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ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Cripple.png Cripple
Line Siphoning
Line Rank 20 Cost 2970 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 20 seconds
Target Enemy
Range 28 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Debilitate.png Debilitate
Increases the snare potency and each tick applies the Overcharged status effect.
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Crippling Grasp.png Crippling Grasp
Converts some of the damage over time into more up front damage, immobilizes the enemy on impact, and reduces the cost.
Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 7958, Max Health 8744, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1037.
Cripple: Sap an enemy's agility and wrack them with pain, dealing [6022 / 6096 / 6170 / 6246] Magic Damage over 20 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
Debilitate: Sap an enemy's agility and wrack them with pain, dealing [6192 / 6237 / 6306 / 6391] Magic Damage over 20 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Each tick applies the Overcharged status effect, inflicting Minor Magickasteal for 4 seconds, causing you and your allies to restore 168 Magicka every 1 second when damaging the target.
Crippling Grasp: Cost: 2700 Magicka.
Sap an enemy's agility and wrack them with pain, dealing [1549 / 1568 / 1584 / 1600] Magic Damage and an additional [5629 / 5670 / 5733 / 5810] Magic Damage over 20 seconds, immobilizing them for 2 seconds, and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds.

Cripple deals Magic Damage over time to the enemy. The Debilitate morph also restores your Magicka when attacking a crippled target. Or you can use the Crippling Grasp morph, which converts some of the damage over time to up front damage and immobilizes your target.

Patch NotesEdit

* Shadow Cloak: This ability is no longer removed by the following ticking damage abilities.
* You will no longer be revealed by the following abilities while Shadow Cloak is active:
    • Restoration Staff light attacks
    • Inner Fire
    • Cripple
* Increased the damage dealt by Cripple by 6%.
  • Debilitate: This ability no longer affects attack speed. Instead, if your target dies while affected by Debilitate, the cost of the spell is refunded to you.
* Debilitate:
    • This morph now also allows you to place Debilitate on an unlimited amount of targets.
    • Reduced the Magicka refund from this morph to 50% of the ability's cost from 100%.
* Debilitate:
    • This morph now refunds 100% of the ability’s cost if the enemy dies while affected by it, increased from 50%.
    • Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect from this morph could not be placed on the same enemy from different Nightblade casters.
* Decreased the duration of the snare and the Major Expedition buff from this ability and its morphs to 4 seconds from 8 seconds.
* Adjusted this ability and the Debilitate morph to follow our standardized Damage Over Time ruleset.
  • Increased the total duration to 10 seconds from 8 seconds, and increased the damage per tick by approximately 4%. This will result in roughly the same overall DPS, but over a longer duration.
  • Reduced Snare potency to 30% from 40%.
  • This ability and its morphs no longer grant the caster Major Expedition.
  • This ability can now be placed on an infinite amount of targets.
    • Crippling Grasp: Added a 2 second delay between the first Damage Over Time tick and the initial hit. Also increased damage of the initial hit by approximately 25%, and increased the damage of each DoT tick by approximately 25% to make up for the damage loss of the first tick.
    • Debilitate: Increased the Snare potency to 50%. This morph also no longer refunds the Magicka cost if the target dies while it was active. Instead, it applies Minor Magickasteal to the enemy while the DoT persists.
* Fixed an issue where the Snare and Immobilize from this ability would apply to their target, then immediately fall off.
* Decreased the cost of this ability and its morphs to 2970 from 3240, and increased the damage by approximately 17% per tick.
  • Crippling Grasp: Increased the initial hit damage by approximately 37%, and dtecreased the DoT damage by approximately 2%.
* Decreased the damage per tick of this ability and its morphs by approximately 40%.