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Online:Aspect of Terror

Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Shadow
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Unmorphed and Mass Hysteria
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ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Aspect of Terror.png Aspect of Terror
Line Shadow
Line Rank 30 Cost 3780 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Area
Area 6 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Mass Hysteria.png Mass Hysteria
Increases the amount of targets who can be feared.
ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Manifestation of Terror.png Manifestation of Terror
Creates two traps instead, which fear enemies when triggered.
Aspect of Terror: Cost: [4050 / 3960 / 3870 / 3780] Magicka.
Summon a dark spirit to terrify up to 3 enemies, causing them to cower in fear for 2 seconds.
Mass Hysteria: Summon a dark spirit to terrify up to 6 enemies, causing them to cower in fear for [2 / 2.3 / 2.7 / 3] seconds.
Manifestation of Terror: Duration: [30 / 40 / 50 / 60] seconds, Range: 22 meters, Target: Ground.
Conceal two sinister traps, one at the targeted location and another next to you, which take 2 seconds to arm and last for [30 / 40 / 50 / 60] seconds. When each trap is triggered, a dark spirit is summoned to terrify up to 6 enemies, causing them to cower in fear for 4 seconds.
A trap created by Manifestation of Terror

Aspect of Terror summons a dark spirit which instills fear in nearby enemies, causing them to flee and reducing their movement speed. The Mass Hysteria morph also reduces their ability to do damage, while the Manifestation of Terror places two traps on the ground, one near you and another at a location of your choice, which will each cause the same fear and speed reduction of the un-morphed version.

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