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Blood Magus
Class Nightblade
Role HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png
Primary Stat Magicka
Suggested Weapon(s) Restoration Staff
Suggested Armor Light Armor
Siphon away your foe's vitality to fuel powerful healing spells, shielding you and your allies from death's embrace.

Blood Magus is one of the builds for the Nightblade class designed for Healing, with Magicka as their primary stat. It combines class skills with Restoration Staff and Light Armor, so this is the recommended choice of equipment for this build.

Recommended SkillsEdit

Skill Prerequisites
Shadow Siphoning Light
   Strife 1
   Malevolent Offering 4
   Regeneration 4
   Essence Drain I 5
   Evocation I 6
    Funnel Health Strife IV
   Recovery I 2
   Refreshing Shadows I 8
   Restoration Expert I 10
   Soul Shred 12
   Catalyst I 8
   Recovery II 10
   Blessing of Protection 14
   Magicka Flood I 14
   Restoration Expert II 17
   Path of Darkness 20
    Soul Siphon Soul Shred IV
   Refreshing Shadows II 18
   Catalyst II 18
   Evocation II 18
    Refreshing Path Path of Darkness IV
   Soul Siphoner I 22
   Magelight 2
   Siphoning Strikes 30
Skill Prerequisites
Siphoning Light
Undaunted Assault
   Necrotic Orb 5
   Cycle of Life I 25
   Magicka Flood II 27
    Combat Prayer Blessing of Protection IV
   Absorb I 28
   Cycle of Life II 30
   Force Siphon 38
   Recovery III 30
    Siphoning Attacks Siphoning Strikes IV
    Energy Orb Necrotic Orb IV
   Essence Drain II 34
   Soul Siphoner II 36
    Siphon Spirit Force Siphon IV
   Prodigy I 38
   Transfer I 39
    Inner Light Magelight IV
   Drain Power 42
   Restoration Master I 41
   Prodigy II 46
   Absorb II 46
    Sap Essence Drain Power IV
   Transfer II 50
   Restoration Master II 50
   War Horn 4

Compatible BuildsEdit