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"Welcome to the Undaunted. Now go make ol' Mordra proud."Mighty Mordra

The Undaunted Celebration Event is a holiday event that will take run from November 29th to December 5th. The event is centered around the Undaunted faction, teaming up with other players and completing Group Dungeon, which will allow players the chance to obtain various collectibles, style pages, costumes, pets, mounts, and even homes. An ultra-rare jackpot prize is also available, which grants 130 mounts at once, including mounts from previous Crown Crate seasons.

Mysterious Reward Box[edit]

ON-icon-container-Mysterious Reward Box.png
This box, found only during the Undaunted Celebration, contains valuable treasure - including, rarely, gifts from the Crown Store.

For completing random Group Dungeons via the Activity Finder, you will receive one Mysterious Reward Box. Each Reward Box contains various items listed below.


Mysterious Reward Boxes can be earned by completing random Group Dungeons (Normal or Veteran) via the Activity Finder. The final boss of the dungeon must be defeated to qualify.

You receive Mysterious Reward Boxes as part of your character's daily random dungeon reward in the mail. Once one of your characters has completed their dungeon daily and has received the rewards, you will not be able to get additional boxes for that same character for 20 hours.

Possible Loot[edit]

Some of the additions during the event include. Homes and mounts are generally the rarest drops.:



  • Frostbane Sabre Cat




  • Random Treasure Map
  • Random Crafting Survey
  • Transmutation Crystal
  • Transmutation Geode
  • Undaunted Key
  • Undaunted Plunder

Nascent Indrik Mount[edit]

The Undaunted Celebration Event is the third opportunity for players to begin working towards obtaining the Nascent Indrik mount. During the event, the Onyx Indrik Feather is introduced and can be purchased with ten Event Tickets, which players can acquire from completing dungeons. Completing a dungeon will reward players with three Event Tickets per day.

Once ten tickets have been collected, they can be brought to The Impresario (located in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard) to purchase the feather.


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