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Skyrim:Briarheart Geis (effect)

Skyrim: Magic: Magical Effects
Briarheart Geis
School Destruction
Type Offensive
ID 0010582e
Base Cost 0
Items Weapons

Enchanting description: <mag> points of extra damage to Nords.

Briarheart Geis causes an extra <mag> points of damage to Nords with each weapon strike. It is an unused effect and cannot be obtained in-game.


Only one item uses this effect. It can be disenchanted, allowing you to create custom items with the Briarheart Geis effect. This item was intended to be carried by the boss of Lost Valley Redoubt, but in reality is not in the game.


  • Because this effect only exists as an enchanting effect, it is not explicitly associated with any magic school; it has been placed in the Destruction school for convenience.