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Master Propylon Index
Artifact: Master Propylon Index (index_master)
Type Other
Weight Weight 3 Value Value 2000
Master Propylon Index

The Master Propylon Index is an artifact created by Folms Mirel in Caldera, in return for gathering all ten original other Propylon Indices. You can use it to teleport directly to the Caldera Mages Guild from any working propylon chamber. Folms can then send you to any of the other chambers, for free. It is not necessary to have the Master Index in your possession to use his services.


  • This item is added by the Master Index official plugin.
  • One advantage to using the original indices is that they provide a quick means of transport across Vvardenfell during the Silent Pilgrimage quest. However, with the Master Propylon Index, you will only be able to get as far as Caldera, since you cannot talk to Mirel without failing the quest.
  • Another factor to consider is that Mirel will take each index from you when you return from the quest to get it, before revealing the location of the next, so you cannot use a partial set of them while following his quests. It may be more convenient to find most or all of them on your own, then approach him about the topic when you have them (or cannot find one) and have long been using several of them.