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Skyrim:Raleth Eldri's Notes on Kagrumez

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Book Information
Raleth Eldri's Notes on Kagrumez
Added by Dragonborn
ID xx0374D6
Value 5 Weight 1
Related to The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Found in the following locations:
Raleth Eldri's Notes on Kagrumez

I am closer to solving the mystery of these ruins! I have found references in ancient Dwemer texts that call Kagrumez the site of a set of trials, a training ground of sorts. This is thus far unprecedented in my research.

This could explain why that gate is so unmovable - the proper trial has not been completed. It is possible nobody has opened this gate since the days of the Dwemer! What treasures of the ancient world lie in wait behind these doors?

The pattern on the gate seems to hold the solution to unlocking it. It bears resemblance to the console in the center of the chamber, but what does it mean? There are nine holes that I assume are to be filled, but with what? If only I had the means to fund more expeditions to the other Dwemer ruins of Solstheim. They surely hold the keys to opening the locked gate. Even if I had the means to start the trials, I surely have not the means to complete them.

I can't wait for more funding! I am going to have to recruit those who will act on the promise of treasure alone. Surely there are those as excited about this find as I am.

-Raleth Eldri