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Joined 18 February 2010

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                                         "He is risen from the depths of madness"

Basic InformationEdit

Feel free to add me on xbox 360 or ps3:

  • Xbox 360 - Pur3 InstinctzZ
  • PS3 - Morgolagg

About MeEdit

  This user is from Great Britain.

My Real Name is Lewis, but since Sheogorath invited me to his realm my mind went mad hence Manic is born. I have Morowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. As far as UESPWiki goes, I have made over 1000 edits and am ranked 58th on the Active Users Page. I am currently the sole person working on redesigning the Mages Guild by adding relevant dialogue and quest information. I have completely redone Hannibal Traven's page as my biggest achievement.

  This user is a Christian.

I have been a Userspace Patroller for over three months and look to further progress. If you need me, feel free to message me on my talk page. My page contains alot of random content, however below in my sandboxes is where I am currently working.

  This user is male.

Feel free to browse them and if you have any new information please post it on the talk page. Please do not edit the pages themselves as they are references that I am currently working on. Thank you.

--Manic 20:34, 11 June 2011 (UTC)


  This user is a Userspace Patroller.

My Sandboxes and LinksEdit

| ! | ? | % | * | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 |17 | 18 | 19 |

Sandbox 14 - Raminus Polus ||||| Sanbox 16 - Hannibal Traven

On the WebEdit

I am the founder of the newly formed GamesRacedAwfully (GRA). GRA is a small niche community of gamers who race games (often terribly) against each other for friendly competition and for fun. Races usually consist of 4-6 participants and are recorded and uploaded to Youtube. Check out our youtube channel, GamesRacedAwfully, if you're interested and see our first uploaded race of Crash Bandicoot, with Spyro and Wolfenstein 3D soon to follow.

Oblivion To Do ListEdit

  • Work on Kud-Ei: Will work on last
  • Complete Earana's Dialogue: Will work on last
  • Add Rumours and Merchant Comments for Jensine: Will work on last
  • Check all Chorrol Citizens: On going - Primary goal, while my time is limited.
  • Complete remaining Mages Guild Quest Dialogue: On going

Mages Guild ProjectEdit

  This user has improved and is still improving the Mages Guild Pages.

  • Carahil
  • Adrienne Berene
  • Delmar
  • Skaleel
  • Denel
  • Irlav Jarol
  • Bothiel
  • Tar-Meena
  • Chorrol Mages Guild
  • Cheydinhal Mages Guild
  • Leyawiin Mages Guild
  • Bruma Mages Guild
  • Bravil Mages Guild
  • Anvil Mages Guild
  • Skingrad Mages Guild
  • The Arcane University

Skyrim To Do ListEdit

  • Whiterun inventory project.
  • Riverwood inventory project. See sandbox 17. - Completed

Major ContributionsEdit

  I am currently involved in OBNPCRP Project.  

Below are the pages that I have produced schedules and dialogue for:

Minor ContributionsEdit

Below are the pages that I have made minor additions to:

Manic's Hall of FameEdit

  1. Legoless - Always answeres my questions
  2. Krusty - Exceptional Administrator
  3. rpeh - Good to work with
  4. S'drassa - My mentor who helped me start from scratch
  5. Mxk101 - Exceptional Userspace patroller
  6. AKB - An exceptional patroller
  7. Dwarfmp - For amazing resilience when fighting against vandals

You can add this userbox to your page if you are listed above.

  This user has been inducted into Manic's Hall of Fame.

My Top Ten NPCSEdit

Greetings: Welcome straight to spot to the crazy and queer Cicero for his amusing dance.

Farewell: Jalbert failed to retain his place, due to his lack of charisma.

70 Things To Do On OblivionEdit

  1. Kill the Adoring Fan in imaginative ways
  2. Frenzy Guards in the Imperial Palace
  3. Duel with my clone
  4. Display rare items of interest in my houses
  5. Get the Giant Mudcrab to chase me
  6. Enjoy the Mages Guild
  7. Annoy the Orum Gang
  8. Fight against impossible odds
  9. Drink beer with goblins
  10. Steal items right infront of Drehdhwn
  11. Assault Sheogorath and blame Haskill
  12. Laugh at Big Head
  13. Watching the Jemane brothers fail in combat
  14. Watching my followers fight over who gets to clean my boots
  15. Stealing the Adoring Fan's dagger and torch, then inspiring him to fight Wraiths
  16. Casually Stealing the Elder Scrolls infront of Blind Priests
  17. Summoning a scamp, then attacking it just to watch the Gray Prince cower in fear to a scamp
  18. Punishing Mage Scholors for disrespecting me when I am Arch-Mage
  19. Punishing Raminus Polus for suspending me from my own guild
  20. Punishing the Mage Apprentices for not taking notes in lectures
  21. Borrowing a book from the Mystic Archives and not returning it
  22. Serving Poisoned Apples to the Dark Brotherhood
  23. Racing the Adoring Fan down Dive Rock
  24. Getting the Adoring Fan to wait in the Council Chambers to make me less lonley in meetings
  25. Giving the Adoring Fan full daedric and watching him dismantle the guards
  26. Killing everyone in the Imperial City and claiming I was under a Command Spell
  27. Wearing little clothing when speaking to Chancellor Ocato
  28. Nudging Ghosts of the Hill of Suicide to watch them die again
  29. Striking Haskill in hope that one day it will register
  30. Stripping off in the Arena
  31. Finding Shady Sam
  32. Staring menacingly at Hieronymus Lex
  33. Ordering my faithful servants to get the ring of burden
  34. Dangling Skooma infront of Faelian
  35. Training my pet unicorn
  36. Drinking plenty of beer before practising spells in the training room
  37. Eating Feldew
  38. Admiring the yellow team champion
  39. Killing helpless fish to please an old fisherman
  40. Mourning the death of M'raaj-Dar
  41. Forcing the Jemane brothers to duel to see who is stronger. (Reynald 2 wins, Guilbert 6 wins)
  42. Risking my life closing Oblivion Gates because Ocato thinks it spoils the scenery
  43. Watching Adventurers get obliterated by the Gatekeeper
  44. When depressed, using the Blackwood ring of silence
  45. Stealing from the rich and giving to the player
  46. Telling on Glathir
  47. Trying to wake Arkved
  48. Playing warhammer tag with Gromm
  49. Trying to reflect daedra banishing on myself so I can document my pain
  50. Kicking ass as Chuck Norris
  51. Killing in the name of Sithis
  52. Racing M'aiq the Liar to Leyawiin and back
  53. Hitting M'aiq the Liar with a drain speed 99 spell when I fall behind
  54. Casually dropping Garlic by Vincente
  55. Chapel diving with Ida
  56. Having fun with Signy Home-Wrecker
  57. Singing with Pirates
  58. Dropping litter infront of Ulrich Leyland and whistling suspiciously
  59. Pushing depressed people off of really high stairs and explaing to the guards it was the wind
  60. Giving Guards excersise by equipping and unequipping the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
  61. Spiking Chancellor Ocato's drinks with Skooma and Feldew. I call it Skeldew
  62. Tresspassing to disturb privacy
  63. Stealing from beggars to make them look poorer
  64. Questioning the ethnicity of the Blue Team Gladiator
  65. Questioning the sexuality of Jayred Ice-Veins
  66. Questioning the authority of Captain Renault
  67. Banging furiously on the Orrery door when Bothiel refuses to come out
  68. Log Rolling on Goblins
  69. Reminding Count Umbranox of his past
  70. Grave robbing with Agamir

25 things to do on SkyrimEdit

  1. Dance with Cicero
  2. Shout at the Greybeards
  3. Help Sven find love
  4. Using my beast form to obliterate the companions
  5. Trying to explain to Maven that I am the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild and the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood and therefore cannot be threatened by my own guilds
  6. Using the Unrelenting Force shout at Roggvir's execution to send everyone in town flying, and then regretting it when the game crashes
  7. Beating up the prisoners of The Dawnstar Sanctuary
  8. Trying to achieve space travel by letting giants attack me
  9. Shooting a dragon, then hiding behind a rock, then shoot again, rinse and repeat
  10. Mourning the death of Kodlak.
  11. Accidentally killing Lydia. Again.
  12. Staring at The College of Winterhold in disgust, because of its boring and rushed quests
  13. Standing on top of The College of Winterhold tower, and staring in disgust at all the pathetic mages that were let in
  14. Setting up TNTs under The College of Winterhold bridge, and staring in disgust. Again.
  15. Using the extremely disappointing master level spells in The College of Winterhold, and then unequipping them with disgust
  16. Making lots of noise in The Halls of Attainment, in The College of Winterhold, and then being stared at, with disgust
  17. Leaving Winterhold. With disgust.
  18. Pouring mud on Kesh the Clean
  19. Thinking of The Adoring Fan
  20. Squashing bunnies
  21. Using Unrelenting Force to kill dragons, but noting how it fails to work on wooden doors
  22. Locating lit torches... in underwater chests?
  23. Walking extremely slowly into Whiterun, being laughed at, but still refusing to drop even a single iron dagger
  24. Killing The Emperor and walking around a free man. Accidentally stealing a bowl and being hunted by everyone
  25. Hunting the mud crab that is responsible for me be unable to fast travel


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