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Project Tamriel (commonly abbreviated as PT) is a collection of collaborative fan-based modding projects working together to create all of Tamriel in Morrowind's engine. The provinces are based on earlier lore and a much larger-scaled world so that they can fit seamlessly with the original game. Two major mods within Project Tamriel are currently available and in active development, Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil, with a number of other projects in the planning stages.

Tamriel Rebuilt is another major province mod, but it is not considered part of Project Tamriel. The two projects share assets through Tamriel Data and are meant to complement each other.

Both Tribunal and Bloodmoon are required to play these mods.


  • Skyrim: Home of the Nords — A project to create all of Skyrim, starting in the Reach
  • Province: Cyrodiil — A project to create all of Cyrodiil, starting with Stirk
  • High Rock 427 — A project in the planning stages to create High Rock circa 3E 427
  • Elsweyr: Paradise Sugar — A project in the planning stages to create Elsweyr
  • Project Valenwood — A project in the planning stages to create Valenwood


  • Project Outreach was a previous project to create Elsweyr which was abandoned and has since been replaced by Elsweyr: Paradise Sugar.
  • Hammerfell and Summerset are within the scope of Project Tamriel, though planning is mostly limited to an overall map of Tamriel to coordinate both TR and PT. Some members of Tamriel Rebuilt want to continue into Black Marsh once mainland Morrowind is complete, under the name Eye of Argonia.
  • The names of the Black Marsh and Elsweyr projects reference Eye of Argonia and Paradise Sugar, two canceled sequels to Redguard.

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