewhere in [Province name], but not here in [Settlement name]."
  • "I'll ask around, but I haven't heard anything lately that would interest you."

Work RumorsEdit

A typical work rumor

Inn Quest RumorsEdit

Escorting Rumors

  • "Don't say you heard it from me, but if you go [Direction] and find [Description] called [NPC name], there'll be some work for you. I remember being told this [Description] called [NPC name] was looking for someone tough to protect a relative or something."
  • "You might be interested in this: A [Description] called [NPC name] in some tavern just [Direction] of here needs someone to watch over a friend or a relative, sounds like easy money for a tough [PC race]"
  • "Heard anything about a [Description] called [NPC name]? Not too far away, looking for anyone with experience in escorting. Might mean a pretty hunk of gold."
  • "I don't know the name but someone in a tavern a bit [Direction] of here has been asking around for an escort. Wish I could give you more details, but that's all I know."
  • "Rumor has it there's a [Description] called [NPC name] [Direction] of here, looking for someone to escort some relative or something. Might mean some gold pieces for you if you've got the time."

Delivery Rumors

  • "Now, you didn't hear it from me, but I have a friend, a [Description] called [NPC name] who was here a little while ago, looking for someone to deliver something. I suggest you head [Direction]."
  • "Ever done any delivery work? Well, no matter. There's a [Description] called [NPC name] in a tavern just [Direction] of here. This character isn't very demanding, just needs a bit of help."
  • "I wasn't told any details but there was a [Description] called [NPC name] here earlier, looking for someone to help out with an odd job. You ought to check the taverns to [Direction]."
  • "There's a tavern [Direction] of here. I've forgotten the name but apparently, someone is looking for a delivery agent. Might mean a few gold pieces for you, if you're willing."
  • "Listen to me carefully, [PC race]. There's a tavern just [Direction] of here, the name of which escapes me. Look for a [Description] called [NPC name], looking for someone just like you."

Retrieval Rumors

  • "Not far from here, just [Direction] in fact, you'll find a [Description] called [NPC name]. I don't know what needs doing, whether it's legal or not, but I bet it'll pay well."
  • "An acquaintance of mine knows a [Description] named [NPC name] looking for someone willing to get, or steal, something in some Inn to [Direction], if you have any interest."
  • "I was just talking to a [Description] called [NPC name] who was looking for someone to get something. Didn't give any more details than that. You might look [Direction] in the taverns."
  • "The best I can tell you is to head [Direction]. I understand that someone in one of the taverns there has been looking for anyone willing to do a little recovery work. Maybe someone like you."
  • "I don't know if you want to make a couple of gold pieces, but I know there's a [Description] called [NPC name] to [Direction], looking for some help. Needs someone to pick up something."

No Work Rumors AvailableEdit

  • "You're looking for work? Well, that's just what we need. Another destitute [PC race]."
  • "Wish I could help you, friend. Work's hard[sic] to find in [Settlement name]."
  • "Ask around. I'm sure someone's heard about some kind of work."
  • "A healthy [PC race] like you? [Exclamation], it's a shame not to have a profession at your age."
  • "I'd check at the inns, but I haven't heard of any jobs in days."
  • "I haven't heard about any jobs in a while. Sorry."
  • "No money, eh? It's tough to live in [Settlement name] without money."
  • "[Exclamation], another homeless [PC race], looking for work. Just what [Settlement name] needs."
  • "Wish I knew about something, [PC race]. Keep checking around though."
  • "Sorry, I can't help you. I'll keep my eye out for you however."

Quest-Related RumorsEdit

Delivery Quests
  • "Well, I heard [Faction] recently received this [Item] from the [Ruler's title] of [Settlement name 2]. Very mysterious, indeed."
  • "Some of us are trying to make sense of a certain shipment of this [Item] that [Faction] received recently. A few are saying it came from [Ruler's title] of [Settlement name 2], but we all know that's impossible."
  • "The council of [Faction] is furious because it turns out they received and even paid for this forged [Item] from the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement name 2]. I'd hate to see the deliverer once they find him."
  • "The [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement name 2] apparently sent this [Item] to [Faction] here in town. Nobody, except the [Faction] obviously, knows why, and most everyone is concerned."
  • "Apparently some [PC race] smuggler managed to get this [Item] into [Settlement name] from [Settlement name 2], into the hands of [Faction]. I sure hope they work on security in this [Settlement type]."
Escort Quests
  • "Did you know the [Family relation] of [Settlement name 2's Ruler's name] is here in [Settlement name]? Wish I knew why."
  • "Well, you're not the only stranger in [Settlement name]. Apparently, [Settlement name 2's Ruler's name]'s [Family relation] is in the [Settlement type]. Apparently, he/she's sightseeing, but some of us are suspicious."
  • "Guess who I saw in town? [Settlement name 2's Ruler's name]'s [Family relation], [NPC name]! I wonder what he/she's doing in [Settlement name]."
  • "[Settlement name 2's Ruler's name]'s [Family relation] was over at [Location] a little while ago. Someone told me he/she was there with a suspicious-looking [PC race]. Mysterious, eh?"
  • "What do you suppose the [Family relation] of [Settlement name 2's Ruler's name] is doing in [Settlement name]? Sightseeing? I don't think so, but we'll have to wait and see."
Retrieval Quests
  • "Looks like there was a little scandal at the palace. I don't know the details, but, if you can believe, the [Ruler's Title] was nearly deposed because of this misplaced [Item]. Things are back to normal."
  • "I think [Ruler's name]'s on thin ice. Apparently someone discovered this [Item] was missing and made a big deal about it. Luckily, the [Ruler's Title] just produced it. Talk about a ruler with some enemies."
  • "Well, you know half the [Ruler's Title]'s Circle of Elders is dead thanks to some [PC race] who brought this [Item] from [Faction] as proof of their complicity to commit treason. Bit of excitement."
  • "Things have calmed down at the palace, thank God. For a while, it looked like the [Ruler's Title] and all the family would be executed all because of this missing [Item]. Luckily it was returned."
  • "Thank God that [Item] was found. [Ruler's name] was nearly executed, hadn't you heard?"
Capture Quests
  • "Did you hear that [NPC name] has escaped from the palace prisons? Apparently he was just about ready to go up for court when he made a run for it. Probably halfway to [Rival Settlement name] by now."
  • "You know that [NPC name] was finally captured, don't you? I guess he's facing execution soon. Can't think of a [NPC class] that deserves it more."
  • "I heard [NPC name] the [NPC class] was just executed for crimes against the state. I think his only crime was beating [Ruler's title] at chess, but that's probably not true."
  • "Well, [NPC name] escaped from the guards on his way to the chopping block. Apparently he's still at large, looking for the [PC race] who captured him. That's one mean [NPC class], I'll tell you."
  • "The [Ruler's name] had that [NPC class] killed, you know, the one that [PC race] captured? I hear [NPC name], that was his name, made some deplorable remarks about the Emperor before he died."
Rescue Quests
  • "Did you know [Faction] kidnapped the [Ruler's Title]'s [Family relation]? he/she's back in [Settlement name] now, but apparently he/she was gone for weeks! Can you believe the [Ruler's Title] kept that a secret?"
  • "Big scandal at the palace, young [PC race]. It seems [Ruler's name]'s [Family relation] had been kidnapped, for weeks maybe, and the [Ruler's Title] did nothing but send some mercenary after him/her. Can you imagine?"
  • "Apparently, the [Ruler's Title]'s [Family relation] is back from the [Dungeon name] some health spa in the country. They say he/she's lost a lot of weight. That's good, I suppose."
  • "Some [PC race] rescued [Ruler's name]'s [Family relation] from some horrible place called the [Dungeon name]. No one in town even realized he/she was gone, let alone kidnapped by [Faction]. Weird, eh?"
  • "Listen to this. The [Ruler's Title]'s [Family Relation] was kidnapped by [Faction] and imprisoned in the [Dungeon name] and what does [Ruler's name] do? Orders some poor, stupid [PC race] kid to get [NPC name] back. The palace's in an uproar."
Monster Slaying Quests
  • "Did you hear that some [PC race] kid killed [Monster name] the [Monster type]? Makes you think anything is possible, doesn't it?"
  • "That [Monster type] that plagued the [Settlement type] is finally dead. We should be dancing in the streets!"
  • "The best huntsmen of the [Ruler's Title] couldn't slay [Monster name] the [Monster type], so [Ruler's name] hired someone who I hear is half [PC race] and half [Monster type] and now the monster's dead! Talk about fighting fire with fire!"
  • "Have you heard about the [PC race] that killed [Monster name] the [monster type]? Apparently this [PC race] was really a demigod, and sprouted wings and flew away! I have it on good authority."
  • "Everyone in town is celebrating the death of [Monster name]. We owe it all to a mysterious [PC race] who didn't even leave a name. Well, we'll never forget him."

Bartender RumorsEdit

A common response when asking a Bartender for rumors

Bartenders have standard General Rumors but unique work rumors leading the player to Palace Quests instead of Inn Quests.

Palace Quest Work RumorsEdit

Delivery Quests
  • "Listen, friend, some of the [Ruler's Title]'s men are regulars in here and they was talking about something going on at the palace. Seems like they was whispering something about [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] looking for a mercenary to do a delivery job for [Him/Her]. Maybe [He/She]'ll be interested in hiring you, [PC Race]. I'd at least go to the palace and see."
  • "Well, if my buddies are reliable, and they always is, there might be a job made for you up the road a ways. It's a delivery job, you know, but not just any delivery job. It's for the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name], no less. If I were you, I'd go to the palace and see if [He/She]'s interested in your expertise. "
  • "You bet I've heard something. Don't breath [sic] a word about this, [PC Race], but [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s looking for a tough character just like you up at the palace. I heard about it from one of the guards. Don't know what it's all about, but I bet it'll be worth your while, you know what I mean?"
  • "Well, I've heard a rumor that [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] is looking for a tough [PC Race] like you to… well, you'll have to go and see. I can't say any more as a patriotic [Settlement Name] citizen except you should go to the palace and inquire. As soon as possible."
  • "I have a good friend over at the palace who told me to keep an eye out for tough-looking adventurers who know how to keep their mouths shut. All I can tell you is if you go to the palace today, and the [Ruler's Title] likes you, you've got a lucrative little job possibility. Regardless, we've never had this conversation, right?"
Retrieval Quests
  • "Well, you can always check the palace. The [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name] is always looking for someone to pick up something from this town and bring it to another, and then take these two things in exchange for another in some little village. Colossal waste of time, of course, but pretty profitable for the right adventurer. Maybe you'd like it?"
  • "Oh, I'd go to the palace if I were you. You know, seek an audience with [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]. If [He/She] likes you, [He/She]'ll find something for you to do."
  • "Do I know a job for you, young [PC Race]? I can't tell you all the details, but suffice it to say, [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s really screwed up. I'm pretty sure [He/She]'s lost something that belongs to the [Settlement Type], to be honest, I'm not sure what, but [He/She] needs someone to get it back. Trust me, [He/She]'ll be happy to see an freelancer in the palace."
  • "The [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name] is in serious trouble. If someone doesn't help [Him/Her], the wickedest people in the palace will take over. I know only a little bit more, but you'll have to go to the [Ruler's Title]'s audience chamber in the palace. It was dangerous for me to tell you as much as I have."
  • "I haven't heard of any positions available in the palace in weeks, The innkeeper shakes his head. You might want to seek an audience with [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] personally at the palace. If that sleazy Circle of Elders will even let you in, that is."
Escort Quests
  • "Well, I can tell you I just waited on a couple mercenaries like yourself who told me [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] up at the palace is definitely looking for someone. Maybe you're more the type. It won't hurt you any to head up to the palace and see, right?"
  • "I think I might have something for you. I know the [Ruler's Title] personally. Grew up with [Him/Her] right here in [Settlement Name]. I remember [He/She]'s looking for someone brave, strong, and trustworthy for a little mission. I can't tell you anything more, but if you get to the palace while [He/She]'s in audience, you'll hear it all."
  • "Well, there's no official word on it from the palace, but the rumor is [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s looking for someone to do something sorta covert for [Him/Her]. Knowing the [Ruler's Title]'s family, I have a few suspicions. You should head up to the palace while [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s in the audience chamber and inquire. But you didn't hear about it from me."
  • "You're a smart [PC Race], ain't you, coming to talk to me about work? You musta [sic] heard I know the ins and outs up at the palace. The [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s looking for an escort to, ah, escort someone, [He/She] is. You look like the strong, trusty type [He/She]'d be interested in. You oughta go to the palace and see the [Ruler's Title]."
  • "Without compromising my friendship with the good [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name], I can't tell you everything I know, but I think [He/She]'s looking for someone who's more than tough, someone who's trustworthy and valorous to act as escort for [Him/Her]. Go to the audience chamber in the palace if you're interested. If you're not, keep your mouth shut."
Capture Quests
  • "Ever heard tale of [Target's Name]? Wickedest [Character Class] in [Province]. Rumor is [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s finally getting mercenaries to hunt him down. If it's true, the [Ruler's Title]'s going to be doing all the hiring at the palace. Fame and fortune, [PC Race]. Better get there while [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s in the audience chamber."
  • "[Exclamation], I've heard about something that might interest you, [PC Race], the barkeep grins. If you want to make a few gold pieces, win the admiration of all [Settlement Name], and bring a very evil [Character Class] to justice, that is. Go to the palace today while the audience chamber's still open and talk to [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]. Tell [Him/Her] I sent you."
  • "Kid, all I can tell you is there's work for you up at the palace if you want it. I wouldn't want it, but I'm not a fighting man. You should know before you go up there, the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s looking for someone to catch the meanest, toughest [Character Class] in [Province]. If you're looking for something easy, don't even apply."
  • "Well, [Exclamation], looking for work, eh, [PC Race]? Well, if you want fame and fortune, and an almost certain chance of being killed in a very unpleasant way, head up to the palace and talk to [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]. I'm being completely serious. If you're really tough, you can't lose."
  • "Well, I've heard something about a manhunt the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s organizing. Rumor has it the [Ruler's Title]'s going after [Target's Name], but I don't believe any money's worth that. Anyhow, you should head over to the palace and find out the story for yourself."
Rescue Quests
  • "I think the [Ruler's Title]'s looking for someone over at the palace. I don't know why, but if [He/She]'s receiving visitors in the audience chamber, [He/She] can tell it all to you."
  • "Okay, kid, listen carefully, he whispers, There's serious trouble up at the palace. No one in the [Settlement Type] knows completely what's going on, but the [Ruler's Title]'s [Family Relation] hasn't been seen in some time and, well, if you're looking to do something, head to the palace and make inquiries; and keep your mouth shut about this place."
  • "Well, there's been a lot of whispering about some scandal in the palace, about the [Ruler's Title]'s [Family Relation]. Everyone knows that where there's a scandal, there's work to be had. If you want to straighten out [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s affairs, get over to the palace and ask [Him/Her] yourself."
  • "I don't know if there's any truth to the rumors that there's trouble up at the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s palace. The innkeeper turns away from his patrons. I don't encourage rumormongering in my inn. But if you want to chase a possible scandal, go seek an audience with the [Ruler's Title]. It can't hurt to check, I suppose."
  • "Looking for work, let me see. [Exclamation], someone was telling me something about the [Ruler's Title] just a minute ago. What was it? I suppose that [He/She] was looking to hire someone for a quest of some kind. Top secret, no doubt. You should go to the palace and talk to [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] yourself. I think [He/She]'ll know what's going on."
Slaying Quests
  • "Well, if I had the money, I'd hire you myself to go kill [Monster Name], that bloody [Monster Type] that feeds on our [Settlement Type] like a bloody leech, The innkeeper breaks a glass in his anger. No one wants to visit [Settlement Name] while that [Monster Type] is around. Tell you what, go volunteer for the [Ruler's Title]'s huntsmen. If you kill [Monster Name], you're not a volunteer, but a hero worthy of rewards beyond the wildest avarice."
  • "Go to the palace and seek audience with [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]. Tell [Him/Her] the bartender at the [Tavern Name] sent you. Tell [Him/Her] I said you were the right kind of [PC Race] to take on [Monster Name]. Have you heard of [Monster Name]? Well, no matter. You're going to get rich on this, kid, and you'll have me to thank."
  • "Do I know about a job for you? The innkeeper snorts unattractively. [Exclamation], I do. Go find the [Monster Type] that ate my fiancee. Well first go to the palace and ask the [Ruler's Title] about [Monster Name]. That's the [Monster Type], not the [Ruler's Title]'s name. Anyhow, ask [Him/Her] the wherebouts [sic] of this monster, and I betcha [He/She]'ll make it worth your while financially."
  • "Have you been up to the palace yet? I've heard [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] is finally getting serious about the [Monster Name] problem. I've heard the [Monster Type] actually attacked the [Ruler's Title]'s daughter while she was having a picnic, so now [He/She]'s angry. Well, be that as it may, you ought to go to the palace and see if you can get a job as a [Monster Type] hunter."
  • "Well, I know for a fact the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s looking for a hunter. For what, you ask? Some sort of [Monster Type] named [Monster Name], if you can believe it. I doubt it even exists, but if it does and you kill it, you'll be bathing in gold pieces for weeks. If I'm right and there's no [Monster Name], at least you can explore the beautiful [Province] countryside."

No Work RumorsEdit

  • "Sorry, I wish I could help you."
  • "I haven't heard of anything to do that you're quite qualified for."
  • "You've come to the wrong tavern. We don't know about any jobs."
  • "No, no one here has heard of a job in weeks."
  • "Work's scarce in [Settlement name]. Keep asking around on the streets."
  • "Ask around the streets. Lots of folk have a better idea than I."
  • "Sometimes the [Ruler's Title] hires adventurers like you, but not lately."
  • "Don't think I can help you, [PC race]."
  • "Sorry, I don't think there's anything available for someone of your talents."
  • "Don't think I can't help you, [PC Race]."
  • "Wish I could help you. You might try just asking people on the streets. Most of us in [Settlement Name] are pretty friendly."