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Online:Oak's Promise Face Marks

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With its rich green hues and distinctive shape, this marking is a natural for those who appreciate and protect the living world around them.
Oak's Promise Face Marks
ON-icon-head marking-Oak's Promise Face Marks.png
Oak's Promise Face Marks
Type Head Marking

The Oak's Promise Face Marks were acquired by those who participated in the Heroes of High Isle event from September 29 until October 11, 2022. In order for the marks to be awarded, enough players had to earn the High Isle Pathfinder achievement to reach 33% of the community goal.


  • The Oak's Promise Body Marks are paired with these face marks.
  • The Heroes of High Isle event page gives the additional context.
    • "Stand strong, stay true, and shelter all with these druidic body and face markings recognized by all who call the Systres Archipelago home."