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Skyrim:Steadfast Dwarven Sphere

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Steadfast Dwarven Sphere
Location Kagrumez
Species Dwarven Sphere Soul
Level Radiant Type Dwarven Automatons
BaseID xx031D95
Other Information
Health 315-619 Magicka 0
Stamina 170-301
Faction(s) PlayerPotentialAnimalFaction
Steadfast Dwarven Sphere

The Steadfast Dwarven Sphere is a Dwarven Automaton that can be found in Kagrumez. After completing the second stage of the resonance gem puzzle there, the door within the room containing the Steadfast Dwarven Spider will unlock and you can proceed to the next chamber. Hit the lever, the wall lowers and you will find the Steadfast Dwarven Sphere. Like the spider, it won't attack you. Talk to it and you can make it your follower. Since it is a creature rather than an NPC, it cannot carry items for you as a follower, though it follows basic commands (wait here, follow me, and return home).


  • It might be preferable to enter Kagrumez at a later level (24+), as the Steadfast Dwarven Sphere follows the standard leveling of regular, hostile Dwarven Spheres where the base version (found at player character levels of 16 and below) has no ranged attack, even though it has a mounted crossbow. The Dwarven Spheres (and thus the Steadfast, "follower" version of the creature) of levels 24+ have a ranged attack, making it far better for combat purposes. At its highest level, its heath can out-range most human followers.
  • When not actively fighting - or you do not have weapons/spells unsheathed - it follows you around as a closed-up sphere. If you do have weapons out or are engaging hostiles, it will follow in its unfolded form.


  • If the Steadfast Dwarven Sphere is hit with magelight, the game might freeze when magelight is supposed to end because it is "stuck" to the Dwarven Sphere.