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SR-icon-spell-Ice.png Slow
School Destruction
Type Offensive
ID 00073f25
Base Cost 1
Base Mag 50
Base Dur 5
ID 000b729d
Base Cost 0
Items Weapons
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Built-In Potions

Alchemy description: Target moves at 50% speed for <dur> seconds.


The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a poison of Slow:


  • Slow is not the primary effect of any spells or enchantments and cannot be learned as an enchantment by itself. However, most Frost Damage spells and enchantments have Slow as a secondary effect.
  • The Slow effect from multiple frost spells stacks, causing you to be nearly unable to move until it wears off. It's unclear whether this is intended behavior or a bug.


  • Slow will not affect NPCs unless they're drawing or sheathing a weapon, or something changes their carry weight. It will always affect the player normally.