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ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Catalyst.png Catalyst
Line Siphoning
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 8
Rank II 2 18
Catalyst I: After drinking a potion you gain 10 Ultimate.
Catalyst II: After drinking a potion you gain 20 Ultimate.

Catalyst causes you to gain Ultimate each time you drink a Potion.

Patch NotesEdit

* Fixed an issue with the Catalyst passive ability. It will now properly increase the effect of speed potions.
* Increase the effectiveness of this ability to a higher percentage.
* This passive now restores 6/12 Ultimate when drinking a potion instead of increasing potion effectiveness.
* Fixed an issue where this passive ability was erroneously removed when the Nightblade died.
* Increased the amount of Ultimate you gain when drinking a potion to 10/20 Ultimate at Ranks I/II from 6/12 Ultimate.