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Skyrim: Places: Dwarven Ruins
Dwarven Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 25
Dwarven Automatons, Reavers
Important Treasure
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, Steadfast Dwarven Spider, Steadfast Dwarven Sphere
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2Kagrumez01, DLC2KagrumezExterior01
South of the Temple of Miraak
North of Ramshackle Trading Post

Kagrumez is a relatively small Dwarven ruin south of the Temple of Miraak.

Map of Kagrumez

Related QuestsEdit


There is a sizable tent containing the body of Raleth Eldri, a dead Conjurer, and his knapsack. It seems he was so interested in studying Dwemer ruins and their attendant dangers that he failed to notice the more mundane danger of bandits: he's been killed by reavers, and some of his notes can be found on the reavers within the dungeon.


The main chamber is laid out as an arena. A pedestal is in the center with a 3x3 grid for Kagrumez resonance gems. There are five Kagrumez resonance gems in total. Two resonance gems can be found on the reavers in the main chamber. Another can be bought from Revus Sarvani, who camps near his silt strider north of Tel Mithryn. One more can be found inside Nchardak during the main quest. The last gem can be found at the end of Fahlbtharz. Only four gems are ever needed, so it is not necessary to do the main quest in order to clear this ruin.

There are three doors in the ruin with three different patterns for the receptacle. Placing the gems in the pedestal in these patterns will trigger three colosseum-style death matches. You are locked in and various Dwarven automatons will attack you. For the first round, you will have to defeat 3 Ballistae and 3 spiders. For the second round, you will have to defeat 2 spheres and 5 spiders. For the third round, you will have to defeat 2 Ballistae, 1 sphere and 3 spiders. The round is over when all automatons have been destroyed. The second and third rounds have environmental hazards as well.

The first door requires two resonance gems. Past the first door is a Steadfast Dwarven Spider, a potential follower. The second and third doors require three and four gems, respectively. Beyond the second door is the Steadfast Dwarven Sphere, another potential follower, and beyond the third door is the unique Dwarven Black Bow of Fate. With the Arcane Archer Pack Creation installed, several Soul Stealer Arrows can be found next to the bow and must be acquired in order to learn how to craft the arrows.


  • You can only have one Dwarven mechanical follower.
  • This ruin also has three small areas off of the main chamber that are accessible to you. The third area, to the south, can be accessed with Whirlwind Sprint (use the shout while on the observation platform looking down on the proving grounds), but it is a dead end with nothing in it.
  • The other two areas (northwest and northeast) can be reached by using Whirlwind Sprint from the observation platform to a pipe ledge in the center of proving ground, then using Whirlwind Sprint from there to the northeastern area. Another Sprint across will get you to the northwestern area. These areas, like the one to the south, come to a quick dead end at bronze gates (most likely the spawn areas for Tempered Spheres/Ballistae during the trials).
  • There is nothing behind these bronze doors. Using the plate glitch will cause you to clip out of the map, and eventually re-spawn at the entrance.
  • If you interact with the steadfast automatons and decline their service, they cannot be engaged as followers in the future.


  • The Dwarven automaton followers occasionally do not spawn. ?
  • Sometimes Dwarven automatons get stuck in their spawn alcoves around the main arena. If your game wont progress and you think you've killed all of them, look for the spawning alcoves above, get as close as possible below the alcove and the red enemy dot shows up. The enemy is above. Back up as far as possible and shoot arrows into the alcove above, noting red enemy dot on HUD. Couldn't see it, but killed it. The arrow drops down and its health bar pops up confirming a hit. The game progressed. Another way to accomplish progressing the game is using unbounded storms to auto target the enemy above by just approaching the alcoves with the spell active.
  • Sometimes after all automatons are killed, you are still trapped and have no choice but to load a save.
  • If you continue to put gems down on the slots after the gates are up you will lose the extras. ?

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