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This project has been superseded by the Morrowind Overhaul Project.

The purpose of this page is to create a central repository for the different people involved in reworking the Morrowind wiki pages to list the different Morrowind-related projects on which they are currently working. The discussion page can be used to post questions and discuss issues that may need a consensus of most of the folks involved. It is also a place where we can keep a list of the different folks involved with the various portions of the project, or a place where you can express an interest in working on a piece so you can be included on relevant discussions. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please register on the site and establish a USER ID to make it easier for the other project team members to identify and contact you.

If you are working on one of the Morrowind expansion pages, please list that in parenthesis next to your ID.

Finished parts can be found in the Archive.

Project pages needing attentionEdit

The following pages have been flagged by a Morrowind Redesign project member as needing attention:

Current tasksEdit

  • Morrowind:Cities & Towns need road descriptions like in Balmora.- Main Cities done
  • Add tables for wares on Bloodmoon NPCs - Is this done?
  • Add Place summaries to all of Tribunal
  • BM weapons and armor pages
  • BM Artifacts, Unique. Generic Magic item pages- need Peer review
  • Check Tribunal Quests so they match MW quests
  • Add and modify internal maps for Morrowind with these standards; needs a big push.

Project LeaderEdit

TheRealLurlock (talk · contribs · email) is currently the leader of the Morrowind Redesign Project, filling in for Hoggwild5 (talk · contribs · email), who has left the project. This means that he is responsible for overseeing the progress and general direction of the project, as well as encouraging its members to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the project.

Morrowind Location PagesEdit

  • Interior map of the location (Hoggwild5 just completed taking screenshots of all interior cave, mine, tomb, grotto, dwemer ruin, velothi stronghold, dunmer stronghold and daedric shrine maps....these still need to be cleaned up and formatted for internet posting).
  • Exterior map of ruins, with location of entrances to the interior (primarily for Daedric shrines and dwemer ruins).

For an example of a properly formatted location page (other than cities), see Ald Sotha.

Project ContributorsEdit

Image Standards for Internal MapsEdit

To aid project contributors in creating high-quality image maps for the wiki, here is a tutorial for pulling image maps from the Elder Scrolls (Morrowind) Construction Set.

To establish some consistency with the internal dungeon maps (this includes shrines and ruins as well), the following image standards should be used whenever possible. The color specifics (Red/Green/Blue settings) have been included for consistency between graphic programs (these settings were pulled from Microsoft Paint).

Feature Size Typeface Color Red Grn Blu
Map Background Black 0 0 0
Map Section Labels 12pt Arial Bold White text 255 255 255
Map Title 24pt Times Bold White text 255 255 255
Map Key for Treasure 10pt Arial Bold Green 4px bullet & green text 0 255 0
Map Key for Special Treasure 12pt Arial Bold Green 5px bullet & green text 0 255 0
Map Key for Cursed Treasure 12pt Arial Bold Orange 5px bullet & orange text 255 153 0
Map Key for Nuisance Creatures (e.g. Rats) 10pt Arial Bold Red 4px bullet & red text 255 0 0
Map Key for Hostiles (NPC/Creatures) 12pt Arial Bold Red 5px bullet & red text 255 0 0
Map Key for Bosses (NPC/Creatures) 14pt Arial Bold Red 7px bullet & red text 255 0 0
Map Key for NPCs 12pt Arial Bold Blue 5px bullet & blue text 0 0 255
Map Key for non-hostile Creatures 12pt Arial Bold Yellow 5px bullet & yellow text 255 255 0
Map Key for dead NPCs or Creatures 12pt Arial Bold Purple 5px bullet & purple text 255 0 255
Map Key for other items 12pt Arial Bold Cyan 5px bullet & cyan text 0 255 255
Doorways 12pt Arial Bold Gold 5px box, White text & lines 255 242 0
  • See Image:BM-map-Halls_of_Penumbra.jpg for an example.
  • "Terrain Features" includes doorways and different caverns within a dungeon
  • When maps include identification of creatures, treasure, NPCs and quest items, a legend should be included on the uploaded map, simple dots and white text.
  • Map images should be converted from bitmaps (.bmp) to JPEG (.jpg) before uploading since JPEG files are much smaller than bitmaps.
  • File name convention to be used for internal maps should be MW-Maps-Location name.jpg (example: MW-Maps-Band_Egg_Mine.jpg), with the prefix "MW-Maps" standing for "Morrowind Maps". Using this naming convention will make it easier to identify Morrowind maps in the image logs.
  • Image sizes for single level maps should be around 60-70kb; actual image size for individual maps will need to be dictated by the size of the map in question; the image file size needs to be reduced as much as possible to reduce server storage space and bandwidth load when accessing images, but not so much that image quality is adversely impacted. If anyone is having trouble with the size of the image maps, let another project member know and we'll be happy to assist. Multi-level map images will need to be large enough to accommodate the separate images for the different levels while maintaining readability.

Guidelines for ContributingEdit

All contributions are welcome. To minimize creating additional work for other project members, we ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Please attempt to maintain a consistent format for the pages to which you are contributing. If you are providing content and are unsure of the correct format, mark the page with a {{Cleanup}} flag so other project members can find and fix the page format easily
  • If you have submitted an article and would like to have it reviewed by another project member, please mark the page with a {{Peer review}} flag so other project members can easily identify your request and provide peer review.
  • Please adhere to general UESP guidelines for contributing page content. If you have added content and another project member determines that rewriting or reformatting the content added will take an inordinate amount of time and effort, such content can be removed without notice.
  • If you are working on a page and need to leave the page before you have completed your work, mark the page with a {{Wip}} flag so others will know it is a work in progress. If you leave pages unmarked, other contributors will assume that you have completed your work and it will be subjected to peer review, editing and revision.
  • If you see an article that can benefit from some screen shots (images, maps, etc), but cannot add them at that time, mark the page with a {{NeedsImage}} flag so others can identify the missing images and add them accordingly.
  • Please don't rename pages unless the problem is an obvious misspelling without notifying other project members. In addition, if you are renaming pages, make sure that all links to the page have been identified and changed as well (this prevents the generation of additional work for other project members). If you think that a page needs to be renamed for reasons other than a spelling correction, please place a comment to that effect on the discussion section for that page, and list that page on this project talk page so a community discussion and consensus process can commence.
  • Please don't delete pages created by other project contributors without notifying them first. If you feel that a page is unnecessary, nominate that page for deletion using the Deletion Review process so a community discussion and consensus process can commence. If you create a page in error and wish to have that page deleted, using the Speedy Deletion process is fully warranted. If you are unsure of the Deletion procedures used on UESP, please visit Deletion Policy.