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Location Dune, Jode's Light, Rawl'kha, Ren-dro Caverns
Port Hunding, Northpoint, Bergama, Divad's Chagrin Mine, Kozanset, Sentinel, White Fall Mountain
WrothgarOrsinium, March of SacrificesWolfhunter, The ReachMarkarth
Species Goat
Health 1
Reaction Passive
Game, Guts, Lake Bait, Medium Armor Raw Materials

Goats are livestock found around settlements, kept for their meat and milk.

Several wild goats can be found on the cliff above Rimmen Necropolis.

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This creature is related to four Achievements:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Wicked Shepherd.png Wicked Shepherd 5 Kill a livestock goat or sheep.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Butcher 5 Kill a total of ten livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Slaughterer 5 Kill a total of one hundred livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Livestock Mass Murderer 5 Kill a total of five hundred livestock animals.
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