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ON-icon-Transmute Crystal.png Transmute Crystals (sometimes referred to as Transmutation Crystals) are a type of currency and 50 Transmute Crystals are used to change the traits of armor and weapons to a trait previously researched for that item, or to reconstruct a previously collected Item Set piece at a Transmute Station. Only 500 Transmute Crystals can be held at once per account (1,000 with ESO Plus), and they are bound to the account. If you acquire any crystals beyond the maximum, they will be wasted, so you should try and find a use for them if you have them.

Transmute Stations can be found in Clockwork City or purchased for your home as a crafting station through completion of Master Writs. A Transmute Station in a home, may be used by other players who you have granted access.

Guaranteed DropsEdit

Activity Crystal Amount
Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1) 50
Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard 50
Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1) 10
Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard 10
Arena Leaderboard 5
Trial Leaderboard 5
Battlegrounds Leaderboard 5
Random Daily Activity Finder (Once per day) 10
Rewards for the Worthy (Once per day) 4-25
Trial Weekly Quests 5
Undaunted Pledges Normal 1
Undaunted Pledges Veteran 3
Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode 5
Veteran Dragonstar Arena 5
Veteran Maelstrom Arena 4
Veteran Blackrose Prison 5
Veteran Vateshran Hollows 5

Potential Drops:Edit

  • Dungeon Master Boss
  • Random Daily Activity Finder (after first activity)
  • Rewards for the Worthy (after first reward)
  • Half-Digested Adventurer's Pack
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Transmutation Geode is a container of 50 Transmute Crystals. It may be received as reward in the Cyrodiil campaigns. It is character bound. When opened the Transmute Crystals are account bound.

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