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The Morrowind Celebration Event is a holiday event which celebrates the release of the Morrowind Chapter. The main feature of this event is numerous drops on Vvardenfell are doubled, including: Halls of Fabrication Trial Bosses, Daily Delve and World Boss quest rewards and Crafting nodes.

Additionally, the Morrowind DLC is available in the Crown Store at a discount.

Morrowind Celebration 2019Edit

Earn Event Tickets by completing Daily Quests
Explore the home of the Dark Elves during the Morrowind Celebration Event and you can earn additional rewards for dailies, Event Tickets, and more!

The first instance of the event was in early 2019 where it ran from February to February 18. Throughout the Morrowind Celebration Event you could also earn Event Tickets from World Boss and Delve dailies each day for a total of 24 tickets. It was also the first chance to buy the Dawnwood Berries of Budding, the second of the Dawnwood Indrik Berries required to evolve your Nascent Indrik mount into a Dawnwood Indrik mount.

During the event, the DLC and Morrowind Collector’s Pack Bundle were discounted at 50% in the Crown Store.

Morrowind Last Chance EventEdit

Free Chapter with the Summerset Preorder

This small event from May 5 to May 21, 2018 promoted that the preorders of the Summerset chapter would include free copies of Morrowind. People who already owned the chapter would receive a Dozen-Banded Vvardvark if they logged in during the event.

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