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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Alik'r Bravo
Home Settlement Alcaire Castle
Race Redguard Gender Varies
Health 60370
Reaction Friendly Class Foot Soldier
An Alik'r Bravo

Alik'r Bravos are Redguard foot soldiers who have been sent to Alcaire Castle by King Fahara'jad.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Duchess Lakana will ask you to get in contact with General Thoda, who is outside the castle walls. However, he will not speak to you unless you challenge and beat some of his warriors around the camp.

Approach the different bravos and they'll say:

"My sword arm has had little practice since coming to Stormhaven. You look like you might make good sport."
"This is a military camp, not fit for the likes of you. Be on your way, little one."
"What have we here? You come strutting through our camp with such attitude. Perhaps someone needs to teach you a lesson?"
"You should walk with more respect. You are in a camp full of soldiers who have been sitting still too long.
Someone may decide to use you for sword practice."
"Ha! Who is this little pipsqueak walking through our camp? Perhaps I turn you into a pincushion?"

You can respond with:

Female Bravo: You want to fight?
Male Bravo: I could take you in a fight.

They'll reply with:

"Very well. We shall see who fights best!"
"You think so? Then let's find out!"

Upon engaging, they'll say:

Alik'r Bravo: "Let us dance then!"

Finally, when defeated, they'll commend:

Alik'r Bravo: "Well fought."
Alik'r Bravo: "Not bad."

Speak to them again and they'll say:

"I apologize for doubting you. You are indeed a worthy duelist."


Bravos share dialogue with the Alik'r Champions and will say one of the following if spoken with before getting involved with the situation at the castle.

"These Knights of the Flame treat us like dogs. We expected to receive a more formal welcome from our allies."
"My brother was sent off to battle against the Ebonheart Pact, and I am assigned to escort a diplomat to Stormhaven? This is not what I expected when I signed on to serve in King Fahara'jad's army."
"It was a long journey from Alik'r. I'd rather be sleeping in the castle than in a tent."
"The nights are cold here in Stormhaven. I miss the warm sands of Alik'r."
"These Breton warriors think they are better because they call themselves 'knights.' When the Covenant is called to battle, they will see Redguard valor and they will know the truth."

After a tragic death, they will instead mourn:

"Princess Lakana is dead. We have failed our king.
If her murderer is not found and brought to justice, there will be blood."