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Skyrim:Unbounded Storms

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SR-icon-spell-Shock.png Unbounded Storms
SR-icon-book-SpellTomeDestruction 02.png
Added by Arcane Accessories
School Destruction Difficulty Expert
Type Offensive Casting Concentration
Delivery Self Equip Either Hand
Spell ID xxFExxx808 Editor ID ccBGSSSE014_UnboundedStorms
Base Cost 69/s Charge Time 0.3 seconds
Duration 2 seconds Range 0
Magnitude 40 Area 50 feet
Tome ID xxFExxx817 Tome Value 950 Value
Purchase from (after Destruction Ritual Spell)
Targets in melee range take 40 shock damage per second to Health, and half that to Magicka. Random lightning strikes deal an additional 30 damage.

Unbounded Storms is an Expert level Destruction spell that surrounds the caster in a stormy cloak, damaging nearby targets for 40 shock damage per second to health, and half that to magicka. A lightning cloud will hang over the caster's head, randomly casting lightning bolts at nearby targets.


  • Unbounded Storms, determines that damage is dealt to nearby targets
    • Lightning Cloak Drain (FExxx824; ccBGSSSE014_LightningCloakDmg)
      • Sparks, deals 40 points of Shock Damage to Health and Magicka per second in 40 feet for 1 sec
      • Disintegrate, 200 pts for 1 sec; if the Disintegrate perk has been unlocked
  • Storm Lightning, randomly casts lightning bolts at nearby targets
    • Storm Call Lightning Bolt (FExxx808; ccBGSSSE014_ShockBoltSpell)


  • Expert Destruction, reduces the spell cost by 50%.
  • Disintegrate, causes targets hit by this spell to disintegrate if their health is below 15%
  • Augmented Shock (Rank I), increases damage by 25%.
  • Augmented Shock (Rank II), increases damage by 50%
  • Destruction Dual Casting, increases the spell effectiveness by 120% and increases the spell cost by 180%.


  • The damage caused by this spell passes through walls and doors, as well as targetting draugr still in their crypts.
  • The random lightning strikes can target friendly NPCs, turning them hostile.


  • Despite the spell description's statement that targets will take damage in melee range, the range of the cloak surrounding the caster is actually much larger than any other cloak, as cloak range is determined by the spell's magnitude, with this spell having a much higher magnitude than any other cloak spells. When dual cast, the radius increases instead of the damage, allowing it to cover almost as much area as a Fire Storm.
  • The lightning emitter does not move with the caster but remains in the spot where you first cast the spell.
  • The spell will sometimes stop doing damage per second and only do damage upon lightning strikes. ?