Online:Soul Siphoner

Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Siphoning
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Soul Siphoner.png Soul Siphoner
Line Siphoning
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 22
Rank II 2 36
Soul Siphoner I: Increases your healing done by 2% for each Siphoning ability slotted.
Soul Siphoner II: Increases your healing done by 3% for each Siphoning ability slotted.

Soul Siphoner increases the effectiveness of any healing spells you use for each slotted Siphoning skill. The only spells in the Siphoning line that are affected are Strife, Siphoning Strikes, and the Ultimate, Soul Shred, but you may use skills in the Restoration Staff, Support, or Undaunted skill lines as well, though obviously slotting skills from other lines will reduce your potential benefit from this passive.

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