Tribunal:Gedna Relvel

Tribunal: Creatures: Undead
Gedna Relvel (lich_relvel)
(lore page)
Location Old Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb
Species Lich Soul Grand (300)
Level 40 Type Undead
Other Information
Health 700 Magicka 1000
Alarm 0 Fight 100
Gedna Relvel

Gedna Relvel is a lich that can be found in Gedna Relvel's Tomb in Old Mournhold. In life, she was a powerful sorceress, condemned for studying and practicing forbidden magics. She was laid to rest somewhere under Mournhold many years ago, but nobody realized that she had developed the power to cheat death itself.

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  • Gedna actually has a voice file assigned to her in the construction set. This voice file doesn't play because creatures can't talk like NPCs (their dialogue must be scripted). Her voice file can be found among the Female Dunmer voice overs within the Elder Scrolls Construction Set. She was supposed to say "I smell your blood, mortal." However, it is impossible for this dialogue to be triggered in the game.
  • Gedna also appears in ESO.
  • For strategies on defeating Gedna, see Crimson Plague, Strategies.


  • Due to scripting errors, the lich will not have added bonuses for Health, Magicka and Fatigue based on your level. Thus, by default, Gedna will have 700 health, 1000 magicka and 1000 fatigue. However, some players have reported Gedna is almost unkillable at higher levels, due to an unconfirmed bug that may fortify her health 800x. This bug appears to have been caused by some version of an unofficial patch,[verification needed — which?] as the script is entirely broken in the base game. Players who are playing without any patches or mods should be unaffected. See the discussion page of this article for further details.