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Skyrim:Steadfast Dwarven Spider

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Steadfast Dwarven Spider
Location Kagrumez
Species Dwarven Spider Soul None
Level Radiant Type Dwarven Automatons
BaseID xx031D94
Other Information
Health 125-225 Magicka 3
Stamina 120-200
Faction(s) PlayerPotentialAnimalFaction
Steadfast Dwarven Spider

The Steadfast Dwarven Spider is a Dwarven Automaton that can be found in Kagrumez. After completing the first Kagrumez trial, proceed through the newly-opened gate to reach a room with a bunch of random Dwemer things in it. You will notice a lever; hit it to open the wall, and you'll find the Steadfast Dwarven Spider. It won't attack you, and if you talk to it you can make it your follower. Since it is a creature rather than an NPC, it cannot carry items for you as a follower and it cannot be your follower if you have a dog.

If the Steadfast Dwarven Spider is killed, it will respawn in Kagrumez after one day.