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In 2017, I said that if I didn't stop receiving treatment I consider uncivil, by people who seemed to me more concerned with their own watchlist convenience than the quality of the wiki content, that I would jump ship entirely to, where I also contribute but without any such problems.

Despite my attempts to seek compromise and to assure others I would not disregard policies, the behavior actually escalated (including false accusations that I consider to be personal attacks, and block threats that were not based in blocking policy), so I left in December 2018. I was punitively blocked for a year, after the fact, then wrongly accused of block violation after following clear instructions to use my own talk page to appeal the block, and was then investigated on another wiki under another username all the way back to 2007 just to ad hominem criticize me here for unrelated matters.

It's rather appalling. I really do wish this site well, but I come here to be helpful and have a pleasant time being helpful, not to be nit-picked, wrongly accused, then hounded. I've attempted to resolve this through discussion (an offer that still stands in 2020 – isn't three years enough?), but cannot in good conscience devote any more volunteer time to this project until the matter is properly addressed. — Darklocq  ¢ 17:07, 25 December 2018 (UTC); revised 07:37, 16 February 2020 (GMT)

I'm Darklocq, primarily an OpenMW user (I'm on a Mac most of the time). I'm set to receive an e-mail if you leave a post on my talk page. I am not some famous modder or pro-gamer, just a random player. I'm also an experienced wiki editor, and MediaWiki template (script) and CSS coder, for about 12 years now.

I really, really like using mods (especially companions, gear, monsters, and landmasses), and have been doing a lot of testing for OpenMW compatibility. I have modded some mods (e.g., by using OpenMW-CS to identify compile error with "Verify", then fixing them). Later produced a couple of minor mods of my own for OpenMW. In 2018, I started developing some stuff for Oblivion and Skyrim, by running TES4 Construction Kit and TES5 Constuction Set, and TES4Edit/TES5Edit, in a VM; may try that approach for Morrowind as well, so I can make mods usable by OpenMW and by the original Bethesda engine.

I'm also the same username at and at, as well as other TES-related sites. Morrowind is my favorite in the series, by a long way. I've also been a player of Skyrim (my first TES game). I prefer the game mechanics and feel of MW, though Skyrim looks fantastic. I'm working through Oblivion now; I have very mixed feelings about it, especially that horrible inventory/container UI, and the frequency of crashes, and the lack of ability to wear clothes and armor at the same time, and ....

— Darklocq  ¢ 17:23, 19 February 2017 (UTC)

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Something of a to-do list, though I mostly edit where I happen to see a need at the moment:

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Update: The DB material was consistent, but someone reverted much of what I did at these pages so they are now a collective wreck that presents incorrect information based on someone's "original research" interpretation, which is unfortunate. We know from all game lore than the DB only has one Night Mother at a time (with legendary associations of being an avatar of Mephala in her role as consort of Sithis and so on – much of this is from intentionally "unreliable sources" such as a very old in-game book purporting to be a journalist's inside scoop before the journalist was himself assassinated by the DB). In Morrowind, the player journal suggests that Severa Magia is a "local" Night Mother of the DB on Vvardenfell, which one might extrapolate to the view that the DB has many concurrent Night Mothers on a regional basis (and it is possible that the character was originally conceived that way before the developers went in a different direction with the DB and its lore). But the player journal is the least reliable source of all, reflecting the PC's personal, non-expert viewpoint, which is quite often wrong, as the PC learns later in various quests. Nothing across any TES game supports such a "local Night Mothers" interpretation being actually valid (and the PC in Morrowind possesses nearly zero knowledge of the game world, like where Vvardenfell even is in relation to the rest of Nirn, which gods of any religion are gods of what, etc., etc.). But one editor has run with this "local Night Mothers" idea and turned it into law, mucking up all the related articles. It's a shame, but I have better things to do that squabble with someone about this for another year or three, and trust that other editors will fix it later.