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Tribunal:Gedna Relvel

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Gedna Relvel (lich_relvel)
(lore page)
Location Old Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb
Species Lich Soul Grand (300)
Level 40 Type Undead
  • 20-50pts melee
  • Gedna's Damage
    Poison Poison 100-200 pts in 8ft on Target
    Fire Damage Fire Damage 100-200 pts in 8ft on Target
    Frost Damage Frost Damage 100-200 pts in 8ft on Target
Other Information
Health 700 Magicka 1000
Alarm 0 Fight 100
Gedna Relvel

Gedna Relvel is a lich that can be found in Gedna Relvel's Tomb in Old Mournhold. In life, she was a powerful sorceress, condemned for studying and practicing forbidden magics. She was laid to rest somewhere under Mournhold many years ago, but nobody realized that she had developed the power to cheat death itself.

When you get close, Gedna Relvel will say: "Weakling! You dare to cross my threshold? You, then, will be the first to fall, before the undead army sweeps across this land like a plague, cleansing it of your flesh. Die, mortal!" She will then end dialogue and attack.

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  • Gedna actually has a voice file assigned to her in the construction set. This voice file doesn't play because creatures can't talk like NPCs (their dialogue must be scripted). Her voice file can be found among the Female Dunmer voice overs within the Elder Scrolls Construction Set. She was supposed to say "I smell your blood, mortal." However, it is impossible for this dialogue to be triggered in the game.
  • Gedna also appears in ESO.


  • Gedna has a script attached that was intended to scale her health, fatigue, and magicka based on the player's level, but it does not work.
    • By default, Gedna has 700 health, 1,000 fatigue, and 1,000 magicka, and the script is intended to increase these values by 100, 400, and 300 times the player's level respectively. However, the script has two bugs. First, the level check is performed incorrectly, terminating the script before any bonuses are applied. Second, all three bonuses are applied to Gedna's health, meaning it would be increased by 800 times the player's level.
Some unofficial patch versions and OpenMW fix the first bug (which causes an error in the vanilla game and thus can be caught by debugging tools) without touching the second one (which does not cause an error). This allows the script to apply the bonuses and create an incredibly strong Gedna. For example, even as low as level 10 the player would face an enemy with 8,700 health.
Note that even if both bugs were fixed and the bonuses were applied as originally intended, they would have created arguably the toughest enemy in the game. At level 50, Gedna would have had 5,700 health. By comparison, Vivec and Almalexia each have 3,000 health, while Gaenor has 500 with similar magical resistance powers to Gedna's. It's possible that because of the first bug, the script's bonus values were never properly playtested.
Players who are playing without any patches or mods should be unaffected; the script will simply break and Gedna will be left with her base stats. See the discussion page of this article for further details.