Living Shadow
Class Nightblade
Role TankON-icon-role-Tank.png
Primary Stat Health
Suggested Weapon(s) One Hand and Shield
Suggested Armor Heavy Armor
Become one with the darkness, drawing your foes close, then crippling them with shadow and steel.

Living Shadow is one of the builds for the Nightblade class designed for Tanking, with Health as their primary stat. It combines class skills with One Hand and Shield and Heavy Armor, so this is the recommended choice of equipment for this build.

Recommended SkillsEdit

Compatible BuildsEdit

Deathweaver Umbral
no conflicts no conflicts no conflicts Strife


  • Either through bug or oversight the initial skills needed to level the Assassination and Shadow skill lines are never recommended. You’ll need to add Assassins Blade and Veiled Strike to your bar in order to level up these skills and unlock the recommended Consuming Darkness and Blur actives as well as the Refreshing Shadows passive.
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