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I am Dwarfmp, currently an administrator since March 2012.

I'm a perfectionist, so I always try to get the best result I can. When I'm active, my main focus is on NPC pages and images. When I'm not, which is most likely the case, you may see me do a bit of administration once in a while. But I'm here to stick around.

Feel free to ask me for advice, or if you have any questions, leave a message on my talk page.


About me
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About me

This one is Matthias, a gamer since before I can remember. Having played Oblivion for many, many hours, it is only natural I've stumbled upon these pages. And really, who can refuse to help out with the utopian concept of documenting all the important details of the Elder Scrolls series so professionally? An autist like me certainly can't.

I'm the kind of gamer that plays few games, but very extensively, focused on one game for a good amount of time. This is very easy to do with an Elder Scrolls game, given the vast array of content these games contain. Similarly, I may have bursts of activity on the wiki, which usually end abruptly as something else catches my attention.

I am a strict vegetarian, proudly refusing to eat anything that has caused death to a fellow creature. Well except for bread and the like, bacteries are... well... something else I suppose.

  This user is a Breton and feels kinship with all other races and creatures.
  This user especially likes Khajiits.
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Small, physically inferior, pale, and perhaps even having that "snotty expression", I'd say I was a Breton. Though my favorite race would be Khajiit. The Argonians are in their own way just as awesome as the Khajiit. And Nords? Well being a Belgian, I'm part Nord, am I not? A proud people, who aren't afraid to come up for what they stand for, surely that's something to admire. Each race has their own interesting culture though.

The concept of Golden Saints and Dark Seducers appeals to me. Having the female gender as the more powerful one that's in charge is a welcome sight in a male-dominated world. Now, two very similar factions, yet different, and fiercely feuding, yet with one commong goal, is poetry. Torn, but together, some sort of twisted balance which is all too familiar. And come on, an army of pure gold, and an army of pure darkness, that's just kick-ass.

Skeletons, stripped of identity to show all what we really are, how similar we are to one another. They're my favorite summon type. Nothing strikes more fear in your enemies than have them stare into the face of death, literally. Unless we're playing Skyrim of course. Shambles. Them bones.

  This user worships Sheogorath.
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I don't like cheese. Pizza works. That is all.

Nocturnal, the creator of the Cowl, no doubt the greatest Daedric artifact ever created. Criminal scum.

Kynareth, god of creatures. I'm a creature! I'm pretty sure you are too. And Mara, the goddess of love. Love is pretty essential, I think. Yes, I'm sure it is.

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The Isles! A wonderful place indeed. Magnificent. I'm pretty split up as well. Such beautiful lands. Filled with memorable people, undeniably.

When I first played Oblivion, I instantly had a tendency to steal. Oh come on, what do you expect? You release someone from prison who was in there for no apparent reason to begin with, sending them out there with no money, no friends, no home. And of course, the first thing you see is the big city. You check out the shops and they have all that stuff just lying there, and you don't have a dime to buy anything decent, even if the prices would be fair. Everyone looks so rich! I can't help myself... I never let something lie around. So I started looking for the Thieves Guild because of all those posters of the Gray Fox hanging around. People said he was an infamous thief. But in fact, he is a hero. Or was he criminal scum. It all depends. Anyway, the best questline there is, truly.

Enemy of the Mythic Dawn. I don't really need to add anything to that do I? They don't like me very much. Same thing with the Necromancers. Tampering with the dead... Not worthy of commanding skeletons. Conjurers are jerks too actually, now that I think of it.

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The first time I was confronted with the Elder Scrolls would be around the time Oblivion was released. Then, I knew it as one of those awesome, big and high graphics kind of games, so sophisticated I wouldn't be able to play it back then, so I just forgot about it. It was several years later I saw one of my friends playing it. I was immediately drawn to it. He borrowed it from a friend who was a big Morrowind fan. That guy was even an active member of this Tamriel Rebuilt thing of Morrowind. He bought Oblivion, but was dissapointed. "It all looks the same, sort of fairytale like. It doesn't have a unique environment and architecture like Morrowind. Every city has walls..." etcetera etcetera. Eventually, I got my hands on it, and I still have it here! (Shhh, don't tell Bethesda) It is easily one of the best games I've ever played. Heck, if it was released today, it would still be considered an awesome game, despite perhaps somewhat outdated graphics. I play it on the PC, but I also have a PS3, I'd just be a fool to play these games on a console, because mods bring the games into a whole new and awesome dimension.

I tried my hand at modding as well, and got the hang of it. Though I've never tried my hand, and probably never will, with animations, meshes and textures. It's one thing to change some numbers and add some chests, but turning something new into a part of the game... You'd have to be at least equally good as Bethesda themselves.

I also borrowed Morrowind a while back, but in the end, it's a bit too outdated for me. And I seem to experience some strange bugs I can't seem to fix, like jumping slows all sound down, making it sound like giants are out there and all, and an enfuriating inability to easily switch 1st to 3rd person and vice versa in an interior. The combat system is just... Odd. Other than that, it looks like a great compelling game, and I've been wanting to talk to Vivec, ah well, maybe some day. Makes me wonder why there is no unique dialogue mentioned on this site...


A particularly fun task is to take screenshots of the game. But that doesn't make it any less serious. Most images I've uploaded are carefully considered, having been compared to a mass of similar ones. Apparently, this attitude has lead to an "image guru" image (hah, see what I did there?).

My advice to get the best images is take your time. Don't stop until you know it can't get any better. Crank up your graphics to the maximum, don't worry about lags because the images won't show them. Try every angle you can think of, try zooming in and out. One big plus about photography in a game is you can manipulate the weather and the time of day. Use console commands, wait until it's sunny. And when it's showtime, don't forget to tap that screenshot button, because the slightest difference is a difference after all. You might end up with shots you never intended, that are in fact surprisingly awesome. If you're good at editing the image, you can change some bad aspects without people noticing it's tampered with! But if you're any good at screenshots, much tampering won't be necessary (unless of course the area is green in your game, or something...).