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Skyrim:Damage Magicka Regen

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SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Damage Magicka Regen
School Destruction
Type Offensive
ID 00073f2b
Base Cost 0.5
Base Mag 100
Base Dur 5
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Built-In Potions

Alchemy description: Decrease the target's Magicka regeneration by <mag>% for <dur> seconds.



  • Damaged magicka regeneration effects enemies who mostly rely on it to deal damage, such as necromancers, fire mages, etc. Depriving them of magicka means they can no longer cast spells (once they run out of magicka) for the duration of the potion, and will be forced to use their melee weapon or a staff, if they have one.
  • Damage magicka regeneration can be useful against Dragons, who rely on magicka to use their version of Shouts.
  • The magnitude of damaged Magicka regeneration is always 100%, regardless of Alchemy perks and Fortify Alchemy enchanted apparel worn at the time of the creation of the poison; what increases is the duration, which is how long the affected will suffer stunted magicka regeneration.