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ON-icon-Transmute Crystal.png Transmute Crystals (sometimes referred to as Transmutation Crystals) are a type of currency used at Transmute Stations. 50 Transmute Crystals are used to change the traits of armor and weapons to a trait previously researched for that item. They may also be used to reconstruct a previously collected Item Set piece, with the cost being progressively reduced by the number of other pieces of that set you have collected. Set items whose trait has been transmuted give no transmute crystals back when they are deconstructed, whereas items that have been reconstructed always give 25 transmute crystals back when deconstructed.

Only 500 Transmute Crystals can be held at once per account (1,000 with ESO Plus), and they are bound to the account. If you acquire any crystals beyond the maximum, they will be wasted, so you should try and find a use for them if you have them.

Transmute Stations can be found in Clockwork City or purchased for your home through completion of Master Writs. A Transmute Station placed in a home may be used by other players who have been granted access.


Activity Crystal Amount
Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1) 50
Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard 50
Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1) 10
Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard 10
Arena Leaderboard 5
Trial Leaderboard 5
Battlegrounds Leaderboard 5
Random Daily Activity Finder (Once per day) 10
Rewards for the Worthy (Once per day) 4-25
Trial Weekly Quests 5
Undaunted Pledges Normal 1
Undaunted Pledges Veteran 3
Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode 5
Veteran Dragonstar Arena 5
Veteran Maelstrom Arena 4
Veteran Blackrose Prison 5
Veteran Vateshran Hollows 5
Group Dungeon final bosses (?)
Random Daily Activity Finder (after first activity) 1
Rewards for the Worthy (after first reward) (?)
Half-Digested Adventurer's Backpack (from killing dragons) (?)
Tales of Tribute Purses 5


Transmute Crystals can be used at a Transmute Station to reconstruct set pieces that are in your collection. To reconstruct an item with a particular trait, the desired trait must have been researched in the appropriate Crafting skill line. The cost of reconstructing a set item is based on the number of items of that set known. It is 25 crystals if all items in the set are known, 75 if only one item is known (unless it's a 1 item set), or 75 - 50 / (total items in the set - 1) x (items known - 1 ), rounded down to the nearest whole number. The current cost of reconstructing an item from a set is shown in the Collections/Set items menu in-game.

For sets in which all possible items are available (twenty-two items in total, consisting of seven armor pieces, two jewelry pieces, four one-handed weapons, three two-handed weapons, a bow, a shield, and four staves), the cost of reconstruction appears in the table below.

22-item sets
Collected Crystal Cost
1 item 75 transmute crystals
2 items 72 transmute crystals
3 items 70 transmute crystals
4 items 67 transmute crystals
5 items 65 transmute crystals
6 items 63 transmute crystals
7 items 60 transmute crystals
8 items 58 transmute crystals
9 items 55 transmute crystals
10 items 53 transmute crystals
11 items 51 transmute crystals
12 items 48 transmute crystals
13 items 46 transmute crystals
14 items 44 transmute crystals
15 items 41 transmute crystals
16 items 39 transmute crystals
17 items 36 transmute crystals
18 items 34 transmute crystals
19 items 32 transmute crystals
20 items 29 transmute crystals
21 items 27 transmute crystals
all items 25 transmute crystals


  • Transmute crystals can be used to convert common dropped and crafted gear to a rare trait such as Nirnhoned or Swift, and subsequently deconstruct them for a chance to obtain Nirncrux or pulverized Gilding Wax, making this an alternative method for collecting rare or expensive trait materials if you have a surplus of transmute crystals.